TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL

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    1. Kris Yalung on

      Just got mine! Looks great!

    2. Jose Fuentes on

      Just got mine in today ^_^ it looks awsome..! Already have a couple of coworkers interested in buying! Also can wait for somesort of bluetooth adapter...

    3. Gary Greco on

      This is getting painful!! All the great news about folks getting shipping notifications and nothing for me yet. :-( Thanks to everyone posting up the pics of the finished items! Looking forward to the red-anodized. Fun!

    4. michaelCAEGdesign on

      Just got both my LunaTik and Kickstarter and both look awesome. Scott you had mentioned that you were in the process of developing a bluetooth adapter.......are you still going to develop the adapter? I have a Motorola bluetooth adapter that I tried out and works the only issue is it sticks out and looks funky. Your thoughts.......

    5. Kimberly Unger on

      Got mine in the post on Friday! Looks fabulous, can't wait to get it assembled and tried out :) Good job Scott! Beautiful design, professional presentation, better than I expected :D

    6. Nikola Kiralj on

      anyone in Europe got it? Still waiting for shipping info :(

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      Matthew Leaper on

      Scott -- can I order a replacement strap-holder-backer (that little piece of metal that plugs into the strap to fold back the excess) for my LunaTik? It fell out on my first night out with the product.

      I love the look, but need a way to pin back the strap. Please advise.

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      Donald Kwong on

      Happy Days. Got my Luna Tik on Friday and wore it all weekend. I did not realize how light this "watch" is. I almost forgot I was wearing it. Great product.

    9. Aaron Cheah on

      Received my shipping confirmation last week with a tracking number. Hopefully no delay due to long Chinese New Year holidays (where Chinese businesses can close for 15 days).

    10. Aaron Cheah on

      Darn it... according to Hongkong Post tracking site, item arrived at HK since 1st Feb and left for MY today, 7th Feb. I probably have to wait a week or so... :(

    11. Johan Kölhi on

      Got my LunaTik / TikTok kit today! WOW!!!

      It is even better than I expected! The whole watch is really light too - very cool!

      Well done - I am really happy and proud to be a sponsor for this project. Looking forward to the bluetooth kit.

      Vaxholm, Stockholm, Sweden

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      Benjamin Nanninga on

      Got mine today. So far really liking it. I have the red nano and went out on a limb and got these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VTZPPC/ref=oss_product earphones. It was a gamble with them being offbrand but so far they work really well - I run the cord up my sleeve and they have the perfect angle to the headphone jack to be discreet. They also are noise canceling and have an inline mic which is great for voice notes. So far I've listened to some music and a podcast and the whole system with the watch and earphones is very convenient. I haven't decided yet where the watch strap is most comfortable yet. One setting seems a little too tight and the other a little to loose, but I'm sure I'll get used to one or the other. It looks pretty snazzy now I just need to see how the battery life is in practice - the nano is brand new so I haven't really tested that aspect yet. This is my first kickstarter project that I have backed, and love this system is in place where an idea can come straight to a stakeholders home and we get to be taken along for the ride of the process. Good work Scott and team.

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      Kevin on

      I got my Lunatik about two days ago, and I couldn't be happier! Also got some reflective screen protectors for my nano and it all fit VERY snugly. My new watch looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. :3 Very pleased!!

    14. Jay Silla on

      I received my silver LunaTik today, and I'm wearing it right now. Here's what I can report so far: It took six days to travel from China to Pittsburgh, and another four in the hands of the USPS. There was one bolt rolling around loose in the box. I added a Griffin matte finish screen protector to my nano, and it did not hinder assembly. The band is instantly comfortable! I'm liking the band a lot more than I thought I would.

    15. Robert Novak on

      Just rescued my red LunaTik and my TikTok from the post office this morning. Red Nano in place, pretty cool. The silicone smell is sorta fruit-oriented but I don't notice it unless I'm sniffing it. Packaging looks very professional, no surprise there. A friend compared the build of the LunaTik to the Vapor cases for iPhones, which also have the screw posts...

      I had to use both wrench tools to open the LunaTik, as turning the screw on one end also turned the rest of the post and screw. Insert one in each end, hold one, twist the other.

      I'll second the earlier comment that it is light. Feels much lighter than my Citizen analog watch, and gets more attention too. I don't know if I'll wear it every day--maybe with a low-light always-on clock setting I could, or with Scott's bluetooth adapter when it comes out--but I do really like it.

    16. Jr Gomez on

      love my new lunatik thanks scott....

    17. Aaron Cheah on

      Can't wait for the BT adapter. Any news on development?

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      Andrew Sarratori on

      My kit just arrived and I'm a little disappointed. It was sent in just a padded envelope so the box arrived smashed on one side. Nothing was broken, fortunately, but it was very shoddy shipping. Other than that the watch band is awesome.

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      anderson lee on

      Just got my Red LunaTik... amazing color!

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      Brian Hedberg on

      I have not received my LunaTik yet. I live in Minneapolis, MN. Is there any reason for the delay? I responded to the survey in december that asked for my shipping information. Was there an additional step that I missed?

    21. Stefan Redlich on

      Hi Scott,
      i just received the TikTok and the LunaTik and they are exactly what i expected them to be
      in point of design and material, thank you very much for your hard work!
      There is no comparable product in the german market!
      Stefan from Germany

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      Richard Dowhan on

      Still have not received a shipment email. Is it lost in the mail?

