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Japanese Damascus Steel Knives with Western Handle Design, The best in Sharpness, Quality, Function and Aesthetics.
Japanese Damascus Steel Knives with Western Handle Design, The best in Sharpness, Quality, Function and Aesthetics.
Japanese Damascus Steel Knives with Western Handle Design, The best in Sharpness, Quality, Function and Aesthetics.
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    1. Rick van Turnhout 4 days ago

      I'm overall very satisfied with the product and the customer service. I unfortunately received a broken knife holder, but they send a replacement without hesitation. Also quick to respond to questions about sharpening the knifes. Quality of the knifes is a big improvement to our previous cheap knife set. Great job guys!

    2. mark harris on

      Got this response
      Hello Mark,
      The Honing steel is an add-on not included in the original set. You can order it on our website
      Please let me know if there is anything else i can do.

      Thanks Bassel for clearing that up for me, Love the knives!

    3. mark harris on

      The Knives and Block arrived today but no Honing Steel, What about that?

    4. Xadune

      Got my knives. Love the quality. I see what everyone is saying about the block but its not huge. I did have a issue with the color. I have messaged you.

    5. Quinn Bannon

      Got my knives on Tuesday 8/7/18 - Worth the wait. I wish I got the block!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kelly on

      Hey Guys, forgot to update that I received my knives on Friday. The knives are great; they're beautiful and sharp. I have similar feelings as others with the knife block, in that it leaves a lot to be desired.

      For my pledge though, these feel like a bargain compared to a set of comparable knives I could buy elsewhere. Overall, I'm really satisfied! I can update with pictures if anyone wants.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher Winslow on

      I received my knives yesterday. Very happy with the product, extremely sharp and in good condition. I'll give them a good work out this weekend.

    8. John Thorson on

      Finally received my knives today. Five months late with extremely poor communication not to mention multiple missed delivery dates.
      The knives are very sharp and tome will show the quality. I can not give this company any recommendation due to the poor customer service.

    9. Missing avatar

      Darren Deslatte on

      Just received my knife today, however it is the slicer and not the chef knife which is what I ordered. Can someone help me get this rectified?

    10. Missing avatar


      I received mine today. The slicer is thinner than I expected. There is a lot of flex to the blade. Additionally, one side has some chips in the edge at the curve in the blade. The carving fork I ordered was loose in the box and pierced through it. One prong has a big curve outward. The other bends out slightly as well, but not to the same degree. Both my knives and the fork have rough edges between the handle and the bolster and butt. The blades are very sharp.

      The ladder pattern and handle color are great. They did well with the aesthetics. The overall quality could use some improvement, however.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael J. Mariani

      Just received my knives and block today. I agree completely with the previously noted issues concerning the knife block. However, I can live with it, at least until I find a suitable replacement. The knives look great and are flawless, with one exception. My bird’s beak has damage to the tip. Additionally, the design on the blade is incomplete. To me it looks as though the blade wasn’t forged correctly. How can I go about securing a replacement?

      Thank you,

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Miller on

      After being really late with little explanation my knives did show up today. Outer box, no damage besides normal shipping bumps and bruises. Inside packaging of individual knives was great. All knives very secure. As for the comments on the blocks.. yes they aren’t perfect, but to the passerby manufacturing defects wouldn’t be seen. More importantly the knives look great. I’m looking forward to giving them a go, but feel wise they feel as good as my Shun’s Hammer/Stahl and Henckels.

      All in all communication could have been way better, but the product seems to be great.

    13. Alex Levi on

      Knives arrived today to Arizona (USA), shipping looked good and secure, nothing appeared damaged, and everything was present and accounted for (five knives + knife block). Just realized I don't have matching honing steel but that wasn't included in my pledge so that's on me. Hope the product is good, can't wait to test it out!

    14. Seb

      Europe, France. Get the Knives last week. All good :)
      Maybe haters will appologize ^^

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Miller on

      I finally got my tracking number last week with scheduled deliver for yesterday July 1st. Received notice yesterday that package was picked up and new delivery by Sat (aug 4). Texas delivery.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Loggans on

      I just got a notice from FedEx that my knives have been picked up, a week after I got the tracking number email. Current estimated delivery for the East Coast is 7 Aug.

    17. Missing avatar

      Allison Bean on

      Got my tracking number for US shipping on July 25; scheduled delivery was yesterday. Now FedEx says "pending" and still haven't received the knives. Hope they come in soon.

    18. Missing avatar

      Christopher Winslow on

      US info, mine has the same status, label created and estimated delivery for Aug 1 but it still hasn't shipped. Hopefully the ship soon.

    19. Missing avatar


      Well, my tracking number from last Wednesday for Saturday delivery still shows a status of Shipping Label Created and has yet to be received by FedEx.

    20. John Thorson on

      Got my tracking number late Friday night for US shipping. It is due 8/2.

