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SmartHalo is a smart biking system that lets you focus on what matters the most - the road.
SmartHalo is a smart biking system that lets you focus on what matters the most - the road.
SmartHalo is a smart biking system that lets you focus on what matters the most - the road.
3,354 backers pledged CA$ 538,723 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. CycleLabs Creator on January 2

      Hi Everyone,

      Please note that moving forward it is best that you get in contact with us via or visit our help centre ( for all your needs. This thread will no longer be monitored, but we still want to keep the conversation going.

      @Rasmus: The battery life is not correlated to the locking mechanism, sometimes you need to give the mechanism a good knock to realign the pistons. If you are still having no success check out this thread -

      @Claudie: Please email your current situation to and they will help get you your device.

      @Garry: If you still do not have your device, please email your current situation to and they will help get you your device.

      @Joost: Thank you, we will be looking to make significant improvements to both the iOS and Android versions of the app in 2018!

      Thank you for all of your support, feedback, comments! They mean so much to us.

      A special thanks to your patience throughout the process!

      - SmartHalo Team

    2. Missing avatar

      Rasmus Fangsø on October 31

      I Can’t unlock the Halo from my bike. There’s No battery left. Is that the reason why?
      Best rasmus

    3. Claudie Combelas on October 15, 2017

      My smart halo was return to you by the post office and I never knew as I had changed job and email adresss so didn't know it was on it's way. My previous email was but my new one is and my address is 12 Stanway Road, Coventry CV5 6PJ, United Kingdom. Please send me my smart halo when you can. Many thanks Claudie

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      Joost Duivenvoorden on October 6, 2017

      Congrats guys! Good to see that Apple has embraced the smarthalo. That means more awesome updates for us iOS users ;-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Garry Queen
      on October 5, 2017

      It is a bit annoying to read about you being in apple stores when i'm still waiting on mines, can you please advise

    6. Missing avatar

      Garry Queen
      on October 5, 2017

      It is a bit annoying to read about you being in apple stores when i'm still waiting on mines, can you please advise

    7. CycleLabs Creator on September 20, 2017


      Read this :

      If this doesn't help, please email me at with the following information :

      Did you charge it via the USB provided and a PC that did not go into standby allowing for it to initially charge for several hours without interruption?

      Did any light come on at all after a certain period of time and playing around with it?

      When you plugged it in did you see a light?

      Have you tried with another USB?

      Could you try charging with a power bank or non-proprietary charger? (non samsung, apple) - Walmart charger?

      Thank you

    8. Nico Luessmann on September 18, 2017

      Unfortunately, my device does not charge at all anymore! I used to have no problems but now it would not go beyond 0% of battery no matter how long it is plugged to an AC or to a computer. Please help! Right now the device is totally useless for me! I already contacted the support but did not hear back yet.

    9. CycleLabs Creator on September 12, 2017

      @KC Bowlan: Four purple lights is associated with compass calibration. To calibrate the compass you will need to basically turn the SmartHalo to each side and turn it upside down. Flipping it around like this calibrates the compass and after the purple lights should disappear.

      We are working on a user manual and light guide as we speak. They should be available soon. And more comprehensive content clarifying SmartHalo is also to come.

      @W. Laging: That's great news. We will keep refining the app so that these problems do not occur moving forward.

      @Joost: Compass mode is now live on the App and Play store, you can update the software to start using. Quick turns and roundabouts are also live in the latest edition of the app. Bluetooth improvements have been made and will continue to be refined. The alarm options are available as is bike finder for iOS. Flexible routing options will soon be entering beta for testing. These additions we're a little heavier than previously thought and may only be available in early fall.

      Thanks everyone!!!

    10. KC Bowlan on September 11, 2017

      What does 4 purple lights on my Smarthalo mean? Also, is there a comprehensive light guide with all of the different light configurations that explain what they mean?

      There's a guide in the app, but I've already seen some configurations that aren't there/I don't understand.

    11. Missing avatar

      W. Laging on September 7, 2017


      1 I had the app completely removed from the phone.
      2 Then I restarted the phone and downloaded the app again.
      3 Login and it worked.

