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The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 to make 360º panoramic videos! Snap the lens to your iPhone & record complete 360º action.
2,685 backers pledged $169,209 to help bring this project to life.

All GoPano micros have been shipped!!!

Posted by Michael Rondinelli (Creator)

The last couple of days have been busy ones here at EyeSee360, but we have finished shipping the last of the GoPano micros to the backers - over 1000 units in the last 24 hours! We want to thank all of you for your help with this project. Everyone here on the GoPano team hopes that you will enjoy your product as much as we do.

A few backers have shipment address issues. Our staff will be in touch to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Our work doesn't stop here. We will continue to work on the GoPano micro (and the other GoPano products) to continue to bring you leading edge panoramic tools. Look for the GoPano 1.0 iPhone app within the next couple of weeks with new features and refinements that will make creating, sharing and experiencing panoramic video even better. We hope that all of you continue to make and post great videos on - we have seen some great stuff already.

One last thing to note - the GoPano micro is now available for sale on our website in addition to being available from a number of other fine retailers.


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    1. Sam Shafie on

      I've not received mine from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    2. RZ500 on

      I´m still waiting even for an answer.

    3. Missing avatar

      deandaman on

      I put my order on hold a while back due to me relocating. i switched it a few days ago and its now "order pending" . could you tell me when will it be shipped ?

    4. RZ500 on

      I have not received mine for Mexico City

    5. Lok Lui on

      Michael: I noticed my shipping status on has shown "order shipped". How long more do I need to wait for the order to arrive?

    6. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      If you haven't received anything by Thursday of next week, let us know. That goes for anyone.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tal Karlin on

      How long should we wait before we need to worry about the order?

    8. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      Paul: It shipped. We forgot to update the ship status on a few people, but it's been fixed. The last orders went out this past Thursday.

    9. Paul Levitz on

      I read the update stating that all orders have been shipped. I just checked the status of my order on your website in hopes of finding a tracking number and the status still says 'packed'. Could you please let me know if my order has been shipped, and if so, how I can track my order?

      Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Sean Brandle on

      My package says packed but I still have time to change my shipping address. How is that possible if it has already shipped?

    11. Gerard van Schip on

      @Andreas click the export button, this will place a mov file in your album which you can then download using your computer and from there upload to the site.

    12. Gerard van Schip on

      @Robin, I also found focus issues. Michael said they would tweek that in the new app. I also found it helps to hold the phone far above your head before pressing the focus button.

    13. Robin Harleman on

      Received two (yesterday in The Netherlands), but first one gives pretty crappy quality (not focussed) indoors. Am I doing something wrong? If I know how to get it to be a really nice toy I'll give the second away to a friend but don't want to give something that gives the result I'm having.
      Looking forward though, to make 360 panomovies outside at the coast this weekend.

    14. John Rynne on

      Got my GoPano here in central Spain on Tuesday. Haven't had time to try it out.

    15. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      @Andreas there is no direct upload feature in the GoPano .9 - it will be coming in 1.0 - check the app store in about 5-7 days

    16. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hakansson on

      I have recieved my GoPano Micro in Sweden, but the uploads of the video doesn't work :o(
      Is this a iOS5 issue??

    17. Josh Kugler on

      Will we receive tracking numbers via email?