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Japanese Damascus Steel Knives with Western Handle Design, The best in Sharpness, Quality, Function and Aesthetics.
Japanese Damascus Steel Knives with Western Handle Design, The best in Sharpness, Quality, Function and Aesthetics.
Japanese Damascus Steel Knives with Western Handle Design, The best in Sharpness, Quality, Function and Aesthetics.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kelly about 19 hours ago

      To be fair Scott, they did communicate earlier in the campaign that the knives would be finished in China. So this isn't much of a surprise.

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Leckie 1 day ago

      Must admit, Jenny, that I thought they were coming from Japan.
      This whole debacle is a case-study in how to; not run a crowd-funded campaign, not communicate with your customers, blow any marketing empathy that you are seeking to capitalise on.

    3. Jenny Riccardi 1 day ago

      It seems a friend of mine (we are both in Canada) who placed an order for the knives through the pre-order after the campaign ended has received a shipping notification with knives on the way from China??

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott Leckie 1 day ago

      UK here, with no tracking info so far.
      I'm a bit worried about Sebastian's post - are we expected to pay customs over and above the £20 we paid for shipping?

    5. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Berneking
      1 day ago

      Finally got Tracking Info. Unfortunately it’s DHL Express which makes me have to pay the same amount as i pledged only for their customs handling. With a normal delivery it would have been about 30€ less customs fee...

    6. Ben Hunter 2 days ago

      Any update for UK customers? I'm still waiting to receive my tracking information. :)

    7. David Murphy 2 days ago

      I want to point out not everyone in Europe has the tracking still. Still waiting for mine to show up....

    8. Missing avatar

      Kelly 2 days ago

      I'm curious too John; if I had to guess, I'd say if those outside the US are getting there's, we'll have ours within the next week or so. I'm basing this on the fact that the US was expected to be 1-2 weeks later then other territories.

      Could be later too if they're sending out the knives in smaller batches.

    9. John Thorson 3 days ago

      Any tracking numbers in the US?

    10. Missing avatar

      Christian Röth 3 days ago

      Also got my tracking number, shipment is scheduled for tomorrow. E.t.a. to Germany is June, 26th. Nice, that this campaign seems to get a happy end.

    11. Missing avatar

      Liam Mulvaney 3 days ago

      I got mine today as well. Delivery scheduled for Tuesday :)

    12. Florian Richter 3 days ago

      I’ve just received my tracking number (UK) delivery next Wednesday.

    13. Florian Richter 4 days ago

      I was also promised a tracking number today. Let’s see...

    14. Missing avatar

      Kelly 4 days ago

      Thanks for the update Liam. We'll see what we hear in the coming days/weeks... Glad to hear that you were able to get a refund when requested.

      I haven't felt that this is a scam, I just wish there was more open communication and not so many long periods of silence.

    15. Missing avatar

      Liam Mulvaney 5 days ago

      Hey all. Some thoughts. Comms wise they could do so much better but right now i think its genuine. When i asked for a refund within a day the addon refuns was processed. When asked about the full refund Bassel explained thay my card had expired (this is true) so he could not process it. By the time i sorted he sent out the update. At that time i said ill wait. Just yesterday Bassel promised me a tracking number will be with me tomorrow. I do think we will see our knives. Ill keep you all updated as to whether i get a tracking number.

    16. Jason Boyd

      @scott leckie- getting angry won’t do any good. Unfortunately KS is a platform where you support an idea, not a guarantee of a product in return. Although that may sound crazy, it’s true. Sadly many campaigns have had huge fails and never delivered to anyone. I’m thankful I’ve never had that happen although I’ve waited as much as a year passed the promised delivery date. I do appreciate the anger and frustration as I felt the same for some of the things I have waited and waited for. I do hope eventually you all get your knives.

    17. Jason Boyd

      @insyl. Apology accepted. Their is many things they are not doing right and I’m sorry the rest of you have to go through this. I also apologize for having fun at your expense. But ultimately I do think when you do receive your knives you will be pleased.

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott Leckie on

      One more thing - please stop apologising to each other. We've been ripped off - start getting angry!

    19. Missing avatar

      Scott Leckie on

      @insyl - I have no idea what you're rambling about, or who you are attacking.
      But none of that matters. Whether through incompetence or ill-will, I'm pretty sure that Bassell and Akos have wandered off into the horizon, hand-in-hand, with our money.
      I think I paid about $120 and, while it's not chump-change, I'm not going to lose my house over it.
      What astonishes me most was kickstarter's response to my queries; basically, they could care less whether the "creators" are incompetent or fraudulent. They bank the money anyway.
      I'm obviously never going to back any thing that Bassell or Akos ever propose, but I'm also never again going to get involved in anything that has kickstarter's name on it.
      I'm not in the US so don't understand the whole US tort / class action thang but count me in if you want anyone to help go after Bassell/Akos or Kickstarter.

