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Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
13,512 backers pledged $942,578 to help bring this project to life.

TikTok Info Video

Posted by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL (Creator)

So TikToks started shipping last week and many of the TikTok-only backers have started receiving their product. It is a really simple product but there are always some questions like how to adjust the strap keeper post, etc... so i am posting this video overview to address any questions.

There will also be a LunaTik video going up shortly as those are shipping out this coming week.

Scott and the MINIMAL team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Haegeman on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Missing avatar

      Haegeman on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Gavin Maxwell on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    4. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Jeremy. Please email and Sorry for the inconvenience. The postal systems have been a little tough to predict. Please know that we are all working hard. We are almost there. And we appreciate your patience and support.


    5. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Butts on

      Got my shipping notice to Australia on the 1st Feb. 9 working days later, and there's still no record at Aus Post. I called them, and they say there's no record of the shipment at China Post either. Who can I contact to follow this up?

    6. Missing avatar

      Dieter Schön on

      i bought the armbands as a present for my wife, they arrived on monday. they smelled really bad, it literally created headaches. it is quite embarrassing to buy a present which will maybe be usable after some weeks.

    7. Missing avatar

      George Duffy on

      Just received my TikTok and LunaTik and it's very impressive and didn't expect the TiKTok to be as well designed love them both thanks Scott.

    8. Jeff Purtle on

      I just received the TikTok and LunaTok and they are both awesome. Thanks Scott! I know everyone will want this.

    9. Missing avatar

      anderson lee on

      Just got mine here in Hong Kong! Awesome!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeff Solano on

      I received my LunaTik on Friday and it is just amazing. Thank you again for the great product! :)

    11. Samuel Darko on

      I am Tiking and Toking already. I received my TikTok yesterday!

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wells on

      I have not received my tik tok yet.... as of Feb. 2; please, please, who do I contact ??????

    13. Jason Koning on

      Looks fantastic, grabbed a Nano recently in anticipation of my TikTok arriving. Can't wait now!

    14. Hung Le on

      Have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for shipping confirmation for the Collection (TikTok and LunaTik). Finally decided to chill and not keep checking e-mail or this blog every 5 minutes. Got confirmation this morning that items have shipped. You know what they say about a watched kettle. Thanks Scott and MNML team!

    15. Alex Mak on

      How much You've already sent?

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian Hatcher on

      still no email confromation i live in alabama, anybody else have any luck?

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Missing avatar

      Santiago Montilla on

      Any plan for Delivery? We continúe un Jan 28waiting. Please

    19. Antonio Merkerson on

      Just got my email confirmation this morning that my LunaTik should be here on the 3rd of Feb. That's what I'm talking about. Thanks 10 times over!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin Wong on

      I wish the "collection" package went out before the individual orders... Any updates? Do we get notified when these actually ship? I've really been trying to be patient, but at this point it's a little frustrating.

    21. Missing avatar

      jun kurihara on

      Just got the email confirming that the TikTok is being shipped to San Jose CA.
      Thank you!

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas P Kelly Jr on

      I received my email confirming shipment for The Collection ($70) this morning! Will have it next Friday according to the tracking info!
      I was concerned and a little let down with the delays, but what are you going to do...stuff happens!
      I knew they'd ship at some point and was never worried we got ripped off.

    23. Kris Yalung on

      just got my TikTok+LunaTik shipping notice! YAY!!!

      thanks from the SF Bay Area, Home of the World Champs!


    24. Lawrence R McCourt on

      Ready for the LunaTik video :-)
      Thanks again for keeping us in the loop!

    25. Ryan Ferebee on

      Keep the faith people, I just got my shipping notification this morning! Hopefully will arrive on February 4th like it says. I honestly can't wait!

      Thank you Scott!

    26. Eddie Rivera on

      This Morning I received my shipping email saying that my Lunatik should be here by Thursday Feb.3rd! I have not wanted something so badly since the 1st iPhone. I live in Chicago, so if you ever are looking for help Scott do not hesitate to ask.

    27. Phildeb on

      Is there a mail send to the backer when you start to ship to him? Because I haven't received anything yet.
      Thx for feedback

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      i got the combo back and my email arrived this morning.

    29. Missing avatar

      Harry Jenkins on

      Everyone relax. I ordered the LunaTik and I can confirm that have received my conformation email. They are on the way!!!

    30. Mathieu Bolard on

      Still no confirmation email ! I really hope it's not going to be delayed as the white iPhone 4...

    31. Missing avatar

      Rey Lontoc on

      I agree with all backers. This whole project wouldnt be possible without us. I just wish Scott knows where were coming from as dedicated supporters. There could be lots of reasons why its delayed. Just from reading these comments about other online customers receiving it before us is a very sad thing for us backers to hear. I hope were not just a number and our huge support for this project will be well awarded in terms of putting us first.


    32. Sky Liu on

      Still no email confirming shipment of the LunaTik.How can I tracking the shipment info with my order.Was it anything I miss?
      Can't wait to get my LunaTIK in China.