    21. Missing avatar

      Raymond on

      I finally got the knives! I gave it to my wife and let her do the unboxing. Her and I are very impressed with the quality, look, and sharpness of the knives.

      There’s is an empty slot for a honing steel though.

      Quebec, Canada.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kelly on

      Thanks for the update Bryan! The silence has been killing me, but seems like there's some movement now.

    23. Missing avatar


      I'm in the US and got a FedEx tracking number today for one of my two pledges (single knives on two different accounts) with expected delivery of Saturday. It looks like they're starting to process them. Who knows how long it will take them to get through all of them. At least there's sign of life.

    24. Norman Moy on

      Do we have any updates yet on the US shipments? I have not received a DHL confirmation or any confirmation yet. My backer number is #409.

    25. Missing avatar

      Haider Kirmani on

      Hi Pacific67 Team,

      Really appreciate all the updates! I have my tracking number and reached out to DHL. The mentioned not having recieved the package and to contact the sender directly when they checked the tracking number.

      My tracking number is: 4795563441
      For others reading, I’m from Canada. I’ve invested in a few Kickstarter projects and been disappointed by many but Pacific67 is one of the most organized, and painless experiences despite this hiccup.

      Great Job! Excited for the product when it arrives 👌

    26. Missing avatar

      梁耀中 on

      收到刀子了,很幸運的我沒有需要給付的關稅(其實這點蠻奇怪的,台灣今年開始超過2000台幣價值的貨物,應該都會被課稅,我不知道Bassel用了什麼方式規避這一點 XD)


    27. Eyal Margalit

      Here is my small review:

      The boxes were neatly arranged inside the shipping box (which arrived via DHL). Each knife was in its own similar package along with a slip of their range of knives for sel=kf advertisement, while the chef's knife text colors on the package were a bit off from the rest (was kinda strange).
      The block itself was neatly secured inside its own box.
      The knives themselves were sitting in relatively right size hole in the package. Relatively is because some knives where not exactly secured in their boxes, so the tip protection fell off (which on its own seems to be a bit small).

      The knives:
      First off, the knives a beautiful looking individually. The patters and the handle are very appealing.
      Small note on the balance, they are not as balanced as they could be. I think the handle is a bit light, but not a bit deal.
      The tips seems all decent, while bird's knife and the utility knifes had small inconsistencies in the engravings on their tips, which made it look like a defect.
      Sharpness wise, they are ok-ish sharp. They could be a bit better, but I didn't expect a 500$ knife worth of quality and sharpness out of a kickstarter set, so there was no surprise there. Which is also the reason I op-ed for the sharpening block (which itself seems to be basic but decent and worth the extra 20$).

      The block:
      Here is where it feels a bit of an after-thought.
      While the block compliments the knives, it could have been done a bit better. There are some built inconsistencies, the top had a few nicks here and there, which means they were hastily made.
      The bottom of the block was very dirty with manufacturing stains and metal dust.
      The knives slots were good beside one, the bird knife, which made it not still well on the block, and was a bit sticking out compared to the rest (it seems to be fixable by shaving it bit with sand paper until it fits, as long as it doesn’t damage the colour too much).

      Size comparison:
      I have a medium sized chef’s knife and bread knife from arcos, so side by side, the Pacific67 knives are a bit bigger, and they look more professional with the nice handle finish and end.

      Price wise:
      I pledged for full set + block in burgundy, plus added the honing steel and sharpening stone, which total around 450$ plus shipping.
      It sits in the middle of other sets I have seen and tested regarding price, and quality of the blades.
      Time will tell how well the blades hold to their sharpness and the colour doesn’t fade away. But the price is ok. I don’t have complains on that.

So basically, I am happy to get the knives. Yes, it took quite awhile to arrive. 4 months late and definitely off the original 4 months production and shipping expectations, which is what I expect. The goal they set themselves was too narrow and unrealistic.
      But, the end product looks decent enough, and it was worth the money spent on it, with the hope that it will long last.
      Color wise, it defining adds that little extra to my kitchen with what I feel the right colour choice.

      Image wise, I have uploaded a few images to dropbox for people to see what they expect to get.…

    28. Bugger The Banks

      Received (UK) today.

      Firstly, I'm no chef, but I'd suggest my experience with these knives matches that of other backers here. The knives themselves are impressive; a real statement piece above & beyond their utility. The knife block, however, is a little lacking.

      As others have stated, the metal edges are not precisely aligned with the wooden frame. It is a minor issue, but really detracts from what would otherwise be a high-end knife block. Also, the wood at the top is about half a dozen shades of burgundy different than the wood at the bottom.

      That said, it looks great in my kitchen & will get sparing use anyway due to my limited chefs skills.

      Thank you, Creator.

    29. John Thorson on

      So today is another deadline that has passed without getting anything. So much for the email that Bassel sent me.
      Has anyone in the US gotten anything even a tracking number? To reiterate what others have said, regardless of the quality the customer service makes it impossible to recommend this company to anyone.

