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The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 to make 360º panoramic videos! Snap the lens to your iPhone & record complete 360º action.
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    1. Charles Liebert on

      @Michael do you plan to release before end of year, a player compatible with Google+, as they release theyr APIs last September ?

      I'm advising a few brand to equipe theyr team (with goPano) on Cultural Events they Sponsor, and I would really love them to be the first Brand to use/upload their panoramique video on their Goople+ Brand/product profile...

    2. Gerard van Schip on

      @Michael I have to disagree, as I said in my comment your app on the iPhone already does a wider screen than the flash player on your website, which I find more enjoyable to watch. Also it would be up to the poster. Give people the ability to select screen ratio on the videos that they post.

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      Doug Hartwell on

      Is it possible for there to be a stand-alone viewer? We will be using the GoPano to develop some in-house projects that we will want to display to team members. As our work is proprietary, we cannot have our videos put online.

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      Karl von Kries on

      Additional thought - why not offer 'viewing guides' or 'traces' - live-recordable angles within the environment? In other words, the GoPano video is the world- but a person could create a unique take within (what to look for) in that environment. A viewer could ride-along with the the guide, to appreciate the GoPano environment from the guides perspective.

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      Karl von Kries on

      Guys - really great work. BUT - it seems super-obvious that because these videos are 'environments' that viewers can explore, as opposed to static presentations to be absorbed passively - you need a LOOP mode so that viewers can continue to engage with the video and not 'time-out'. In many cases (static physical environments) the stones / rocks / etc will stay the same - if the 'actors' - people walking around, birds, etc - move or skip when the video loops, not a problem.

    6. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      Gerard: We're still experimenting a bit with display sizes. Making the view too wide gives a "tunnel vision" appearance which can be dizzying. This effect is less prominent when you have a narrow field of view like those other guys.

    7. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      We're halfway through production and shipments for Kickstarters. Barring any (more) unforeseen circumstances, we expect all remaining shipments to go out by next week.

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      Richard Krupka on

      Me too. But still hopeful

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      Wow, I too pledged but received nothing.

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      Todd Schnack on

      This would be great news ... if I had received the two units that I pledged $100 for. Until then, I'll remain nervous that my $ is gone.

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      Charles Moger on

      When will you be shipping? I'm still waiting to receive mine.

    12. Gerard van Schip on

      Also, when on the iPhone you can tilt the device to watch the video in landscape which looks much much better. Would it be possible to have the videos on the website in landscape as well? I noticed that the Kogeto Dot guys are doing widescreen landscape as well, looks better, well to me anyways.

    13. Gerard van Schip on

      Ok, first comment on the website, can't upload. It keeps getting stuck at 99%