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Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
13,512 backers pledged $942,578 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Nikola Kiralj on

      anyone in Europe got it? Still waiting for shipping info :(

    2. Kimberly Unger on

      Got mine in the post on Friday! Looks fabulous, can't wait to get it assembled and tried out :) Good job Scott! Beautiful design, professional presentation, better than I expected :D

    3. michaelCAEGdesign on

      Just got both my LunaTik and Kickstarter and both look awesome. Scott you had mentioned that you were in the process of developing a bluetooth adapter.......are you still going to develop the adapter? I have a Motorola bluetooth adapter that I tried out and works the only issue is it sticks out and looks funky. Your thoughts.......

    4. Gary Greco on

      This is getting painful!! All the great news about folks getting shipping notifications and nothing for me yet. :-( Thanks to everyone posting up the pics of the finished items! Looking forward to the red-anodized. Fun!

    5. Jose Fuentes on

      Just got mine in today ^_^ it looks awsome..! Already have a couple of coworkers interested in buying! Also can wait for somesort of bluetooth adapter...

    6. Kris Yalung on

      Just got mine! Looks great!

    7. Missing avatar

      Cris Benson on

      Here is the back of my Nano in the LunaTik Multitouch Watch Conversion Kit:…

    8. Chris Nicotra on

      I got my LunaTik and I'm very happy with it, but I could use slightly longer straps. Any chance of offering that?


    9. Brian Boatright on

      I was very excited last week when I got an email saying that my Red LunaTik & TikTok had shipped. However, today when I checked. The tracking it says my package was delivered to USPS in New York; I live in Florida. Maybe it has a second leg to actually make it to me but so far it has been stuck in New York for 4 days and that's after clearing customs a few days before. The delivery logistics for this hasn't been much fun.

    10. Missing avatar

      Maxence on

      Thank you so much for my LunaTik, I'm so happy to have one of these incredible products! :)

    11. Jeff Hester on

      I got my bands (I ordered both)! They look fantastic and fit perfectly. I've posted my unboxing photos and notes on my blog:

    12. Christopher Neil on

      got mine, and the screws wont unscrew!! Can you address this Scott?? Please!!

    13. Zachary Vandeveer on

      Just got my LunaTik in the mail this morning and had just enough time before work to snap in my red Nano... All I can say that I am really pleased! I have a large wrist and the watch band just barely fits without being tight... a pleasant surprise from a larger guy!

      My friends saw my post of Facebook a couple months ago and bought cheap imitation bands for their Nanos' and next to mine, theirs look like canvas strips with iPods stuck on them. The LunaTik looks like the full package... a well designed watch with all the benefits of an iPod Nano.

      Thank you very much!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mario R Ballesteros on

      got it! thanks a bunch!

    15. Chris Sells on

      I've paid my money for the red lunatik and provided my address information, but have received no notification of shipment.

    16. Michael Black on

      Just got my LunaTik in the mail. So excited!

    17. Jr Gomez on

      2/3 delivery date and still nothing hope it gets here soon...

    18. Michael Milner on

      Hey Scot, I received the LunaTik today. What a great item. I can't wait for the bluetooth you're working on. One issue. It is too tight on my wrist. If you come up with a larger strap please let me know. I can only get to the first notch.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sara Hughes on

      Just got my Lunatik today! I LOVE IT!!! Unfortunately thought when putting it back together the heads of one of the screws came off.. :( What can I do?

    20. Antonio Merkerson on

      I love my LunaTik watch. I wish the was a way to water proof/resistant it. Because I am a fire fighter and I would hate for this thing to get ruined because of my negligence.

      P.S. To all you guys out there, you may want to order a InvisibleShield for the display. It helps big time...

    21. Missing avatar

      Jose Gonzalez Ramirez on

      I received the red one i asked for but with my pledge of 165 usd was included a TikTok too. It did not arrived in this UPS shipping. Am i expecting to receive it soon ( separatle from LunatiK???

      Let me know.

    22. TAH

      I just received mine in the mail and putting it together now! too excited :)

      for those that are having a hard time removing the screws..put one wrench on the left side and one on the right side and use one to hold the initial turn steady, while you turn with the other wrench. figured this out after 10 minutes of nonstop unscrewing lol

    23. Missing avatar

      davv on

      look at this picture…
      it says 25.5cm, and there are holes until the very end of the strap
      so you should be fine :)

    24. Tizkai on

      Sweet Jesus I am getting excited about my limited edition red Lunatik and Tiktok arriving in Australia. Come on down!

    25. Chris Zakhary on

      Sorry quick edit. Lose instead of loose.

    26. Chris Zakhary on

      Hey Scott,

      Just got my LunkTik in seven days ahead of schedule and I am extremely impressed with the build quality and the materials used. I did not think the band was going to feel the way it does and I must say it is very nice. Also, the nano fits perfectly. This is a great product hands down for the money. I had one question, since we should not over-tighten the screws do you think it is wise to use a weak thread lock to prevent the screw from falling out? I do not want to loose a screw and I can not image being able to find a replacement screw somewhere.



