TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL

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    1. joshua fouts on

      Can't wait for the AnTik to come out. Congratulations on your success!

    2. Lisa Church on


    3. Missing avatar

      Zach Faulkner on

      Amazing to see this from inception to award-winning creation. Still stoked on the product and am very excited to see that this has skyrocketed into stardom.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gazman on

      I voted for TikTok + LunaTik, not just because they are fabulous products (I wear mine everyday) but also because your company personifies the very essence of product design and marketing - Iam inspired by everything you do! Now, roll-up your sleeves and develop something else, we are hungry out here for your output!!!

    5. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Gary. Thanks for the comment and support! It is good to hear you want more as we have been designing more stuff but were actually somewhat worried about launching another project and how ambitious or simple we should go on the next one. I think most are on the same page as you however. Stay tuned, we have a special thank you coming up for you guys.