TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL

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      Nohan on

      Got my watch strap this week. Enjoying it. Awesome

    2. Clint Bradford on

      I have proudly "showed off" my TikTok the past few weeks. TRULY a "cut above" any other offering out there (except, of course, a LunaTik).

    3. Kenny Eliason on

      I'm in the 95%, and totally dig my new watch. Thanks again.

    4. People In Motion on

      You rock! Thanks so much for handeling the shipping issues so well. Looking forward to sporting my TikTok!


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      Maurizio Carbone on

      I received mine (Melbourne, Australia) and am wearing it proudly. I am now keen for the slimline bluetooth adapter you mentioned in one of your posts. Good luck with this project. Maurizio

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      Craig Zolner on

      I received both the Tik Tok and the Luna Tik. I love them both! Great job! Now I hear that Apple is contemplating an iPhone nano.....,supposed to be half the size of the iPhone. I hope you guys make something for that.....it'd be like a Dick Tracy thing. The coolest watch ever! Keep up the good work!

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      Chris Sells on

      I was sooo loving my cherry red lunatik until my son appropriated it. Much, much nicer than the $20 POS you get get at the Apple store. Beautiful!

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      Tony Schibono on

      I still patiently await.

    9. Edward Kasarjian on

      I received mine before the arrival date of February 10th. So far I'm loving it and many compliments too! Im so glad I was apart of this project. I can't wait to be apart of the next project, the iphone nano. Looking out for the LUNA TICK IPHONE NANO WATCH!

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      Charles Kim on

      I received my Tik Tok and Luna Tik this past Friday. They are awesome.

    11. Edward Kasarjian on

      Oh yes, I forgot to mention. I also got my blue tooth Motorola head set to go with my cooooool luna tik, I am loving it even more! Thank you Scott!

    12. Chris Wilhelmi on

      I got my LunaTik last week and it's awesome, thanks Scott!

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      Ndibe on

      Received my lunatik and everytime I wear it people are amazed! Great idea, wonderful design!

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      David Litschel on

      Received both the Tik Tok and Luna Tik - very COOOOL!

      Have a suggestion to make the small screws on the Luna Tik available for clumsy people like me who might lose one and therefore the loss of the watch while hunting down replacements.