    27. F. Ricardo Chiappe Vegas on

      Oh yeah... I'm from Peru. Tried a lot of websites (Serpost is the local mail delivery service as USPS is for USA) and nothing, always the same response

    28. F. Ricardo Chiappe Vegas on

      I've recevied the email (Monday) telling me that it'll be delivered within 5 days of receiving this email. The number order says that "There is no record of this item" and I have no way to track it. So, I just have to wait?

      Hope there's no delays or something like that..

    29. Antonio Merkerson on

      To all those people out there that is wondering why the date changed. Mine said the same thing. But guest what.... Just got mine in the mail today on the original said date. Feb. 3rd. It is crazy nice. If you go and put that long tracking number into the track package spot you may notice the same.

      Thx Scott, Job well done!!!

    30. Domenick Giambattista on

      Yeah, my shipping date changed too, from 2/5 to 2/12. It took one day to get from Hong Kong to Kentucky, and one more day to get to New Jersey (and just a couple towns over from me at that). One thing I did notice was that standard shipping said 10-14 days, and if it shipped on the 29th (as the tracking info said it did) then the 2/12 expected delivery date reflects the upper limit (14 days) of the shipping estimate, despite the fact that the package is only a couple hours from my location. I'll probably get it tomorrow. Can't wait!

    31. Brendon Macaraeg on

      Folks, sorry if this is redundant, but some shipping info you all might find interesting. Here in Los Angeles, a company called "Streamlite" is handling the local end of the shipping. The LunaTik is being delivered via US Postal Service along with the rest of my normal mail. I'm expecting mine by next Weds (maybe even this week?!) See for more info.

    32. Marcus Lin Guang Hua on

      Still have yet to receive my shipment notice. I'm from Singapore.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeff Solano on

      @Scott - Same thing to me also. It was original delivery date was 2/3 but moved to 2/10. It shows that it is in STREAMLITE - SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. Hopefully it will still come on 2/3. I just got my nano today as well. I know you've been told this a million times, but great work and I can't wait to get mine in.

    34. Dirk Goebel on

      Come on, this is like showing a toy to a child and not giving it. All the pictures and videos. - Okay, I got my notice, so it will only last a few days, that I have it in my hands.

    35. Roger Kalter on

      just received my luna tik today. very well done the entire process. not only was the boxing and shipping on an excellent standard,but the watch looks amazing. i just know this will be an attractive change from the usual timepiece.

    36. Missing avatar

      marc prescott on

      My shipment is delayed also according to the tracking site, but the package is still in transit, and has moved to another sorting facility... I dont think it will really be delayed till the 12th (its in NJ, I'm in VA)

    37. Jr Gomez on

      Same as the other posters i had a delivery of 2/3 and it has slipped to 2/10... I kind of expected it since i knew the storm that was/has hit chicago would cause some kind of delay in my order. Congrats scott glad to see a fellow chicagoan designing great products....Can't wait for the bluetooth dongle as well...

    38. Jerry Bland on

      @Scott and Antonio - Same thing here as well. My delivery date was 2/3 and changed to 2/10 but I also see that it arrived in Santa Fe Springs, CA this morning so maybe it will still get to Texas in a couple of days.

    39. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @ Antonio. We have asked why this ha happened. No explanation yet. Might have something to do with the package being dropped in bulk into the USPS and them making the adjustment. We have this question into the fulfillment center and are awaiting an answer.

    40. Antonio Merkerson on

      I'm have received my notification, but I am curious to now why the delivery date changed from 2/3/11 to 2/10/11. Can anyone explain this.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mian on

      wow i can't wait for it

    42. Lawrence R McCourt on

      @Valerie, What is similar about the Belken product? The velcro closure? Attaching using the clip? It is a watch band for a Nano, so it does resemble it in that regard :-)

    43. Missing avatar

      Harun Ghaffur on

      Will the Chinese New Year produce delays to the shippings?

    44. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Still haven't gotten mine. Hope everything is OK. Will the notice be from amazon? I gotta check my junk mail :/

    45. Valerie F on

      Received my shipment notification here in Mississippi, USA!

      On another note... has Belken always made a similar iPod Nano watch band? Because they are selling one now that looks suspiciously similar....…

    46. Alex Mak on

      Russia. Just received email notification. Seems i'm annoy...

    47. Missing avatar

      Noah Harlan on

      What's the deal? I haven't gotten anything and I'm in New York...

    48. Marcus Lin Guang Hua on

      I'm from Singapore, and have yet to receive any email notfications yet. Anyone from Singapore received theirs yet ?

    49. Omar Magdaleno Vidal on

      Woooowww!! just got my shipment notice, can't wait any longer. Thanks Scott! It's been a great experience to be a backer on this project. 7 more days and my lunatik will be in Mexico, very excited.