    30. Missing avatar

      Florian Wieser on

      Get it on monday, but i have to pay 107€ because of express DHL..
      Hope that's worth it ;)

    31. Jake

      Received mine this morning.. look great!! Thanks guys

    32. Saravana Kumar on

      when will i get my knives.thanks.

    33. Missing avatar


      I also had to pay freakin 90€ because you chose DHL....

    34. Missing avatar

      Todd Calhoun on

      Got my knives and knife block yesterday - the knives look fantastic. I used one of the knives while preparing dinner last night, and it felt great. I'm not as keen on the knife block though; it looks great, but I am unsure how long it will last as the top wooden portion is attached to the metal portion in one area. I foresee some issues over time, but I suppose time will tell.

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul Steen on

      No word, no update, no email, no knives. So far not impressed with Akos & Bassel.

    36. Ben Hunter on

      I received my knives and block last week and just unboxed them, i have to say i have mixed feelings after being 100% in support of this project despite the delays.

      The knife blades are fantastic and although I haven't used them extensively yet I feel confident in the blades.

      The knife handles... well there wasn't much quality control clearly. The are areas where the staining process was either missed or wiped off too early. I got black handles and I now have areas where the light brown wood shoes through in contrast to the black.

      The knife block... this is bar far the worst area. The metal and wood aren't joined properly together (gaps and wrecks). Staining problems and the metal had black encrusted substance over the corners. I gently wiped the black crust thinking it was factory dirt and when it came away it left bright shiny metal so it looks like areas of the metal have been scratched.

      Now I paid $412.00 after shipping and FedEx customs, I own both full sets of Global and Zwilling Henckels knives and yes they are more expensive but I did not expect these types of quality control issues.

      I know unforeseen issues happen and I genuinely think the guys are Pacific67 have tried their best, my advice to them is to ensure better quality control for their next product. :(

    37. Pacific67 Creator on

      Hello Felix,

      Yes, you have paid for shipping.
      What the DHL man is asking for are custom fees & taxes that EU governments levy on any international packages.

      We are sorry that you have to go through this, but there is not much we can do.

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

      Akos & Bassel

    38. Missing avatar

      felix remmele on

      Hey guys,
      post knocked my door with the package....problem is the i shall pay 80!! Euro for shipping?! But i already paid imediatly after buying!
      Im a backer from germany....

    39. Jed Dawson on

      Got my set (minimalist grey) last week. I absolutely love them. They took my kitchen game to a whole new level. I'm using shallots now, b*tches.

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Eisenberg on

      Some update guys; few days after my report to Kickstarter I got a DHL message. Got the knives few days ago. Paid customs of course about $45. The knives look fine. I'll be to report how good they are in few months. They look as promised, rather nice.

    41. Missing avatar

      James O'Callaghan on

      No contact in a while and no knives have turned up! Any update?!

    42. Missing avatar

      Adrian Barron on

      Have yet to receive it possible to get a refund??

    43. Missing avatar

      Scott Leckie on

      I don't understand the mutual love-in for this project.
      My knives arrived (UK) the other day in a battered cardboard box. I had a customs demand from DHL at the weekend, but ignored it and the knives arrived anyway.

      Are they the bestest knives ever produced? No idea - they look fine, but I'm so jaundiced by the whole experience that I no longer care. They turned up six months late, and despite me ignoring a last minute extortion demand from DHL.

      Short of simply running away with the money, this is a lesson in how not to run a kickstarter campaign. Communication from the founders has been, and continues to be, appalling. That the knives may be of acceptable quality, shipped from China, is irrelevant.

      I doubt I'll cross paths with the founders again but my advice to anyone who has any dealings with them would be to run far away. Similar to another backer, I recommended this campaign to several friends so I doubt I'll be a) recommending any other kickstarter campaigns to anyone and b) that my friends will pay heed to any of my recommendations in the near future.

      Look - I'm happy for those of you who got your knives, but sharp knives do not excuse the reprehensible behaviour of the guys who started this campaign.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kevin Dresely on

      Still no shipping information. Please update

    45. Missing avatar

      Markus Janssen on


      Fast response and very helpful with solving the problem. Thank you, Bassel

    46. Missing avatar

      Markus Janssen on

      Mine is scrached and poor quality. Not tells satified. damages almost everywhere

    47. Missing avatar

      Ed T Stronks on

      Love this knife! Yes it took long and the lack of communication was painful but so worth the wait! Well done Gentlemen.

      Is there a discount from the store for backers?

    48. Jamie Winters on

      Knives received in Canada. Quality is top notch and I’m really happy with them.

    49. Simon olewicz on

      Received knives 2 days ago in UK they are a lovely set

    50. Missing avatar

      Steven Rimmer on

      Hey guys, uk here any joys or updates with deliveries... thanks

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