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Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
13,512 backers pledged $942,578 to help bring this project to life. for shipping issues

Posted by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL (Creator)

Greetings to you all. We hope you are enjoying the TikTok + LunaTiks which have made their way out into the world to the vast majority of our backers (about 95%). For around 5% of you, we are aware that there are some shipping and tracking issues, and that this is a major frustration.....and we are truly sorry about this. We are working 24/7 and doing our best to address these issues as quickly as possible so that ALL of our backers can get the product that they have so patiently been waiting for. Emailing us at, rather than posting to the message board, is by far the fastest and best way to communicate with us about your issue because posting to the message boards do not include your full name or email, so it can be difficult to contact you back. This project has been both an incredible experience and learning curve for us. We hope you will continue to be patient as we work through these remaining shipping issues.

With best regards,

Scott Wilson and the MINIMAL Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Darshan on

      I was one of the original supporters and I still dont have mine? do you think I will get it soon????? Everyone seems to have got theirs two weeks ago!

    2. Missing avatar

      Mydao Huynh on

      Haven't received my watch or any shipping information yet. I already filled out my survey to have it shipped a long time ago.

    3. BigToe on

      Both my orders arrived in New Zealand today. It's been a while but I don't mind as I've really enjoyed watching this concept grow: the idea, the sketches, the video's, the updates. the emails, the feeback - it's all been great. Top job Scott.

    4. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @cristian marchina--Please email with your full name and info so that she can correspond with you via email (we don't have your email address here)..thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      cristian marchina on

      did not received

    6. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @rainier ibias --These watch bands are now available at and we ship anywhere. Thanks for the inquiry!

    7. Missing avatar

      rainier ibias on

      hi, i have a brother at chicago illinois. how i can purchase/ buy the item?

    8. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Ramon is emailing you today. You did not supply us with your address and that is the reason we have not been able to ship you your product. Please look out for her email so that you can provide the info needed to get the package shipped to you. Thanks!

    9. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Harry Takiue--We can replace your lost screw, no problem. Please email and write LOST SCREW in title, also include your full name, address and phone number. Thanks!

    10. Alex Smith on

      Im part of thr 5% that didnt received his TikTok product. When I will be receiving it?

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve Aw Kah Lok on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    12. Missing avatar

      denise smart on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    13. Missing avatar

      Harry Takiue on

      Lost a screw for the Luna Tik. Any chance on purchasing spare screws?

    14. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Félix Major--Sorry you are still waiting. We are checking the message boards, but you need to email directly to get more information, as these boards don't provide us an email to get back in touch with you. As for some of the Canadian shipments, as of last night we can confirm that a batch of them got held in customs and then sent back to our fulfillment house (they just arrived back in China)....problem is, UPS didn't inform our fulfillment house that they were sent back, so we had no way of knowing what had happened until now. You can likely expect a new shipping confirmation headed your way any day now. Sorry for this delay--we are doing our best to track these issues.

    15. Felix Major on


      This is the second email, still no answer. I would like to know where the heck is my watch! I'm in Quebec, Canada. My name is Felix and I have been one of your first backers and believer on kickstarter. I refered the lunatik to all my friends and family who buyed it as well. I must say that me and my dad (who ordered a lunatik too and didnt received it) are now thinking that this watch is a legend! I received a notice on january 31 telling me that my package has been shipped and will arrive at my home in 5 business day! The tracking number for Post Canada does not work! Its been 18 days since I received that email!

      Where is the watch that I purchased so long ago? You guys have made a million with this idea. Please deliver now. This is getting ridiculous.

    16. Sky Liu on

      Perfect!Thank u very much!

    17. F. Ricardo Chiappe Vegas on


      According to that, I'm in that unlucky 5% group.
      I received my shipping notice on January 31st, saying "in 5 business day tops" the LunaTik will be delivered. 
      I'm still waiting and worst of all, the tracking number is useless. 
      I've been sending emails to way before this post (because the Tracking number didn't work) but with the last reply:
      "I have sent your email to the fulfillment company, so we can find out where your package is. I can confirm that it is definitely on its way to you, we just can't see where it is! "
      And this was a week ago. Still know nothing. Still can't track it. Who is the "fulfillment company"?

      I know it's difficult to track packages internationally (outside US) but you shouldn't leave people waiting for something to happen/arrive. 

      Glad to hear people loving the product and the success of this project. 
      Hope this works out well and every backer get it's Lunatik/TikTok. 


      Ricardo Chiappe Vegas
      (From Peru)

    18. Jason Andrews on

      Received mine today. Sweet!

    19. Al on

      Haven't got mine yet (Sydney, Australia). Really don't like being in the 5%, must say customer service were great. Hope it turns up soon, and that the tracking issue doesn't mean my order actually went to Argentina. :P

    20. Frank Silas on

      Thank you Scott and team! Brilliant execution on a great idea/design. I have both the Tik Tok and Luna Tik. I've been wearing the Tik Tok since getting it. People are amazed by it. I just wish apple would allow apps. I want a calendar and calculator on this watch! Great job. Thanks for delivering! I work in video games and film so lots tech folk are getting to see it in person.

