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Toucan Play that Game needs your help to continue bringing you great videos about the best hobby there is, board games!
Toucan Play that Game needs your help to continue bringing you great videos about the best hobby there is, board games!
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144 backers pledged £2,513 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mark Capell-Helm

      2hrs and you have new batteries well done

    2. Michael Creator on

      @Kimmo Thanks for your support and I'm glad the videos have been useful.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kimmo Hassinen

      Funded! Love your british accent and i find your videos enjoyable and informative. Your videos were big influence for me to late pledge vikings go wild and StateCraft. =)

    4. Mark Capell-Helm

      now almost up to 2400 SG I shared it on a FB group i am in Board Game trade and chat UK so hi to anyone from there

    5. Michael Creator on

      @Mark Thanks we are very close now!

    6. Mark Capell-Helm

      C'mon everyone share this lets get that extra battery SG unlocked for Toucan

    7. Michael Creator on

      @Zach thanks, really hoping it will be a big jump :)

    8. Zach Connelly

      Coming up on the 48 hour push. Enjoy the ride.

    9. Michael Creator on

      @Mark Capell-Helm That's amazing thank you! :)

    10. Mark Capell-Helm

      just upped my pledge to the deathbot derby one only £37 to get the poll SG unlocked

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve Hopkins on

      Thanks for the clarification!

    12. Michael Creator on

      @Steve I've heard back from Peter. The boardgame Geek ones everyone who backed the kickstarter will have. The Peter card was a promo given out at last year's UKGE. There are no other promos that were not part of the kickstarter.

    13. Michael Creator on

      @Steve I have asked the question and will let you know once I hear back.

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Hopkins on

      @ Michael

      If you could as Peter that would be awesome! I backed the StateCraft KS campaign at the Embalmed Dictator level, so I'll be receiving basically everything from that campaign.

      I'm looking to have as much StateCraft content as possible, so if there's other cards out there that weren't part of the successful KS campaign, I'd love to try and track them down.

    15. Michael Creator on

      @Steve No, the only exclusive promo I was able to arrange for the campaign is the Vikings Gone Wild card. I know Peter has used the Statecraft ones elsewhere, If you would like to know where to check if you might have them left me know and then I can ask Peter to confirm.

    16. Missing avatar

      Steve Hopkins on

      Are the StateCraft promo cards exclusive to this fundraiser?
      I'll assume the Peter card is however

    17. Michael Creator on

      @ Daniel Absolutely, I'm really excited to be carrying on!

    18. Daniel • Board Game Circus

      Funded, awesome!

    19. Michael Creator on

      @John Brieger Thanks for the suggestion, I actually already have similar planned, but as stretch goals. At £2,200 there will be two polls at roughly 6 month intervals where the top game will be covered on the channel and everyone who backs will get to vote. Also if we reach it there is a later one to increase the number of polls.

    20. John Brieger

      I think you might be able to do a fun pledge level around having some influence on what games you cover on the show. E.G. everyone who pledges at X level gets to vote and you promise to do the top 2/3 games during season 2.

    21. Missing avatar

      Siobhán Greaney on

      Woot! Looking forward to Season 2 :)

    22. Michael Creator on

      @Seth and @Shep Thanks guys its a huge relief!

    23. Seth Nostik on

      Congratulations Michael

    24. Michael Creator on

      @Rosie Thanks :) super exciting!!

    25. Rosie on

      So nearly there! Well done Michael :) Great stuff

    26. Michael Creator on

      @Sweet Lemon Publishing Thanks Ash, looking forward to working with you :)

    27. Sweet Lemon Publishing on

      Good luck Michael with the campaign. We are looking forward to the next season :)

    28. Michael Creator on

      @Mihai Thanks to people like you it is :D fingers crossed it will keep up!

    29. Battle Boar Allbrotnar on

      Looking like a great start! Congrats!

    30. Michael Creator on

      @Lucky Duck Games
      Thanks Vince! yeah fingers crossed we might even fund in the first day and can then be working towards stretch goals!

    31. Lucky Duck Games

      Good luck Michael! It's starting very well!

    32. Michael Creator on

      I was wondering when there would finally be a comment :)
      Congratulations on being the first Thomas!

    33. Missing avatar


      First comment! :-D