    20. INSYL on

      @Jason Boyd * (Apologies the message was for Jason)

    21. INSYL on

      @Scott Leckie
      If you read my previous comment before, again you wouldn't feel so protective and upset towards my statement.
      I mentioned you once, just a simple comment, I personally would do that since it is easy I would just take a photo and upload it here.
      I do apologize if this offended you, I didn't mean to, so again sorry.
      All I wanted to say is that most KS creators post an update of their progress and Pacific67 don't seem to be doing this. A simple photo of the packages ready which they mentioned they have lots, this would regain trust, until then... I believe most of the backers can't trust their statements.
      Again Jason, I am sorry

    22. Jason Boyd

      @scott leckie valid point about their reputation. It does seem that there is some lack of responsiveness. And although their update did seem transparent, it could have been pre-emptive as opposed to reactionary. And now they have gone very quiet. I really do believe they intend to fulfil every backers orders, it just seems it could be done quicker or at least with even more transparency. Good luck to all the backers who haven’t received theirs yet.

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott Leckie on

      Jason - Pacific67's tarnished reputation is of their own making.
      I have no reason to disbelieve that you have your knives, and I'm happy for you, but so far you seem to be the only person who has received anything.
      I'd be happyish to hear that others got what they already paid for, but I'd be far, far happier if the elusive Bassel and Akos could provide some concrete information.

    24. Jason Boyd

      @insyl, 1, I have no obligation to you or any backers l was simply trying to be a part of a KS community and send my thoughts, 2, even if I were a “plant” and sent you an email, why wouldn’t they have been able to provide me pics to prove I own them. Your comment is laughable. I always dreamed if I’d ever be involved in a conspiracy it would something bigger then a set of knives purchased over KS. If there are those who believe me, then great, I’m glad, and I’m sure they will be just as happy as I am when they get their knives. For those, like insyl here who still think they I planned a fake moon landing, and maybe I really know who shot Kennedy, then more power to you. You’ll still get your knives too.

      I think I may be having to much fun with this, and feel bad for the tarnished reputation Pacific67 is getting and feel bad the normal non-conspiracy minded backers have to wait longer to get their rewards.

    25. INSYL on

      @Scott Leckie
      I couldn't agree more with you. I am on the same page with this one!
      @Jason Boyd maybe you should email us proof of the knives delivered to you?
      Or Pacific67 can take a photo of the packages they are saying they have ready to ship and post it here on the update so everyone can actually see your words are an actual fact not the statement!!!! This is more then easy, take a photo of the packages that you are saying you already have all of them prepared, and then just upload!
      If you can't do this, I don't trust you at all!

    26. Missing avatar

      Scott Leckie on

      So we still don't have any delivery dates, and nobody has posted that they have a tracking number.
      I contact kickstarter to ask them to investigate this project and they are pretty clear that it is caveat emptor - you get your knives or your money from Pacific67, or you've lost it all. Kickstarter are not accepting any responsibility here.

      The post from Bassel and Akos put the rationale but offers nothing about how they are attempting to remedy this.
      I would like some details around which shippers are being used, what countries are being targeted first, how backers will hear of tracking information, etc.
      When I start seeing posts here from people that have received the goods they paid for, is when I'll start having faith in the Bassel and Akos.

      Until or when that happens, I'm afraid that I'm assuming either incompetence or malfeasance.

      We need a *lot* more information than has been forthcoming.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eamon Rheinisch on

      Any dates for Europe? (Ireland)

    28. Missing avatar

      Björn Speichermann on

      Bassel, as much as I understand those struggles, I wonder why all of this stopped you from sending out all rewards with knives <7" without add-ons. This would at least have been something.

    29. Missing avatar

      Christopher Winslow on

      Thank you for the update!

    30. Missing avatar

      Kelly on

      This was the kind of update I was looking for, Bassel. I'm still looking forward to the knives!

      And Jason, for the record, I never thought you were a plant. I figured maybe there were hiccups that caused them to not be able to fulfill all of the knife orders, which during a Kickstarter is understandable.

    31. Jason Boyd

      I just went back and reviewed some comments about me. I am in no way a plant. I assure you. I’m not from LA or a photographer or designer. I’m an actor from Toronto Canada. You can look me up on IMBD.

      You can find my IMBD link here.…

      I assure you that this guy is legit. I can’t do anything more then I have. So believe me or not. That’s fine. But I love my knives.

    32. Missing avatar

      Todd Calhoun on

      Looking forward to getting them!

    33. Jason Boyd

      As one of the early bird backers that already received my reward (the full set and knife block), you can see my review below of the knives, I implore you to reconsider your refund requests. I’m in no way affiliated with Pacific67, but I can tell you the knives are absolutely fantastic. They are chef quality knives at bargain basement prices. I’ve paid more for 1 knife then my whole set. Be patient and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Bassel is a very honest businessman and has always promptly returned my messages and this hiccup that is frustrating so many backers, please let it slide. If you have ever backed projects on KS before, you will know that they are many greater delays for many ridiculous reasons. I’m 100% confident he will fulfil all commitments and rewards, and you will all be pleased. This comes from a place of sincerity and honesty. Just give him a chance! Thanks for listening. (Or actually reading)

      Bassel, you can send me my $20 now. Lol. Just kidding.