      Thank you

    12. Missing avatar

      Joost Duivenvoorden on September 7, 2017


      Nice to see the new app improvements, but when are the other updates regarding the summer roadmap coming? Multiple routes (offering 1 route is still pretty unusable for me), gpx?

      I don't know how long the summer lasts in Canada, but in Europe it's almost fall :-).

    13. CycleLabs Creator on September 6, 2017

      @W.Laging : Try the following steps:

      1. Restart the app
      2. Restart your phone
      3. Make sure you have good data or wifi
      4. If the app doesn’t reconnect at the end of the update, restart your Bluetooth

      Let me know if any of these steps worked, if not please email me at

      @mitsuo iwasaki : Your SmartHalo has shipped few weeks ago, I emailed our specialist at Direct Link to see why it takes so long for your SmartHalo to arrive.

      @sara Hammon : We're sorry to see that the SmartHalo managed to get damaged, typically rain shouldn't effect SmartHalo unless it is pouring rain for more than an entire day. This might be due to the specific product you received, I believe it may have been slightly defective in terms of it's vulnerability to water. We will send you a new complimentary unit at our shipping cost for your troubles, as this is not supposed to happen.


    14. Missing avatar

      W. Laging on August 31, 2017

      Adition: I keep getting a message: Upload failed. DFU process failed.

      See message before

    15. Missing avatar

      W. Laging on August 31, 2017

      Yesterday I noticed there was a firmware update for the Smarthalo. The device was working very fine. After starting the firmware update (not the first one) the update stopped after 44%. I retried and retried. I reinstalled the software (Smarthola) on my mobile-phone but the problem remained. When the software is looking for the Smarthalo, the center light of the Smarthalo starts blinking in different colours. But the update proces will not continue and repeats itself. I can't use the smarthalo now. Not even tapping twice for switching on/off the light works.
      Now I ask your advice, what to do?

    16. Missing avatar

      mitsuo iwasaki on August 26, 2017

      I have not received anything yet. I have not received the tracking number

    17. Missing avatar

      Sara Hammon on August 23, 2017

      Anyone else have problems with water? I normally don't leave my bike outside but I was in the middle of moving and didn't have a garage. Well guess what, just my luck it rained. My device was full of water. I left it in the sun to dry out. The light isn't full of water anymore but it won't charge. I plug it in and it makes a weird buzzing sound and won't charge. I contacted SmartHalo via their website and I was told they do not warranty devices for water damage. According to their website the device should be water resistant. It's not like I took the device off and dropped it in a bucket of water. It was left outside in the rain attached to my bike. Anyone else had this problem? I am VERY disappointed. I got 2 devices for an upcoming bike trip in Colorado and now I'm down to one. Here's a video of it…

    18. CycleLabs Creator on August 3, 2017

      @seth73: Could you please send us your information via and we will arrange to send you a replacement bracket part.

      @Joost: Compass mode is coming out of beta and will be made public soon, customizable alarm settings are also released. A bunch of bug fixes have been released with many more to come. GPX will be going into beta very soon and will need to be real life tested before launch publicly, it is one of the next things on our to do lists.

      @Shannon: The light coming on mid day is quite strange, I will have the team investigate into what could possibly be throwing the timing off.

      Yes, the alarm must have gone off due to a bluetooth disconnect with the device. It is the highest priority for our developers to establish a more secure and consistent bluetooth connection pairing between SmartHalo and your phone. The alarm usually works very well, we just recommend to pair it with a strong durable lock for best functioning - you don't need a bluetooth connection for the alarm to go off so it will be efficient at protecting your bike.

      The fitness tracking is a work in process for it to be smoothed out on some devices. For many others it is working perfectly, but again our focus is on that BT connection to give users who are having connection issues like yourself the ability to confidently use SmartHalo.

      The text notifications for iOS are currently being investigated to determine the best way to make the addition. This will be something to be worked on in the fall.

      I highly recommend you open up a bug report via, because the problems you are facing are definitely fixable and will be addressed with our entire team.

      Thank you!

    19. Missing avatar

      seth73 on July 31, 2017

      Darn, i managed to break one of the parts where the screws ... screw in? Yeah, well, that nut in the lower clamp part broke free.
      Is there any chance to get my hands on a new part?
      Please, make these parts full metal the next time, or even better, as an update for the existing version!

