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Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
Transform your iPod Nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches with TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL.
13,512 backers pledged $942,578 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Juan Mitchell on

      Eh hmm!! Sup OG LunaTiks!? Still rocking my Various 'Tiks I've picked up through the year! Have you heard about Scott's newest project Epik!? I'm going to get an Apple Watch just because of it! Boosh!!!!

    2. Tim Moore on

      I wonder if our backer status is still recognized for new products? I could sure use a new case for my iPhone 5C. @netdoc66

    3. Juan Mitchell on

      So yea i do come back here and check to see if someone had commented and posted something new. Big whoop wanna fight about it!? Lunatik has indeed unveiled a "big whoop" and I'm geeked up! Check out this link to see a preview of their Smart Watches!

    4. Missing avatar

      andrewmclarkson on

      Sad about passing of Lunatik and TikTok- Amazing product run though

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael McWhirter on

      Bummed about the iPod nano change. I was hoping to buy a new soon and now it seems I am stuck with refurbs or used.

      I got the special edition with the stylus and tik tok with the lunatik. Very cool, love it!! But now no nano for it.

      Yeah, bummed.

      Great stuff though guys. So glad to have backed this and helped a little to see it happen.


    6. Garrett Olin [GOdesign] on

      Nice Run Scott and Minimal.

      New iPod nano is out.

      AnTiks from here on out.

    7. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Akira- thank you so much for the kind words! We want to give our supporters a great experience and I can say from experience that we have a great team working incredibly hard to make that happen. -Jillian

    8. Missing avatar

      Akira on

      I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful launch of your product. I think you spoiled me on Kickstarter and made me think all projects would be like yours. After backing a few more projects, and learning about the darkside of Kickstarter, I just wanted to thank you for handling your project the way you did.

    9. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Reid--Hi Reid—Cracking is definitely atypical and not something that should happen! Please be in touch with so that we can sort you out. Thank you! Best, Brooke

    10. Reid Baty on

      The plastic TikTok doesn't seem very durable. The rear frame (next to the thumb hole on the back) cracked. There is no longer any tension to hold the iPod in place. Ruined.

    11. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Michael- we are holding off on a bluetooth device at the moment, but keep an eye out in the future!

    12. Michael Milner on

      Hey Scott, You mentioned that you or someone was working on a small Bluetooth attachment for the ipod nano that fits into the kit. Any news on this?

    13. Missing avatar

      Alan Greenstadt on

      I have been waiting for over one year and nothing has arrived. I have written three times, still nothing. I am a $150 backer can I get my money back, or get what I was promised?

      Alan Greenstadt
      4139 Via Marina # 1201
      Marina del Rey, CA 90292

      310 462 7996

    14. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Elizabeth Burns Go to or search LunaTik Touch Pen above in the search box. Thanks! - Scott

    15. Elizabeth Burns on

      How do I pledge for a green Anniversary set?

    16. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Kai- yep! Just email us at and we can help you. Please make sure to include your Kickstarter name and email.

      If anyone ever has an issue, whether needing replacement pieces or whatnot, just email us at info@lunatik and we can help.


    17. Kai on

      Hey, is there some sort of warranty on the tiktok, the frame cracked and then my ipod fell out and almost broke, is there somewhere I can send it to get it replaced?

    18. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on

      If any of you have one of the older 1st Gen Nanos there is a recall notice on them.... See
      There is no statement as to what the replacement is but here is hoping the replacement is a Nano suitable to use in a LunaTik!!! The last excuse stopping me from ordering a LYNK...

    19. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @ Ting Louie- we don't make leather or suede straps at this point, but both the LunaTik and TikTok work with any 28mm strap, so you can swap our strap with any other strap you get from a jeweler, watch boutique or department store. Thanks!

    20. Ting Louie on

      saw some nice leather and suede replacement straps for the lunatik, where can i get those?

    21. Melvyn Heard on

      By far the best KickStarter project I have backed. No one has has come close to delivering on their commitments like Scott and his team. Thanks. Keep the product updates coming.

    22. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      Thanks for all of your comments! We are tallying up everyone's votes, so be sure to let us know what color you like best. The price point will probably be between $49-59, but we are still waiting on production info, so we don't have specifics yet. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at

    23. paco on

      everything you could hope for in an iPod Nano watch...

    24. Missing avatar

      Dexxxtro on

      I definitely would like to see and Antik, and the one that I prefer is the Orange one. Please make it available soon!!!!


    25. Missing avatar

      Lenard Morgan on

      I WANT A AN TIK!!!!!!!and I. Want it vote: All BLACK!!!!
      BTW: maybe AnTik will be a great second KickStarter project.
      SN: What the HELL is up with the nano port cover?!?!!?! Not to endorse, assist or back Garrett on his seems wrong especially since you have produced one yet. UpDate???????

