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Money, Money, MONEY!

Posted by Michael (Creator)

Good Morning all,

Just to let you know the Kickstarter funds have finally arrived and so now it is time for me to start delivering your rewards! As such here is an update for each of the rewards:

Credited Supporters - I am waiting for 1 survey response to be able to finalise the new credits for future videos. I will follow up for a response but have set a time limit of this week.

Christmas Cards - I have all your details and will send to you in December as planned (I might even convince my wife to make the cards herself! Fingers crossed for that)

Personal Videos - I am waiting for 1 survey response, but will be working to fulfil the others in the mean time.

Promo Tier 1, 2 and 3 rewards - All surveys are complete and I will be packaging them all up today to take to the post office tomorrow.

Deathbot Derby bundle - All surveys are complete and the fantastic Zach at Royal N Games has the games ready to send to me so should have these out to individuals in May.

Network Executive - All surveys are complete and I am collecting the games from the publisher at UKGE so will be able to send out in June.

Legend - The game has had a few delays, but the new artwork is looking great so this is expected in October now.

Once again thank you all for the support you have shown!

And as always thanks for reading and bye for now!



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