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Help Jonny McGovern get his "The Gayest Of All Time" CD mastered for release & get the amazing music videos close captioned for LOGO.

Update: Haaaaaay Babies! Thanks to you we have made the GOAL...but that doesn't mean i still couldn't use yer funding if yer feelin generous! Any additonal money raised will go to keeping "Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern" podcast alive and on the costs several hundred dollars a month to produce the show and an additonal 300 bucks a month to pay for the server to keep all the old podcasts available and free on every little bit helps!

Hello My Lil' Gay Babies!

With yer help I was able to shoot all the videos for my what i think is my best CD ever, "The Gayest of All Time"! You've seen "Sexy Nerd" and "Modified" but "Dickmatized", "Man Areas" and "#TOTDF" are still to come! The album is full of amazing tracks produced by Adam Joseph and Markaholic and I cant wait to share it with you.

It's been an amazing fall full of highs and lows... the lows being that in this tough economy i havent been able to shuck n jive around the country as much as i would have liked to make that donut money hunney! To release "The Gayest of All Time"  i need to get it mastered so it sounds as good on yer speakers as it does in the studio and that costs so major moolah that yer daddy does not have right now. Also you may have noticed we havent been able to premiere the videos on TV yet! Well, to get all the videos on LOGO we have to get them all close captioned and that also costs a chunk of change that daddy dont got!

Once the CD is released i can use that as my donut money hunney and i wont need to ask for yer help....for a while at least! Remember all the videos and my podcast are always free to see and hear but not free to make!

Help me bring you my greatest and gayest record of all time and fill the TV airwaves with dirty gay fun!


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    Digital Download of HQ version of the video for "Sexy Nerd" or "Modified' and shout out on "Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern" podcast.

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    Digital Download of HQ versions of the videos for "Sexy Nerd" and "Modified", "Gay Pimpin" podcast shout out PLUS an exclusive uncensored video outtake from your choice of favorite gogo boy from the "Sexy Nerd" video.

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    All of the above PLUS ALL the uncensored video outakes of the Go Go Boys in "Sexy Nerd". (It's Hot!!) and a digital download of the X-rated remix video for "Somethin' for The Fellas"

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE plus 5 uncensored GoGo Boy solo outakes from the "Dickmatized" video (Scrorching HOT!)

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE plus ALL the Go-Go Boy solo footage from "Sexy Nerd", ALL Go-Go Boy solo footage from "Dickmatized" and digital copy of the X-rated version of the "Man Areas" video as soon as its complete.

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