      Honestly one of the nest KS campaigns I’ve backed for honesty and integrity, and I’m sorry so many of you have been delayed in receiving your rewards.

    34. Missing avatar

      Liam Mulvaney on

      Thanks for the update Bassel. It helps in restoring confidence. I opt to wait for the knives with what you mentioned. Please keep us updated accordingly and if need be frequently.

    35. Pacific67 Creator on

      Hello Backers,
      Our apologies for the delay and for not communicating earlier.
      We hit a few speed bumps in the last couple of weeks that required the full attention of our 2 man team, and we wanted to make sure that we had everything figured out and, more importantly sorted out before coming back with an update.
      Don't worry, we are still here and your packages are ready to ship.
      Our initial plan back in October for international shipping was built on Sweden post. Unfortunately for us, due to a change in regulation for post, knives larger that 7" inch can no longer ship through post, only through premium courier services, which meant TWICE (sometimes 3 times) the shipping cost we had accounted for initially. It was a bullet we were happy to take if it meant a timely delivery.
      The 2nd incident that derailed our plans came from Paypal. As you all know, we have used Paypal to process payments for all add-ons, which thanks to you performed extremely well and we received hundreds of orders. Unfortunately for us, Paypal decided to withhold all of the funds collected until we provide a proof of delivery. A decision that we have been contesting since January, without luck.
      Naturally, both these incidents put a strain on our finances and slowed down the fulfillment process. Which is why we are here. Thankfully, we have managed to secure some funds that should help us fulfill all your orders without problem.
      You should see a much faster pace in the coming week and we will be sending you out tracking numbers as we go along.
      Again, we apologize for the delay.
      Thank you for backing us, and for your patience in this project.
      Bassel & Akos

    36. Missing avatar

      Oliver Brandau on

      I contacted creator (Bassel) and asked for a refund.
      Received the following reply:

      "Apologies for the delay and for not getting your order to you on time.
      Understood, we will process your refund asap."

      I hope I'll get the refund quickly as I purchased another set, though not as nice looking as this one. I had great hopes for it...

    37. Missing avatar

      Brian Zimmerman on

      View your pledge and click contact creator. I did get a response this way but I don’t understand why they don’t update everyone here.

    38. Missing avatar

      Brandon Davis McBride on

      Would someone mind posting where they have been sending communication. I am still willing to be patient and wait a bit longer to see if any progress is made but I am also going to try and contact them myself.

    39. Karon Adams on

      seriously, where are you guys? just a quick note would be nice. the knives or refunds so we can buy good knives would be better

    40. Missing avatar

      Eamon Rheinisch on

      I think I will be following @kelly on this one ! Disappointing

    41. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Berneking

      Seems we will never receive anything. Time to speak to my Bank and report a fraudulent transaction i guess...

    42. Missing avatar

      Christopher Winslow on

      Well, if I don't hear anything soon, I'll be following the route of Kelly. This is BS!

    43. Missing avatar

      Christian Röth on

      Where can i contact the project founders and ask for a refund? The delay together with the lack of even the slightest communication are an absolute nogo.
      During the campaign you communicated openly and regularly. What happened that you let your supporters down completely?

    44. Missing avatar

      Liam Mulvaney on

      Same here. I askes for a refund but only got for the add on (recieved paypal email). I would have waited longer had there been any update whatsoever. Have been emailing Bassel directlt weekly without a reply. For some reason he replied instantly for refund. In my opinion if product is ready i would explain not offer refunds. Lets see if ill get the knife block and set refunded as well. Good luck all

    45. Missing avatar

      Kelly on

      Just another update: I asked about a refund and Bassel responded saying they are still issuing refunds to those who want them.

      I asked him to post an update on shipping dates and what's causing the delay, otherwise I will issue a refund or a dispute with my credit card company.

      Still waiting for a response back.

    46. Missing avatar

      Liam Mulvaney on

      Yes. Will do. But im also assuming that bassels email will also soon disappear.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kelly on

      Just sent an email letting "Bassel" know that I'll be disputing the charge with my credit card company if I don't hear anything in a few days.

      I advise anyone who purchased with a CC to do the same.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sean O’Keeffe on

      @Mike Heck thanks for the research. Yep, seems a little to coincidental for me too! @Jasonboyd was obviously a plant to extend peoples trust.
      Guys and gals, it’s beyond reasonable doubt that this is a scam now. I’m suggesting we all barrage these Conmen Bassel and Akos as well as Kickstarter with emails. If there was any truth to any of this we’d have an update and tracking details by now. This is complete BS!

    49. Mike Heck

      @Sean O’Keeffe,

      I did a little research. @jasonboyd is also from LA and does design, photography, and interactive work. I can't find any direct connection with Pacific67 right now -- but find it more than coincidental that Jason's onlne portfolio has also been deleted. There's something not right with this whole campaign. I suspect with some more research the truth will eventually surface -- and I suspect it won'y be pretty. I've had it with KS.

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