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The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 to make 360º panoramic videos! Snap the lens to your iPhone & record complete 360º action.
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GoPano micro is iPhone 4S Compatible

Posted by Michael Rondinelli (Creator)

Hi again,

We were able to get our hands on an iPhone 4S today and we have good news for everyone - the GoPano micro is compatible. We made a few minor changes to the 1.0 app to adjust for the iPhone 4S and we will be submitting it to Apple for review today. As for the case, it fits without any issues.



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    1. CP Tay on

      I see dust on my lens. Any idea how I should clean it?

    2. Bruno AzuLay on

      don't work on my iPhone 4S, just have 2 icons in TabBar.
      On iPhone 4 in the app i have 4 icons in TabBar.
      have you're app been updated ??

    3. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      Michael Smith: Whoops! Really sorry about that. Someone will get you an optic right away tomorrow.

    4. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      true-cameras: We shipped each optic separately. You should get another package within a few days.

    5. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      Martin, Davin: Please check the previous update (#26) where this is explained.
      Bill: Apple only gives us 100 testing slots for devices each year. Removing old devices from the list doesn't free up that slot for a year. We have already used these up, so we aren't able to add new phones at this time.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bill Barlow on

      Great to hear the final software will work with my new iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, the last issue of the beta software will not load. During installation via TestFlight, you get the following prompt:


      GoPano 1.0.0
      EyeSee360 GoPano micro Beta Testing
      WHAT'S NEW
      GoPano 1.0.0 GM

      • Fixes for the background processing of videos.

      We have submitted this build to Apple.

      Released: October 14, 2011
      Expires In: 7 months, 2 weeks
      Size:3.2 MB
      This device cannot install this build
      This iPhone 4S has not been given permission to install this build. TestFlight will notify you when your developer permits this device to install future builds.

      This iPhone 4S has not been added to the application profile. TestFlight will notify you when your developer adds this device to future builds.


      Can you authorize it, so that we iPhone 4S owners can load that software?

      Bill Barlow
      Beverly Hills, CA

    7. Davin on

      I just opened mine up, but have the same problem as "Martin K. Lee", I also have a 4S.

    8. true-cameras on

      hi michael how are you i did receive my gopano, but i pay for two items, do you know what happen? its amazing the go pano, we will be talking in the future maybe i will import to mexico, i bought the go pano for dsrl cameras but is too expensive here in mexico, people dont buy.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Smith on

      I was excited to receive a box in the mail today. HOWEVER, the box was EMPTY! It had 2 sheets of paper and NOTHING ELSE!

    10. Missing avatar

      MartinL on

      Hi I have an iPhone 4S and installed the goPano app but the "capture" and "Recordings" are vanished, just wondering if the app is compatible with iOS5? I used it with an iPhone 4 and all the people saw it were amazed! Can't wait to test it with the 4S thanks.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lance Johnson on

      What's the new resolution of the video? Since it has 1080p video now

    12. Missing avatar

      Rob Feng on

      That's great and all but I am still waiting for mine. It's been months...

    13. Alex Karahalios on

      I wonder if there will be a higher resolution image capture on the iPhone 4S coming out at some time. With the higher resolution camera and faster dual core processors, this should be something that would hopefully be available.

    14. Missing avatar

      Joel DeGrands on

      Great news. Now there is no expectation that you'll have to send out iPhone 5 versions when they come out. Can't wait to get my GoPano next week.

    15. Reggie Pincock on

      Right Now Michael is breathing a very large sigh of relief. I love the final product, and now my wife is happy she can use it on her phone too. Way to go!