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Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
13,512 backers pledged $942,578 to help bring this project to life.

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First, just wanted to thank everyone again. It's been an interesting journey and it is still not over. I plan on posting future updates as some of the final chapters of the Kickstarter/LunaTik story are still unwritten. There are definitely some behind-the-scenes stories and learnings to share with everyone who is interested, which seems like a lot of you. But until then here are some recent happenings.

First, just wanted to let all you Apple fans know of another promising project by some fellow designers from Frog Design. They did a great job on the Glif camera mount for the iPhone 4 and now have a cool chubby stylus called Cosmonaut for the iPad as well. Take a look. Only 9 hours left to get one.

Secondly, we have had many requests and inquiries from backers about alternative bands or other future colors. In response we have launched an all black LunaTik called the Blackout . The Blackout features a black anodized aluminum case and PVD plated buckle and hardware. The same process used on the Bell&Ross Phantom Instrument timepiece. And we also now have an all white TikTok called the Whiteout. You can order them at Pictured below.

We also have a very special camo LunaTik coming up called the TacTik (see picture below) that we are initially offering only 1000 units. The compression molded camo patterned band is made by hand-placing the various camo colored silicone bits in the tool. The hardware is also PVD plated like the Blackout. We are probably putting these online in the next week. I wanted to give all my backers the first heads up and you can go to and subscribe the News & Updates Newsletter if you have not already. This way you will get an HTML email announcement when they are ready.

And I know many of you are interested in the Bluetooth adaptor. We are still working on finding a partner and may have found a promising one this week at the Hong Kong Electronics show that has a plug-n-play universal module that is in the right form factor and size though a little more protruding. We can easily design around this platform. Crossing-our fingers. We have requested samples to test as we feel it is essential to have universal compatibility with whatever headset you desire.

Thanks again for all your support and patience!


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Thanks to all you LunaTiks!

Hello all you LunaTiks! It’s been a while since I personally updated all of you even though the rest of the LunaTik and MINIMAL team has been busy individually giving you love where needed. 

First off, I have to again thank all of you for the ongoing support throughout the process. It has truly been and exceptional experience. One of, if not, the most inspiring projects of my career. The good and the bad. In fact, in many ways the failures have been more valuable for learning for the future. Thank you all for your patience through some of the trouble spots on the backend. As even Kickstarter founders admit, we were “the guinea pigs” for the scalability of this platform. In the end I have to thank everyone from Kickstarter to our amazing suppliers to the MNML and LunaTik team to our fulfillment partner for their dedication and passion in making this a reality and going above and beyond to make sure everyone gets their rewards.

I believe all 13,512 backers have their rewards besides possibly 100 or so that have had issues with changing addresses, customs issues or missing information. In fact I think we had some people receive duplicate orders. Still digging into that one. If for some reason you have still not received your reward please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please email with your full name, details of what you selected as a reward and email address tied to the account that you used to order.

The biggest issues we faced in an otherwise shockingly smooth product launch were the fulfillment issues. And this was not so much our fulfillment company’s fault as the carriers and US Customs. For instance, all the US $500 and $150 orders got rejected for no explainable reason by US Customs and returned to China. They are above the law so its hard to really predict. This was horrible that our biggest backers were affected by the frustrating and unpredictable nature of US Customs. Good news is we sent everyone theirs again via UPS Priority at our cost upon return to China. The second mishap was that DHL over-promised and undelivered big time. Not only did they not provide much support they also issued thousands of non-working tracking numbers which they cannot still give us a reason or compensation for. And the third mishap was Hong Kong Post, a partner of DHL, received a bulk infusion of packages, scanned them, then sat on them for 10-14 days or longer. No reason again. All we can say here is thank you so much for your patience.

Looking back we are very proud of what we accomplished and proved. In the end we still started shipping TikToks around December 17th, a day after the project closed, and were 95% fulfilled within 60 days of the close and funding. This included setting up supply chain, developing and producing product, packaging, brand and signing up a fulfillment partner and integrating fulfillment systems, etc. Things that other companies already have in place when they develop a new product. Congrats to everyone!

Some fun additional facts on the project:

  • 76% of the backers bought a Nano because of the TikTok or LunaTik. This is an unprecedented event where the accessory drove core product sales. Wow!
  • Many people are buying multiple Nanos as well to outfit the LunatTik Silver, LunaTik Red and TikTok all at once.
  • We shipped to over 50 countries.
  • From project close on December 16 and funding transfer from Amazon on Jan 2, it took 60 days to be 99% globally fulfilled on over 20,000 units.
  • Our funding transfer from Amazon Payments broke Amazon. It exceeded their transfer limit by over 2x. The money disappeared for a while. Funny but scary. 
  • I received over 40,000 messages in my inbox from around the world in response to the project. This definitely broke Outlook’s .pst file. Had to switch to Exchange. 

