GoPano micro - Capture 360º videos from an iPhone 4

by Michael Rondinelli

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    1. Chris Pirillo on

      Yeah, got mine. Not impressed at all.

    2. Aliwton José Pinto de Carvalho Filho on

      Congrats, Michael. I got mine and I liked it a lot. You've really acomplished something very nice. Criticism is an easy way to seem intelligent.

    3. RZ500 on

      I´m still waiting

    4. Sam Shafie on

      Yup, waiting for mine too.

    5. Missing avatar

      Willie Stevens on

      Not really a support question so hopefully someone is at least still reading comments here. Back on August 26 it was stated that after the main production run, the limited edition batch would be made. Is this still planned or is that no longer happening?

    6. Gerard van Schip on

      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the lens clean? Mine is seriously dirty and not being able to get anywhere near the lens nor the plastic covering inside is becoming a major problem. The air solution sounds cute for dust but seriously impractical for anyone living in a country with very high humidity.

      I reckon the optic would have been better served with a closed design so you only clean the outside.