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Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
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LUNATIK: Father of Apple Watch

Posted by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL (Creator)
Apple Watch incognito as LUNATIK
Apple Watch incognito as LUNATIK

Hello everyone. Hope 2018 is going well for all of you. The year started off with another trip to the Consumer Electronics Show as usual to meet with clients and partners. One of the startups we are incubating and advising had an interesting visitor at their booth that confirmed a suspicion that many you have voiced over the years. An Apple Watch engineer stopped to marvel at the animation (see below) that MNML created for Ovie Smart Food Storage. Remarking that the animation was as good as what they do in-house he laughed while disclosing that Apple had bought LUNATIK watch kits to place early Apple Watch guts into modified Apple nanos so they could wear and test them in the wild without anyone knowing. So if you ever saw a LUNATIK out and about in SFO that looked like the image above it was likely a prototype of the eventual Apple Watch. While the nano is long gone, as is the LUNATIK watch kit, we are proud to have been at the beginning of it all and look forward to continuing to ask "what if?".

It's been a while since we sparked crowdfunding and inspired a new wave of entrepreneurs around the world (almost 8 years if you can believe it) and MINIMAL and myself continue to look at problems and opportunities to deliver inspiring products and solutions. As early adopters and influencers we value your input and support. Thank you!

Lastly, if you want to help reduce food waste, save money and are interested in the Ovie Smart Food Storage project, sign up here, and Ovie will be giving away a complete system of containers and sensors to a lucky winner that subscribes to their email list between now and their Kickstarter launch in mid-April. 

Very Best- Scott Wilson

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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Toepfer on

      I still have my tiktok. I used it around the world. I always got asked if it was an apple watch long before that was a thing. Still my favorite Kickstarter project.

    2. Juan Mitchell on


      I’m charging my OG Apple Watch now so I can wear Epik. Sadly I’ve never tried because i felt like i wouldn’t be able to adjust to the slowness of the original verses the 3z Hopefully I won’t notice the lack of speed that much😅

    3. Missing avatar

      nick klar on

      Of course it was! To bad Apple didn’t have the decency to publicly acknowledge Scott Wilson’s contribution. Although I have a generation 3 Apple Watch I still keep and wear my generation 1 just so I can use my Epik and Epik H20! Thank You Scott Wilson

    4. Missing avatar

      George Zahrobsky on

      Scott Wilson is a creative genius. I would support him whenever I can. Scott is the BEST!

    5. Clint Bradford on

      I wrote this up when I was overjoyed with MY original LunaTik ...

      Clint Bradford

    6. Juan Mitchell on

      Man I got my hopes up lol! Hands literally started sweating with excitement 😆

      Scott I was hoping that you were launching a Kickstarter for the Apple Watch 3!😅 I love the version 3! As soon as I got it I took the Nike Strap off and tried to use my Epik... alas... I was saddened that it didn’t work. Apple Watch isn’t the same without the Epik. It’s so naked on my wrist as I never wore the OG Apple Watch without the Kit.

      That’s awesome to hear though! You def had the best product on the market as far as watch kits went. I am super proud to have gotten to ride along on the journey.

      Imitation is the best form of flattery. Cheers to you my friend!