    23. Domenick Giambattista on

      Received mine a day ahead of the original expected date, and... Wow. This thing is fantastic! Already had two lovely ladies ask me about it, and being a limited edition backer I got to impress them with "actually this model won't be for sale, they were limited to 1500, and mine's 494." lol. Great job, Scott, and thank you so much for letting all of us be a part of this project! By the way, is there any way to find out the progress on the Bluetooth adapter? Is it/will it be on Kickstarter? I definitely want one, both to listen to music and to protect the holes on the device from water just in case it rains while I'm outside and I can't cover it fast enough.

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      zapbranny on

      Hey up. Received both mine in the UK today. Packaged really well and so impressed with both. I am usually slightly disappointed with stuff I was excited about in the cold light of day, not this time. Thank you Scott and well done. It was worth the wait, people moaning need to remember this isn't Amazon. Great updates all they way through and cannot say enough positives about Scott and Mnml. I will keep my eye out for future products. Thumbs up to kickstarter, great idea in a tough economic environment.

    25. Nam Duc Nguyen on

      1 of the screw broken of while installing any idea how to fix it?

    26. Omar Magdaleno Vidal on

      Just received my Lunatik in Mexico. It's just what i expected, thanks Scott.
      PS Great packaging, by the way.

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      Victor Hernandez Lopez on

      Already received my red luna! awesomeeee! sweet shipping!

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      Ivan Carmona on

      Last week I get my LunaTik, looks like something out of a James Bond movie, I love it! "Puerto Rico".

    29. Eddie Rivera on

      I just received my Lunatik!!! I think it is perfectly package! I love the quality! It is very light! This is dope!!!! : ) I am looking forward to seeing the bluetooth adaptor!

      Eddie Rivera

    30. Paul Huse on

      Scott et al,
      Nice work envisioning this product line, having the faith in the crowd and sharing your story along the way. I received my two watches today and I'm very happy with the investment and resulting products. Thanks, I hope you will do more fun projects like this and I have confidence Apple will love you Tik+Tok.

    31. Jerry Bland on

      West Texas here, got my LunaTik Monday. Very nice, exceeded all my expectations! Thanks again!

    32. Dave Segura on


    33. Felix Brinadze on


      I just got my shipment this morning. The assembly was easy, and the device looks perfect. Thanks Scott!

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      Dexxxtro on

      Got my shipment information more than a week ago. But the tracking number I was provided with keeps on giving me errors when entered in the Chilean post website. Can you tell me what's going on? we are almost mid-February and still don't know when I am getting my pack!!!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Jack Skates on

      Got a shipping notice and accidentally deleted it... iPhone hiccup. Any way to request another one?

    36. Charlie Maraia on

      Hey Scott, almost mid February and no notice of any shipments for both items. Whats going on?

    37. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Scott, both of the bands are awesome! The amount time put into these truely shows in the amazing quality of both watches AND packaging! I look forward to an interesting bluetooth idea you mentioned before. Thank YOU and all the people you work with. Keep me posted!

      Any chance of different color interchangable bands being made?

    38. Marie-Andree Poisson

      This thing is taking an eternity to arrive here! 11 days after shipping, package still in Hong Kong (or at least not in Canada since Canada Post tracking bring nothing) and tracking on HK Post is, well not impressing at all.

    39. Missing avatar

      Eddie Yam on

      All just an FYI. There would have been delays with processing of some shipments from hong kong due to Chinese News festivities happening last week...so hopefully they won't be too much longer ( I'm still waiting for my shipping confirmation here in Australia)

    40. Missing avatar

      Eddie Yam on

      Sorry last post was suppose to read "Chinese New Year"...

    41. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Soong on

      Just got mine in the mail! Love, however you may want to contact the fullfilment company know that their packing system was not up to par. I loved the packaging that you worked so hard on;however when I opened the box, the TikTock box was smashed..... O_o

      Anywho just FYI, and once again Scott, thank you and keep us in the loop for the next project!


    42. Fadzil Jamaludin on

      Also got my Lunatik today. Great stuff!
      Fadzil (Malaysia)

    43. Missing avatar

      Greg Barnard on

      My Luna Tik just arrived today and I couldn't be happier.
      Can't wait to wear it work and see what e reaction is..
      Thanks agin Scott

    44. Ben C. on

      I lost a tiny screw of my LunaTik!!! :( What can I do?

    45. Sem Chi Kwan on

      The Luna Tik made it to Sunny Singapore this afternoon
      Shipment notice email 1 Feb
      Notice of Shipping out of Hong Kong 6 Feb
      Delivery to Singapore 11 Feb

    46. yiyun he on

      hey scott, just wondering , any updates of shipment to AISAN ? been wait long ~~

    47. Scott Medsker on

      I came home to a little box with both watches in them. Now I am what they call the Mack Daddy.

    48. Nikola Kiralj on

      Got mine in just 2 days from China to Serbia with UPS :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Viking Chan on

      Thanks Scott for the incredible design and quality! Got both my tiks today. Wife loved the Tok and I love the Luna. Good Valentine day's gift, even though it has shifted from being XMas gift to her bday gift to now VDay. :) Worth the wait.

    50. Missing avatar

      cem sutcu on

      As far as I know, nanos are not water resistant. Is it a problem for LunaTik and TikTok, say, while washing hands?