    20. Shannon Keough on July 27, 2017

      Bit of an update since my last comment. Still SUPER buggy, even using the newest version of the app and the newest firmware.
      - The light came on at noon today again, I certainly did not accidentally activate it. My best guess from this behaviour is that the light is quite stupid about how it decides when to turn on and off. There doesn't seem to be an internal clock on the device to determine when sunset and sunrise occur, so it relies on being connected to my phone to be "smart", which is pretty dumb. More on this below.
      - I don't use the alarm because I don't trust it to function properly given how buggy everything else is. Yet today, I removed the device from my bike because I was getting a low battery warning, and while it was in my hand the alarm went off. Kudos for making the alarm super loud and annoying, but given that my phone was in my pocket, it should have been connected and shouldn't have alarmed. This is ignoring the fact that the alarm should have been disabled! Good thing I remembered my tap code...
      - Fitness tracking is still very hit and miss. I can get it to work sometimes now, usually by checking that its working before I leave which defeats the purpose of it being able to just track me everytime I ride. But... even when its working, its still kinda useless. It can show me how much I rode on a particular day (but can't break it down into trips), or how much I've ridden total, and thats it. No week by week stats/comparison. No real insight into anything interesting about my ride. It doesn't sync with apple health, so none of my other apps pick up the exercise I've done and I still can't export the GPS tracks. Overall, its pretty useless. And its also bad at determining what is a single ride. I often will ride to/from work in a day and the app will say I've taken 3-5 trips. Is it resetting when I stop at traffic lights? Is it resetting when the phone loses connection? Who knows! the information it gives is too vague and arbitrary to be able to glean any real insight about this error.
      The best indication of how buggy this feature is: 90% of my bike rides are 11kms to/from work. In the time I've had the device, it thinks I've done 111 trips at an average distance of 2.3km and my "single longest distance" is 9.8kms. So basically it hasn't managed to function correctly for a whole trip yet.
      - Phone connection. When my phone rings, it lights up and makes noise, amazing! Haven't seen it indicate a text message yet, or any other kind of notification. Is it supposed to do anything other than the phone? I pretty much never get phone calls, but I would love to know when I get text messages on my ride.

      If you haven't caught the common thread, pretty much all the big issues I'm having come down to the device relying heavily on being connected to my phone, and that connection pretty much never working like its supposed to. I know the device uses bluetooth LE to save power, same as my tiles. My tiles ALWAYS work, completely reliably. So either you guys really can't figure out the software (wouldn't surprise me given the state of the app), or you cheaped out on the bluetooth hardware and this will never be fixed. My advice to you is to do absolutely everything you can ASAP. You've going to get killed in amazon reviews if you try and sell the device as is to a market outside kickstarter, and I REALLY hope I don't see an offer in my email to buy the smarthalo2 in six months, with all the hardware issues you should have gotten right the first time fixed (I'm looking at you outdoor tech......)

    21. Missing avatar

      Joost Duivenvoorden on July 26, 2017

      Hey guys,

      Any updates about the summer roadmap?
      We're nearing August, but i haven't seen any big updates yet (gpx, waypoints). At this pace the bikingseason is already over when the updates do come :-(

    22. CycleLabs Creator on July 19, 2017

      @Albert: We sent a new unit on it's way to replace your current unit. As far as the policy goes, we simply wanted to point out that Kickstarter is not a store, but a platform where entrepreneurs and supporters get together to build projects, which always have risks involved. That being said, we will exchange any defective units at our cost and support you along the way with any questions, opinions and suggestions. You can also expect constant improvements as new software releases go out.

      @Robert: Thank you so much for your comments and we're glad you are enjoying the experience thus far!!!

      @Francois: Where did you try to write us? We shipped your SmartHalo a few weeks back. If you could send us an email to we will be able to provide you with tracking information and we will get you your order.

      @Stefan: if auto-fitness is ON and you have always set it will track when you get on your bike and ride. We are working on a project to improve navigation search. If it is not working at all for you, I would advise you to send us an email to

      Thanks Everyone!