    26. Mark Keeney on

      I like the orange faced AnTik.

    27. A. Joseph

      "Anyone interested in another holiday Kickstarter project?" Scott I believe we all are more than interested!

    28. Missing avatar

      KHarris on

      Oops, forgot.. I would vote for Orange or Black.

    29. Missing avatar

      KHarris on

      I would definitely be interested in an AnTik! In fact, more than interested... when do I pre-order? Oh, maybe I should ask how much first....

    30. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      As always, if you folks have any specific questions, please e-mail me at Thanks again for everyone's continued support!

    31. Missing avatar

      Clay Smith on

      already put togethe TikTok/nano and an i10s bluetooth transmitter to wireless headphones. (almost) perfect for the gym so looking forward to whether TikTok can do better. my suggestions:
      -an even smaller transmitter that does not drain the nano battery as the i10s (about 1 hr)
      -a transmitter that also does not attenuate the volume as much as the 10s
      -should also identify several headphone options that pair well, comfortable and dont fall off when working out. ideally these would be noise cancelling so you dont have to listen to the (invariably) lousy overhead music at the gym
      -once done with this, please convince apple to make a nano/ipod hybrid that has built in bluetooth as well as all 3G/4G but small enough to wear on the wrist so can listen to music but also surf the net/manage emails. just a suggestion:)

    32. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on

      For a moment there in the Nano announcement I though they were hinting Scott had hit the big time and Lunatik was to become THE standard version of the Nano!

    33. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on

      The 'War Games' style orange fluo readout does it for me...
      Several of the others are a bit, well, hmmm, either too 'plain' or too busy with little in the middle.
      But for a free upgrade I guess there is no room to complain - I was expecting the feature to be locked to the new hardware rather than a software upgrade for the older Nanos.

    34. paco on

      We don't have to purchase new nanos, there is an update that includes the watch faces apparently. Can't wait to get home and check it out!

    35. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Atley. Unfortunately I had no input or clue on what they were doing. I would love to do some additional faces. The ones they showed are not quite my style!

    36. A. Joseph

      So Scott I believe you had an update before where Apple asked to chat with you. Did you happen to have any input in the "ipod watch themes" they are releasing?

    37. Juan Mitchell on

      I run with my Red Luna & Nike+ reciever 3 times a week! No issues. I do take it apart between runs and clean the Luna with a Q-Tip.

    38. wheaton26 on

      hi scott, i'm a backer that is having some issues. not with my lunatik, but the actual ipod itself. i use my lunatik to run and have been experiencing technical difficulties with the volume mostly. it will go down all by itself during my workouts and when i put it back up, it will go right back down. it doesn't happen every day, but is getting more and more common. you can imagine how frustrating this is when you're in the middle of a run. from my research, this seems to be a common problem when moisture or sweat is getting inside the nano. simply wondering if you have heard this complaint before and if there are any solutions? unfortunately this makes the lunatik useless to me as i only wear it for working out. i know you are a runner ... have you experienced this? any information would be appreciated! thanks and i look forward to hearing back from you soon. all the best from the bahamas.

      p.s. e-mail sent to jillian as well.

    39. Juan Mitchell on

      Not sure if anyone really comes here but check this out.
      Very similar to the iPod + LunaTik. The price tag is hefty though!

    40. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      Hey Garrett,
      It's still something they are tossing around...


    41. Garrett Olin [GOdesign] on

      Any update on a port cover?

    42. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Robert Van Doorn Regarding the bluetooth... its been a long search but I think we finally have identified a supplier and are finalizing some RF tweaks and will be kicking off tooling and development with the supplier as soon as we get final quotes. We may even Kickstart it if the development is expensive. Because this requires PCB development, testing, certification and approvals as well as Apple testing it will be ready in 3-4 months. Not ideal but it is better to do our homework as this is a much bigger investment than the Lunatik and TikTok as far as development.

    43. Jay Heins on

      Hey Scott! When is the book about the Kickstarter process coming out?

    44. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      Hey all- Just a heads up that counterfeit LunaTik and TikToks are popping up on eBay. Buyer beware! if it is selling for less than what we sell on our website, then it is not ours, or anyone that we distribute to. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at And, always, I'm still the go-to girl for replacement part requests and any problems.

    45. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Jess von Brandt-Please email and she can get you what you need. Thx!

    46. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Amos Weiss-So glad it worked out and you are happy!

    47. Jess von Brandt on

      My black strap on my luna tik is already coming apart on the last two loops. How can I get a replacement strap...

    48. Amos Weiss on

      Dear Scott,

      I bought from you the 2 straps. Didn't know it comes without the Nano...
      I didn't have, then, any iPod. Didn't even know what it is... :+(
      Now I know... with my 16G Nano.
      Thanks, it looks wonderfull!!!


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