    21. miriam on

      My husband and I received our lunatiks today. Thanks for such a gr8 quality product!

    22. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @ John Fedyk- Your order shipped on Jan 28th and should have arrived by now. Sounds like you don't have it and it is lost in the post, so please email so that we can get you your product. We are sorry for your frustration. Thanks for being a part of our project and please understand that we are working thru some shipping issues as best we can.

    23. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @ Dexxxtro--Please email us directly at or We need your full name and email address used during the Kickstarter project in order to check on your shipping details. Thanks.

    24. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @ Richard Swallow- We are checking on your order status. Please email with your email address so we can reply to you.

    25. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @charleschou --please email with your full name and email address used on the Kickstarter account. Without this info we cannot track where your order is. thanks.

    26. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @will--Can you provide your first and last name and an email address so that we can look into your issue? You can also email, but posting here without your email or full name does not allow us to look into the issue. thanks.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dexxxtro on

      I am one of unlucky 5% and the extremely disappointed. I hope you do something to compensate the extra time.

    28. Missing avatar

      Damon Leverett on

      Got our Tik Tok and Luna Tik Saturday. More fun than mere mortals deserve. What's the next project.

    29. Bruce Bensetler on

      My "coolness" factor up 500% with my grandchildren now that I am wearing my TikTok

    30. Chris Lung on

      Habe beide watches problemlos (kein Zoll etc.) erhalten - super Qualität und ein echter Hingucker! Vielen dank - freue mich schon jetzt auf neue Projekte!!!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      John Fedyk on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    32. Missing avatar

      John Fedyk on

      i'm in the 5% and am not impressed. i am the 18th backer to pledge and have NOT rec'd my items. this is not fair or right. my comments on other page have been moderated. my email will be answered in 48 HOURS! not right

    33. Missing avatar

      Erik Moust on

      Got mine 2, it's awesome and very light. Thanks for all the effort that went into this project!! Now waiting for te blutooth headset ;-)

    34. Missing avatar

      Johnaives on

      J'ai reçu mon bracelet, c'est génial !
      Un petit regret (mais lié au nano), dommage qu'il n'y ait qu'une seule possibilité de cadran de montre, j'aurais aimé pouvoir choisir entre une montre Apple, Panerai, Bell&Ross, Breitling, ... comme cela est possible sur iPhone.

    35. Hermann Paar on

      Scott and Team,
      thanks so much for this awesome project. I'm very glad I was part of this. I really like to wear TikTok and LunaTik, both are wonderful designed! - And of course I can't wait to have a bluetooth adapter.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mikey on

      I received an email saying my product has been shipped. But once I tracked it, it says it left the factory on the 6th, and reached the post office today... Is someone wearing my watch and walking it to me!!?? If so... dont get it dirty! =)

    37. Josh Fields on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    38. BigToe on

      Nope - not arrived in New Zealand as yet - 15 February - 8.20pm

    39. Missing avatar

      Tony Kemp on

      got mine too and very happy, having dropped my Nano once onto concrete already I can now relax with it firmly clicked into myTikTok.
      Sounds like a small ready market for the Bluetooth adaptor Scott when do we sign up for that one :)

    40. Mehul on

      I received my Lunatik and cant wait to see it with the nano. The customer service has been really outstanding and really really appreciate it. ( Damn! now I realised that its available in black as well)
      Way to go Scott!

    41. Luis Eduardo Garcia Diaz on

      I have mine and they are incredible, I live in Dominican Republic and every body are asking me about where I get it...Im keeping the secret for a while, I like to be unique ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      Charles Chou on

      I am the 5% of the lot . I still have not receive it.

    43. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Castillo on

      Finally got mine! Just what I was expecting!

    44. joshua fouts on

      Received both last week. LOVE THEM!!!

    45. Lee Chern on

      This is a great product, all my friends like it! congratulations on success!

    46. Missing avatar

      meccanica on

      Received my LunaTik late last week all the way down here in Nelson, NZ. Have been wearing it ever since. lots of people notice it and have had a few comments that Darth called and wants his watch back - I reckon they're just jealous. :]

      Thanks guys!

    47. Missing avatar

      will on

      I received my tik tok and it was broken i emailed them 3 times and never heard anything

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Vera on

      Greetings from Canada. Love my Tik Tok! Makes my Nano much more functional. Cheers!

    49. Missing avatar

      Richard Cardona on

      Finally!! After pledging before Dec. 16th, I finally received my TikTok+LunaTik on Valentine's Day 2011. As an early adopter, I HATE finding out I'm in the last 5%, within this group, but they're in my hands! My nano has gone fully unused for a month but it's in its rightful enclosure now.