    23. Stefan Totev on July 14, 2017

      1) There's no option in the app to set the fitness module to 'always'... Everything in the phone settings' pane for SmartHalo is ON and location is set to always.
      2) I've said auto-light should have worked by incorporating a light sensor which turns the light on when it's dark. 'Turn on at sunset hour' is too dumb for this kind of pretentious smart device, don't you think?
      3) The new update from today 1.3.4 didn't logged me out and kept my settings.
      4) navigation search still DOES NOT WORK in the new update. Please have it fixed for god's sake!

    24. Missing avatar

      Francois Chlous on July 13, 2017

      Hello !

      I m one of your first contributors...
      you NEVER answer to my question about the shipping !!!
      Are U bankrupted ? Is there still somebody working there ?
      So pissed off !

      François Chlous

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert Pound
      on July 12, 2017

      I am really sorry some people are having problems. I have to reiterate that for me this is the best device, works so well. I have 2 others bike sat navs and they are not a touch on this. Only wish the light was brighter.

    26. Alberto Barrios on July 12, 2017

      really guys.. With all respect... i feel really cheated with the product and i cant order a refund. and thats no policy from kickstarter its your policy because proyects like Lords of hellas has a refund policy. So its your policy, not kickstarter policy.

    27. CycleLabs Creator on July 11, 2017

      @Ziggy: This is not someone we have planned in the short term, but we may make this available in the future. We can't say for certain yet.

      Hey @Stefan @Andy - We’re sorry you are not having the experience you thought you would have while using the device. We are working hard to improve the navigation section as we are receiving a lot of data that it is inconsistent in a few countries. You can see what we are working on here -

      This is strange that the auto-light is not working, did you have it activated in the app and paired with your phone after dark to test it out?

      The fitness feature can track your stats without the need to set goals, just ensure that fitness tracking is on and that your phone settings for the app are set to always.

      You should not be forced to log out with every update moving forward.

      Hey @Alberto - we hear you about the instructions. That is something we will address shortly to make sure such a situation doesn’t happen again. Please contact the support team to see how we can help you out. We’ll find a way to make it work for you:

      @Brad - As this is a Kickstarter project, and a Kickstarter reward, we are not in any obligation to do refund for these specific units. With that said, we’ve found arrangements with most unsatisfied customers so far, and return is an option, of course. Please contact our support team directly:

      Thanks everyone, if you have further questions please email us at


    28. Andy Fitter on July 11, 2017

      Re Stefans Comment "the whole fitness module is not thought-out well. I have to set a goal and then it works. What if I just want to ride as much as I want to and then see my data? This is the most basic thing anyone would want to see in this module. Extremely frustrating! " I agree entirely. Usually I just want to ride my particular route or until Im tired and see the stats of my trip - I don't want to have to set a specific goal.

    29. Justin Ziegelmueller on July 10, 2017

      Is there any plan to make an API available? I've got some interesting ideas for arduino-android combination projects that can interface with SH.

    30. Brad Ashton on July 10, 2017

      What is the return policy? Not sure the device is worth the money for what little it does and the problems it has.

    31. Alberto Barrios on July 8, 2017

      Ok...I a really pissed off. I just noticed that my device have a conection problem and saty connect to my phone only like a minute and then my phone says that the device is not connect. The information in the package is really really reallyyyyyy poooor. because I thought that one of the wholes below the device was for reset and apparently if you put something inside it the devise will be broke and i did it. That doesnt appear in the instruction or something like that. I have been waiting for my device like more than a year and I broke it becouse of the poor instruction and information inside the device. I dont know but i am not happy wih the device and i only have a piece of plastic with light that doesnt work if dont stay conect with the usb cable.

    32. Alberto Barrios on July 8, 2017

      Mmmm i just receive ny smarthalo and i am........ worried.

      The thing is that i connect by bluetooth the device on mu phone and it just stay connect for like... 1 minute and it shut down and stay almost off and my app says that the device is not connected. How can i solve this problem??

