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Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
13,512 backers pledged $942,578 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Cardona on

      Glad to see some pairs are shipping, waiting anti-climatically with bated anticipation as a holiday gift in nearly February. iPod nano still boxed and lonely too.
      Godspeed from Texas

    2. Stefan Redlich on

      Hi Scott,
      Ia there any info shipping the tiktok/lunatik pair to international addresses, i
      confirmed my adress but did not get any shipping info yet, thank you
      Kind regards

    3. Ronen Mendezitsky on

      Even though setting up the LunaTik is probably the easiest thing to do, It's wonderful that you took the time to prepare this video. Looks very good and walks through the stages slowly and in a very clear manner. Can't wait for my LunaTik to arrive.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rey Lontoc on

      Any word in Canada shipment notifications?

    5. Missing avatar

      Rey Lontoc on

      I too live in Canada and still no email notification. Waiting patiently..

    6. Aaron Cheah on

      Any news when international buyers will get their shipping notices?

    7. josh on

      I have received my tracking number! I will be wearing m tok tok all the time. Can't wait to hear more about the bluetooth acseserie. This would be amazing to use with bluetooth headset. I'm excited.
      Thanks Tik Tok!

    8. Gary Gnatz on

      It all looks fantastic but I have yet to receive a email shipping confirmation. Watches my weakness

    9. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Looking forward to the shipping confirmation!
      Seems from the videos that the TikTok has a black (plastic?) strap retainer, while the LunaTik has a silver (metal?) one, is this correct?

    10. Jay Silla on

      Received my shipping notice with the tracking number this morning. I'm not in the habit of being an early adopter, but I'm very much looking forward to being one of the first to wear the LunaTik. Please be sure to keep us in the loop on future products, MNML rocks!

    11. Brian Boatright on

      When do the Red LunaTik and TikTok combo's start shipping?

    12. Mitchell Abouaf on

      I finally got my shipping info for my lunatik and tiktok! Woot woot!

    13. Dave Kin on

      I have not received any notifications either... Are we (those who pledged for the red Lunatiks) received our Tiktoks only after the reds are done?

    14. Jareau Almeyda on

      I got my shipment notice. I'm in Miami. Notice says delivery by Tuesday. I'm excited!

    15. Mark Tippin on

      Another pair order notices, checked spam. Just curious if the pair orders became some "edge case" in the fulfillment scheme that got missed? ETA for notice or ship of pair orders would be welcome.


    16. Michael Monello on

      Have shipments gone out for people who ordered one of each? I haven't received a shipping notice yet. I live in NYC, and nothing in the spam filters either.

    17. Missing avatar

      linna on

      This is amazing!!
      I can't wait to receive mine as well. Is there any update for Singapore shipment?
      Please keep me notify by email about the approximately date that I would be receiving this items.

      Thanks :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Jack Mac on

      Hey I haven't received my order. I have been getting notices that these are shipping but to date I have received nothing? What should I do....keep waiting? Please let me know....dying to receive but getting concerned as I have received nothing...........

    19. Missing avatar

      Arteche G. on

      Looks great but the shipping are very slow, I am still waiting and I want one of first back up in WAshington State, please ship ASAP.


    20. Missing avatar

      Greg Barnard on

      Looks great any word on the Australian shipments?

    21. davetropeano on

      I too pledged for the tiktok/lunatic pair and have received nothing since confirming my address. Are these being shipped together?

    22. Missing avatar

      Clare Zempel on

      Echoing Lisa's query, have received no shipping notice on the tiktok/lunatik pair, nor do I recall a recent comment from you about pair shipments. What is the plan for them? Thanks.

    23. Matt on

      What is the music on this vid?

    24. Lisa Church on

      have had no shipping notice on the tiktok/lunatik pair - any idea when I might see it?

    25. Missing avatar

      Alan D. Lishness on

      Nice job, Scott and everyone else involved. I couldn't be happier with the entire process!

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher Hensworth on

      Scott, video looks great. Straight forward and easy to understand. I'm looking forward to receiving my LunaTik soon. Any update on a bluetooth unit to fit the nano yet?

    27. Will Reiher on

      Any work on Canada shipments of TikToks? I've not received any notification yet.

    28. A. Joseph

      Looking Good. Can't wait to get mines!!!

    29. Greg Zentkovich on

      In Hawaii, just got notice of shipping this morning! Thank you Scott and team for all your hard work. I am very excited to receive my rewards =) I liken the experience to awaiting, then receiving a new apple product... to me, so far, MNML is providing the same, if not, exceeding the MAC experience... the video, packaging, and updates are all top notch! May you continue to have great success!

    30. Ryan Raymond Yu on

      Great Video, can't wait!

    31. F. Ricardo Chiappe Vegas on

      Hello.... this looks amazing! Can't wait for mine :D
      Congratulations on the awesome work.

      One question: How long are the straps? I have some troubles with other watches because they are short (are least for me, my wrist is 22 cm approx.)

      Again. Thank. You.