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$40,180 pledged of $150,000 goal
By Sam Haginas & Beau Haginas
$40,180 pledged of $150,000 goal

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    1. Kevin Repass on January 5, 2015

      Finally received my TVPRO! It is now sitting on top of my TV!

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      frederic girardeau-montaut on October 17, 2014

      @Kevin - this is the email I received today (apparently the communication from 10/11 went straight to my junk folder):

      "Hello TVPRO Family, We are pleased to announce that our first shipment of TVPRO’s have arrived to our home office in Miami Beach, Florida. We are currently testing and updating each unit with new OS upgrades that have occurred during shipping. We sincerely apologize for the delay as we want everyone to have an amazing first experience with their TVPRO. One of the many new exciting upgrades we have for the TVPRO is TVPRO Security. Now your TVPRO can be a Live security camera that you can view whenever you are away. Please see all the details at

      We cannot wait to hear everyone’s feedback and please feel free to respond to this email or email if you have any questions. Units will begin shipping this coming week!
      Also be sure to check out once you receive your TVPRO".

    3. Kevin Repass on October 7, 2014

      How about a shipping update? The first units were supposed to ship in August and it's now oOtober. No updates here since August and none on your Facebook page since July.
      Silence makes investors very nervous.

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      Gio on June 17, 2014

      Thanks! Can you recommend any HDMI to RCA that will actually work with your product? As I see many client that says that those cable converter do not always work with all products.

    5. Sam Haginas & Beau Haginas Creator on June 16, 2014

      Hi Gio, thank you for your support, and to answer your question there are a number of inexpensive HDMI to (3) RCA Cables available as well as HDMI to AV converter boxes. Both would be a solution to transforming your TV to Beyond Smart. Please send a message if you have any other questions. Best Regards

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      Gio on June 15, 2014

      Hello, I have just made a symbolic pledge as I wanted to know if you have a solution for connecting it to my TV which does not have HDMI but only analogs connectivities (EU scart or the 3 cables for image and sound).
      This is what I am looking for...

    7. Missing avatar

      on June 3, 2014

      Love the updated :)

    8. Missing avatar

      on May 29, 2014

      Nice project. Just want to clarify is that Reshape application free for use also? And other question can ram be upgrade to 2gb? Most phone now run with 2gb it would run much smoother. Thanks and good luck :)