    33. Stefan Totev on July 6, 2017

      I'm disappointed.. After an year delay I was expecting more than provided.
      1) the navigation search doesn't work at all (I'm in Bulgaria). No Cyrillic, no Latin, nothing. It displays only name of cities, no streets, no POI, nothing...
      2) the auto light doesn't turn on automatically when it is dark. I was made to believe it has a light sensor. It just turns on after sunset hour, which is pretty lame and not "smart" at all...
      3) the whole fitness module is not thought-out well. I have to set a goal and then it works. What if I just want to ride as much as I want to and then see my data? This is the most basic thing anyone would want to see in this module. Extremely frustrating!
      4) after the today update (1.3.3) I had to login in (which was difficult, the email and password spots were not accessible) over again and readjust my settings. Even my device had to be reconnected. Only my tapcode was saved... Should we do this after EVERY SINGLE update??

      I am writing all of this here, because your support doesn't want to respond to my question #1. I've been waiting for weeks. They only replied with "send us a screenshot" and then - a total blackout. I've shot few reminding messages, no response.

    34. CycleLabs Creator on July 2, 2017

      @Wouter: I'd love to hear more about it, could you send me an email to with more information on the initiative.

      @Daniel: For the moment we are focusing on improving the product and shipping all remaining orders after which we will have more information on this.

      @Daryl: I will follow up with your email correspondence to see what happened.

      @Takao: The wireless charging stretch goal was not implemented. I invite you to read this article on why it was not implemented -

      Thanks Everyone!

    35. Takao Ishigaki on June 25, 2017

      Was the wireless charging stretch goal implemented?

    36. Missing avatar

      Daryl Ward on June 24, 2017

      Contacted your email hotline as I still have no device. The delivery statys sats delivered and I have nothing. Can you please check where the device is / what has happened.

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lerps on June 23, 2017

      Hi. I'm happy the way the Halo turned out. I was wondering about the API for developers... Wasn't something like that planned as well?

    38. Wouter de Valk on June 23, 2017

      Hello SmartHalo,

      This is Wouter aka Backer 2,807.

      Thanks for the SmartHalo! love my SmartHalo so far, its sturdy, effective and simple to use.

      I happen to be executing a program which promotes cycling commutes in Haarlem, as part of the larger Amsterdam area. How is your Dutch ? :) This program allows cycling participants to save for gifts, vouchers and good causes.

      SmartHalo fits the cyclists, and the larger Amsterdam area finds out about your great product! Would you consider supporting this program by becoming a partner?

      Thanks for considering!


    39. CycleLabs Creator on June 22, 2017

      @Shannon: The light can be manually controlled via a double tap to the touch screen of SmartHalo, perhaps you activated this by accident.

      - We are aware and investigating this bug. Fitness tracking is one of our priorities this week. Meanwhile it seems that removing the app and reinstalling it sometimes fixes the issue.

      Make sure that your location permissions are set to always.

      Sometimes this problem gets fixed by logging out and logging back in from the app, after take a trip and it should save.

      If you don’t notice improvements in a few weeks, I encourage you to follow up with the status of this.

      Also, Make sure you have the latest software and firmware versions.

      - Thank you for that suggestion regarding switching the light between blinking and straight beam without opening the app. I will share that feedback with the team.

      - Navigation: To be implemented later on this summer. GPX app download and upload integration for map programming will become available soon. Along with the ability to set waypoints for navigation.

      We will also soon be making multiple route selection available and improved routing.

      The compass feature is being put into beta testing as it is currently not ready for launch, it will come as a software update down the road.

      Read more about the things we are currently working on -

      @Rodolfo: The fee you are experiencing is a VAT fee imposed by your county.


    40. Missing avatar

      Rodolfo Drudi
      on June 21, 2017

      I received mine right now with a cool surprise. € 12,78 of custom duties. How does it come???

