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A smart, compact power supply designed to power anything, anywhere
A smart, compact power supply designed to power anything, anywhere
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The Hydra iPhone App is Ready


iPhone App

I'm pleased to announce that the Hydra iPhone App is now available for download from the app store.  The app is, of course, free to download and use.  You can download it at the following link, or you can find it by searching for "Hydra Power Supply" from the app store on your phone.

There is a brief video at under "Resources" that describes how to use the expansion board.


By now, everyone should have received their rewards.  If you haven't, please contact me right away and I'll help you out.

End-of-Year Sale on Hydras

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With only a handful of exceptions, all Kickstarter pre-orders have now shipped.  The mobile apps are coming soon.

The Hydra can now be purchased on our website, and we are offering a 32% discount on the regular price between now and January 1st, 2014.  For those interested in buying more, this would be a great time to buy!

Visit our website at to learn more.

Using the Bluetooth Expansion Board

Using the Bluetooth Expansion

Hey everyone!  I just uploaded a video that describes how to use the Bluetooth Expansion Board with the Hydra.  See below.

Please note that the iPhone and Android apps are not yet available from the app stores.  The iPhone app is undergoing review by Apple, but the Android app isn't finished yet.  We are working to finish it as soon as possible.

I thought it was important to get the hardware in your hands sooner rather than later.  While you wait for the mobile apps to be published, I recommend that you use the USB connection to test and use your Hydra.  I'll post updates when the iPhone and Android apps become available.

Monday is the day


Bluetooth Awards will Ship Next Week

Hey everyone, I apologize for the long silence.  The awards that include the Bluetooth expansion will begin shipping next week on Monday, with the goal to ship all of them by the end of that week.

Shipping Update

Shipping Status

Hey everyone, I thought I'd let you know that the blue enclosures have arrived and we are shipping them now (they are beautiful, BTW - this is probably my favorite enclosure color).  By the end of the day on Monday, all domestic (US) $169 and $189 reward tiers will have been shipped.  They are being boxed up right now.  Some will ship today, the rest will ship on Monday.  The labels for all of them have already been printed.

No international rewards have shipped yet.  We are working to figure out the best way to handle customs, shipping methods, etc, but we should start international shipments next week.  I understand that it can be important for international receivers to know when their package is in customs, so I'll see that notifications are sent with tracking information.

Bluetooth boards

The Android app still isn't ready, but we are good to go with the iPhone app.  I'll be submitting it to the app store next week.  I don't know how long it will take before the app will be available, but I'll post another update when it can be downloaded.  In the mean-time, we'll be working on the Android app and getting the Bluetooth rewards ready to ship.

Getting Close!

We are right on the cusp of having everything shipped.  Thanks everyone for your patience!  I know there have been a lot of delays, mostly due to poor planning on my part.  But the biggest technical and manufacturing hurdles are gone.  At this point, it is a matter of programming, testing, packaging, and shipping.  And some Android app development, of course.