Moving forward we plan on continuing the conversation and relationship with all of you. Many of you expressed interest in the Bluetooth LunaPod and LunaPort covers. We are actively working on these and will be offering them on when they are ready. The Bluetooth LunaPod is very much needed but it is also a very expensive and risky investment we have found out after doing our homework. Much more than the TikTok+LunaTik. We may have to go raise money, which sucks, or find a partner that is willing to take a gamble on it with us. Or should we Kickstart it? My instinct is to Kickstart it but the inherent development time is longer than the TikTok+LunaTik took including certifications we have to submit to. So we are wondering if people on Kickstarter would wait 4-6 months for it? 

The other question we are looking into is does the dongle have to be dedicated to a specific headphone. This may be a reality as the Nano doesn’t have settings to allow it to pair universally. So that would be we would have to develop and pair of LunaTik Wireless Headphones. We have a killer design for these. By far better than anything on the market. We designed the Motorola S9 and hate them to be honest. It lightyears better than that. Just a major investment. It’s not out of the question and we are continuing discussions with some leading Bluetooth suppliers. 

We are also developing LunaPort covers for the TikTok+LunaTik. Still waiting on samples for these. We will probably sell them in packs of 5 or 10. Sign up for the newsletter on for updates on these.

We are hoping that Apple does not change the form factor of the Nano in September and sees the current Nano platform as an opportunity for Apple to own the wrist in the future with Bluetooth, custom apps, clock faces, etc. Having Caller ID and other notifications on the wrist would be amazing and no one in the watch industry can touch them right now. We'll have to wait and see what they do in September.

It might be a nice experiment to have all of you interested in the future of wrist-based technology email Apple and tell them what you want. Who knows, maybe you can make an impact.

For those of you interested in the crowd-funding and social entrepreneurial aspect of this project and platforms like Kickstarter, I continue to be amazed at the recent momentum in this space. It is a very interesting time. From simple projects on Kickstarter to over-throwing entrenched governments, social media is changing the world and making things possible that were not before. Power to the people. I am dedicating a percentage of MINIMAL”s time going forward to building on this momentum in the product development space. We will be looking across industries to identify other opportunities to engage this platform. So stay tuned and thanks again for your support. 



PS. Speaking of other projects. A young designer here in Chicago, Don Lehman, another Rochester Institute of Technology alum, has a project that I backed on Kickstarter. He is funded and only has 6 days left. Very simple idea for any of you that have an iPad and like to take notes or sketch but don’t want to carry a separate stylus. I currently use the Just Mobile iPad Stylus which I really like but this Stylus cap actually consolidates pens I already use with iPad stylus capability. Just FYI.

Updated LunaTik Assembly Video including Alignment Tips

Hello---We thought we would post an updated version of the LunaTik Assembly Video that includes some tips on how to adjust the two halves of the LunaTik watch frame should it appear slightly out of alignment. It also shows in more detail how to effectively loosen and tighten the screws using both of the wrenches supplied. We hope this is helpful. This video can also be found at

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Greetings to you all. We hope you are enjoying the TikTok + LunaTiks which have made their way out into the world to the vast majority of our backers (about 95%). For around 5% of you, we are aware that there are some shipping and tracking issues, and that this is a major frustration.....and we are truly sorry about this. We are working 24/7 and doing our best to address these issues as quickly as possible so that ALL of our backers can get the product that they have so patiently been waiting for. Emailing us at, rather than posting to the message board, is by far the fastest and best way to communicate with us about your issue because posting to the message boards do not include your full name or email, so it can be difficult to contact you back. This project has been both an incredible experience and learning curve for us. We hope you will continue to be patient as we work through these remaining shipping issues.

With best regards,

Scott Wilson and the MINIMAL Team

LunaTik Info Video

Hey all you LunaTiks. Many of you have started receiving your LunaTik shipping notices and the rest will have them over coming days. Here is a simple summary video of the assembly and setup for LunaTik. Enjoy.

We are almost there. Sorry that the fulfillment step was the hardest and most challenging part. I am just happy we were able to fulfill close to our target date even though we had 20x as many orders as what planned for originally.

Congrats to all involved. It has been a very exciting and learning experience.

More updates will follow I am sure. I expect there to be still some challenges before we are done with global orders but please know we are focused on getting everyone their rewards.


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