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The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 to make 360º panoramic videos! Snap the lens to your iPhone & record complete 360º action.
2,685 backers pledged $169,209 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Ashley Barry on

      Hi, my order says "shipped" but I can't tell when. Are you able to advise when this would arrive in the UK? Thanks

    2. Gerard van Schip on

      @Mikey from what I have seen you will get a shipped after packed. It took 6 days for my GoPano to arrive in Japan.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mikey on

      My order has said packed since this update was up, just wanted to confirm if it was sent or not sent.
      (Living in Japan)

    4. Michael Rondinelli Creator on

      V, we needed to ship international orders first because shipping rates are dramatically less when we ship orders in bulk internationally. As in, $5,000 vs. $28,000 in shipping charges. It also takes longer to ship internationally than domestically, so it seemed more fair to take care of them first. I really wanted to ship to everyone all at once but it didn't seem right to make everyone wait for enough units to be available.

      I'm not sure why you'd feel let down if we aren't compatible with iPhone 5. We've been very clear all along that we have no way to know this ahead of time. It really should come as no surprise given how secretive Apple is about unannounced products.

      If our next Kickstarter project to build a time machine works out, I promise I'll go back in time so everyone gets their GoPano's sooner and they're compatible with iPhone 5. ;-)

      There are 6 backers in Thailand.

    5. Pablo Untroib on

      Turns out you can download the nonpaneable video right off itunes! cool !

    6. Pablo Untroib on

      Backer from Argentina here: Received mine yesterday!

      Now trying to figure out how to upload videos online, the gopano app send icon does nothing, hopefully this is going to be resolved with the next release.
      A friend yesterday asked me if I was able to create a flat nonpaneable 360 video, can this be done?

      Im still learning and enjoying!

    7. Peerapon Anutarasoat on

      hello, I'm your backer from Thailand.
      happy heard that you start to ship

      how many Backers from Thailand ?
      only me or not ?

    8. Missing avatar

      V Lindsly on

      I can understand the missed dates/timelines, because I know it takes time and I'd rather see a quality product hit the market, than have it more quickly. However, I am disappointed that they are not being sent out in the order in which the backing was received. That would seem only appropriate. I make a point to support US companies, it would be nice to see them return the support.

      I will be very disappointed if the iPhone 5 comes out in a few weeks and more than just a new case is needed. I will feel like I was let down.

    9. Missing avatar

      mastahype on

      The disappointment is due to the multiple missed dates/timelines that were communicated. I'm kind of disappointed that the shipments weren't sent in the same order the backing was posted, rather than out of country first, especially considering the slippage. Hopefully the bonus program works out and actually getting the device makes up for the anticipation. I see both points of view (as in this is a kickstarter, and as in I ordered a product [albeit, it wasn't really a product yet] and I want it now).
      I'll be glad to see the product hit the market because when I first stumbled upon it, I thought there was no way this was a real tool. It may revolutionize how we think about home/cell phone videos. I know lots of interesting content will start showing up.

    10. Gwen.

      What is disapointing? this is a kickstarter project, this kind of thing takes time to be perfect. This is not some stuff you just buy on the Internet or regular store.

    11. Missing avatar

      rajiv on

      way too disappointingly late!