    33. Missing avatar

      Rey Lontoc on

      If I choose the $70 pledge for both TikTok and LunaTik, will I be receiving the TikTok first? Or will it both arrive together?.. **help*

    34. Missing avatar

      DanielNicolas on

      Update from scott wilson's twitter:

      "LunaTiks got delayed in China customs. Going out this week they say. Thanks!
      22 Jan"

      LunaTiks started shipping. Be on the lookout for shipping email.
      25 Jan

      Hey all you fellow LunaTiks, Gadget Central has been taken care of. Thanks for the heads up!
      26 Jan


      follow @ScottWilsonID so you can be on the up and up

    35. Sergio Tapia on

      Have you send my LunaTik and Tik-Tok to Mexico??

      I can´t wait!!!!!


    36. Missing avatar

      Karim chaqchaq on

      Where do I track shipement if I have not received my order yet?

    37. Missing avatar

      Justin Rice on

      @An Quoc Hoang

      Did you take the time to actually view the Ebay product you posted a link to? I think everyone thats complaining needs to take a step back and view this a little differently.

      The Ebay item you referenced clearly states that the product will not ship until after February 2nd. The first thing that jumps into my mind is that its most likely someone who purchased the product through this site. It also states that there are 2 available. Most likely another clear indicator that its someone who bought two or three from here. He/she probably bought 3, and is asking for $130 on ebay to absorb the cost of what they paid for the 3rd product essentially making theirs free!!

      Keep in mind that this company didn't even produce this product prior to the funding of the project which ended less than 6 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure that Scott Wilson was wearing most likely a rapid prototype of the product he was trying to sell. Since funding there were probably tons of logistics that needed to be worked out yet, packaging, shipping, and with the enormous amount of backing that they most likely received unexpectedly a way to manufacture a hell of a lot more products than initially anticipated.

      Cut these guys some slack! Its been 6 weeks since you spent $50 dollars to have a timepiece thats going to impress the hell out of everyone. I will gladly sit and wait a couple weeks to make sure the product I receive is a quality piece that I'm happy and proud to wear around and show off!!

      I give credit to MINIMAL and Scott for the feedback we are receiving.

    38. david moore on

      Supported at the "red-anodized LunaTik Kickstarter Backer Edition" and Tik-Tok level. When am I likely to see either?

    39. Missing avatar

      Thvu on

      I should've known it was too good to be true, seeing how almost 80 percent of the pledgers hasn't gotten their confirmation shipping email much less their product...never again will i pledge to something like this.

    40. Missing avatar

      Esther Loeliger on

      Has shipping to the UK started? I haven't received an email notification yet. I pledged rather early on, that's why I'm wondering.

    41. happymeal80 on

      hmmm.... very dissapointed with their delaying of shipping schedule.. until now.. not receiving any mail yet...

    42. Shadi Abu Sharar on

      Hi every one is there any one got the Ticktok / LunaTik, my Address is in the state and until now i did not get my Ticktok / LunaTik and i was from the first ppl to pay.

    43. Missing avatar

      stephany lomeli on

      Wow, as we can all see. Minimal could care less that we helped support his vision and made it a reality as we all put our money to help back this project. Not even a "sorry for the misunderstanding about retailers" perhaps they might of had an agreement as well. But we supported you as well.
      I'm actually very disappointed on how this has turned out. Enough with the lame videos on want the physical product already.

    44. Missing avatar

      Harun Ghaffur on

      I too am a bit disappointed seeing that retailers are already getting their stocks while a lot of us project backers still haven't. I have to move back to my home country soon and I really do hope that my LunaTiks arrive before that time....

    45. Missing avatar

      An Quoc Hoang on

      I too ordered the Tictok / LunaTik Combo. One of the first 300 to back up this product too. Find it somewhat funny that some of the products are showing up in random places.…

      I agree with some of the users that it is a bit of a "slap in the face" for us early backers to not get our combo's by now.

    46. Missing avatar

      tommy Kwan on

      I keep receiving messages about product being shipped or was shipped but was disappointed when it did not show up in my daily mail. DO you know what my shipping schedule is?
      My name is Tommy Kwan of Millbrae, CA.

    47. Missing avatar

      Thomas P Kelly Jr on

      I too pledged $70 for The Collection and have heard nothing concerning my order...nothing in Junk Mail either.
      It's disappointing to be one of the first 265 backers and get no information.
      I hope Scott will chime in to shed some insight on what's going on and why early backers are still waiting...I'm hoping it's just the Luna Tik holding up my order and nothing wrong elsewhere!?

    48. Missing avatar

      Richard wiseley on

      Waiting for my shipping email. Hope the process is going smoothly. I'm very excited to get my tik tok and Luna tik!

    49. Mike Davis on

      Scott, I am getting a bit concerned. It is mid-week, and still no email confirming shipment of the LunaTik. Any updates. As you can imagine, I am anxious to receive this very cool item.

      Thank you.