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Mitch Dubey loved the diy scene as much as anyone I ever met. Releasing this record seems like a fitting memorial for our friend.

On March 24th, Mitchell Dubey was murdered in his living room. Just about a year earlier, I got an email from this overly enthusiastic weirdo from Connecticut who was trying to get his band onto a show I'd booked. I had never met any of the members, didn't share known acquaintances, and hadn't even heard the band yet, but for some reason I said they could hop on the show. Something about his email just made me want to meet that dude. Well, I met him - and I met Chris Z and Morgan - and I saw Swear Jar play for the first time. I remember sitting in the back of the room (probably counting money, wearing a monocle) thinking "Man, this really isn't good, but I like their spirit". *I also thought "man, they could really use a bass player", but then after meeting Kyle I realized they were probably better off! HOOHA!* They gave me their demo cdr that was made specifically for their weekend of shows, but I don't know that I ever really expected to listen to it. A few days later, I found myself playing the second track over and over. Something clicked and I was obsessed with that fuckin demo. They came down here and played again, I went to CT to see them play, they booked shows for friends on tour, playfully antagonistic texts and facebook messages were slung back and forth. We were friends. It's funny how some friendships take years to blossom, but other people are just different - and Mitch was certainly different - they bond fast and you feel like old war buddies in no time.

March 25th I got a call from Greg Horbal at like 8am. When I woke up, I thought "What's this dickhead calling me about? Probably just pranking me. I'll call him back later". I looked at facebook and immediately wished it would've just been Greg pranking me. I talked to some folks, tried to make some sense of what I'd just learned, then I grabbed my Swear Jar demo and headed over to my screenprinting workshop. I drove the entire way with blurred vision. When I arrived, I called Greg and told him I wanted to release the Swear Jar Spring '10 demo as a 7". I thought it was a fitting memorial. I've been involved in punk for over half of my life and I've been releasing records for the past decade. This is my coping mechanism. It almost seemed trivial to think about putting out a record when my friend - OUR friend - had just been killed, but I know how much Mitch loved this scene, this community, and I think he would be really fucking stoked to see something like this happen.

Just before his death, Swear Jar has been working on a new song. To Chris Z's knowledge, they are the last lyrics Mitch wrote. That last song was never recorded with Mitch, but the surviving members of Swear Jar are going to record it for this 7".

Technical details: All aspects of this record will be produced by independent companies because, obviously, you know Mitch would've wanted it that way. 500 copies of the 7" (from Musicol Recording of Columbus OH). Of those, 100 on color vinyl. Covers/posters will be screened on paper from the Mr French Paper Company. Shirts will be printed union garments from Windjammer Inc (Bangor PA). 

All extra money will go to the Dubey family.



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