    41. Shannon Keough on June 21, 2017

      Have had mine for a couple days and taken it on half a dozen rides. Hardware seems to work pretty well, but there are quite a few issues still in the software that really need to be addressed:
      - The light came on in the middle of the day when I was riding today, so the sunset to sunrise feature clearly doesn't work properly. This is going to waste the battery horribly if I don't notice to turn it off manually.
      - The fitness tracking doesn't work. So far I've had it record nothing for a whole ride and also once record about half of the actual ride that I did (rode 12 kms, app said I had done 6). And it doesn't save anything. Even when I've checked the app immediately after stopping and it comes up with a "saving" dialogue, I have zero past rides listed right now and my lifetime stats are all at zero.
      - At least once it failed to connect and I had to manually open the app and make it connect to get the light to turn on.
      - There really needs to be a way to change the light from solid to flashing and vice-versa without needing to open the app. Flashing light is much safer on the road, but you really need a solid beam when you go on a track that has poor or no lighting. Its a pain in the *** to have to stop and take my phone out to change it. Every other light I've owned has needed one or two button presses to change.
      - Navigation is still unusable because the pathfinding is bad and you can't change it, still waiting on that update.

      At this point, while the hardware seems functional enough, the software is at best early beta. If I bought this product in a shop I would be taking it back for a refund. Hopefully you can update the software, a lot, and soon, and turn it into something that actually adds value to my bike. At the moment its just a very expensive light that doesn't work very well and isn't particularly bright.

    42. CycleLabs Creator on June 20, 2017

      @Julian: You will need to open the app on your phone, plug SmartHalo in and it should disarm the alarm because of it's pairing. You need to have his phone with the app open too
      otherwise you can try to disarm with the tap code, but there might not be enough time.
      This issue is fixed with the latest firmware update.

      @Sara: Will do!

      @Stefan: Thank you so much for your kind words, The locking mechanism starts to loosen up over time and becomes much more fluid and easy to use. If you have worse problems with it, email us at

      @Daryl: Could you send this to so that we can track what happened to your order with our shipping partners.


    43. Missing avatar

      Daryl Ward on June 20, 2017

      I got a notice my SmartHalo was despatched and had cleared customs and was delivered - still not received anything - I was expecting a trip to customs to pick it up - but I still have no notification. Can you please check what has happened.

      My backer number is 2794

    44. Sara CA on June 20, 2017

      @CycleLabs Hi, I just sent you guys an email. Please, get back to me as soon as possible.

    45. Stefan Kempf on June 19, 2017

      Dear Friends of SmartHalo, I can only say one thing: BRAVO!!

      I got your product today and fixed it on my bike. It looks gorgeous! I was a little bit afraid, that it might be to big and clumpy but my fears didn't came true. Absolutely amazing product and very well done, I'm looking forward riding with this thing and giving it the true street-stress-test, but I'm pretty sure it will handle well.

      I'm only having some troubles getting the lock to really close, which it does after a few wiggles. So I'll have to get some experience with that. Otherwise, everything is really really great. I'm happy that I backed this project.

      All best greetings from Switzerland, keep up the good work!

    46. CycleLabs Creator on June 19, 2017

      @sara: thanks for messaging us Sara.

      @jungjin: You did not fill out the survey in which we collected shipping information. Just email including your shipping info and that you are a backer yet to receive their device. They will have your unit sent over ASAP.

      @Mark: Thank Mark, we hope you enjoy. Note that we will be providing upgrades and improvements with every new update.

      @Bogoy: Thank you so much for those kind words. We are trying to be as communicative and as helpful as possible. We know with new tech, this is a crucial part to the formula for a great experience. We can't wait to hear from you again!

      @Robert: Hi, thanks so much for your feedback and kind words. We will be adding these integrations among other things. I encourage everyone to check out the link below.

      Thanks Everyone!

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Pound
      on June 17, 2017

      So I fitted mine today and used it and of the 2 other types I have this currently, is the best, its sound level is great and you are not going to miss a call ever again.

      Only think I would fault currently is you can't set own route. ( I have read it's coming)

      Today rather than sending me down the road I was on it kept wanting me to turn off the direct route to my destination which I can't quite fathom.

      But I very impressed

    48. Bogoy Hafner on June 16, 2017

      Thanks for the info :) Let me just say that I really appreciate how you communicate with your backers - have seen some projects failing here... it does convey a sense of actually being tangible and of course especially that you are interested in your project yourselves :)

    49. Mark Cockshoot on June 16, 2017

      Arrived, charging, will install on bike over weekend and test. Looks/feels quality though.

    50. Sara CA on June 16, 2017

      @CycleLabs, I just sent you an email, for you to send me both documents needed. Thanks!

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