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Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
13,512 backers pledged $942,578 to help bring this project to life.

Happy Holidays Kickstarter Backers!

In our final hours leading up to the project close, we are working around the clock to get these awesome watches to our incredible supporters. In the mean time, we have designed some Holiday Cards for both TikTok + LunaTik that are easily printed, folded and to be used as a place holder while you wait for the real thing. Enjoy!

PS--The watches that all of you backers have helped get funded were featured as a hot gift item on Good Morning America today! Check out the link....

Good News on Shipping Costs for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico!

Despite our earlier posting this evening, there will be NO NEED TO ADD AN EXTRA $10 FOR SHIPPING TO HAWAII, ALASKA AND PUERTO RICO. Sorry for any confusion! We are still gathering our distribution details together before the close of the project. Thanks to some of your comments, we looked into this further and are able to use a Flat Rate USPS box to these three states if needed and get you the goods without charging extra for shipping. Sorry for any confusion!!!

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Live from China: LunaTik Manufacturing

Hello everyone. Like I promised I wanted to share some of my trip in China with all you. Its been a crazy 3 days and have seen a lot and made a ton of progress. Our suppliers are very motivated and doing a phenomenal job. I think much of this motivation can be attributed to your support. It really gets everyone excited and its amazing how much everyone connects with the power of Kickstarter.

So I am going to apologize for the rawness of this video. Thankfully iMovie makes it easy to throw something down and dirty together. But I think it should give you a glimpse into the process and manufacturing of LunaTik and how much craft, hand work and care goes into the metal and even the silicone strap. It isn't your typically mass manufactured injection molded process. Take a look and I hope you like it.

I will be posting some more on TikTok after my trip back into China today. Stay tuned.

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Clarification on Shipping Costs to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico

Hi again—We have one more important shipping update for backers from HAWAII, ALASKA and PUERTO RICO. It seems these states and territories fall into a shipping category outside of domestic US rates. Therefore, we need to ask those of you who live in these places to please go in and adjust your orders to reflect a $10 shipping fee beyond your pledge amount. So if you pledged $25, we will need you to adjust your pledge to $35....$50 to $60, and so on. Sorry for an inconvenience. We are super excited to get these awesome watches out to you soon! Stay tuned for awesome video updates from Scott at the factory!

Clarification on Shipping Costs to Canada and International for $500 Party Pack Orders

Hi All--We neglected to include in our posting earlier today that if you were lucky enough to get one of the SOLD OUT $500 Spread The Love Party Packs, shipping to Canada should include an extra $25 to your order and shipping Internationally should include an extra $50 to your order. Thanks so much for double checking your order and making appropriate adjustments!