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Uncompromising Rugged Cases and Bike Mount from LUNATIK for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.
Uncompromising Rugged Cases LUNATIK for the iPhone 4s/5.
Uncompromising Rugged Cases LUNATIK for the iPhone 4s/5.
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TAKTIK for iPhone 6: The evolution of ultra-rugged protection is now waterproof


 Hey there TAKTIK Early Adopters,

How've you been? We wanted to send you a quick note about our latest project. At LUNATIK, we've been hard at work listening, continually learning, refining and pushing the limits since TAKTIK was first introduced right here for the iPhone 4s.

We are excited to announce our most advanced ultra-rugged (AND WATERPROOF!) protection. Introducing TAKTIK 360 and AQUATIK for iPhone 6.

TAKTIK 360 is designed to be indestructible and built to withstand the most rugged of activities. With high-impact bezels and tapered edges, it offers the right amount of ultra protection without excess. Alternatively, AQUATIK is designed to be the slimmest waterproof case while providing advanced protection from the unexpected dangers of everyday mobile lifestyle.

Want to learn more? Check out our new crowd-funding campaign, currently funding on Indiegogo.

We love Kickstarter and the fans we've met along the way, but the rules have changed since our last project. Due to the fact that we use photo-realistic renderings to supplement our prototypes, we were not able to utilize the Kickstarter platform this time around.



Ready to Ride

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Your TAKTIK EXTREME 4/4s Holster And Bike Mount's have officially left the building and are making their way to your homes as we speak! The final products are something that we are very proud of and thank you for your patience as you've stayed along for the ride over the past year.

We can't wait to hear from you and receive photos and feedback of your holsters and bike mounts out in the world. As we close out this chapter on Kickstarter, we continue to be in awe of the support from our community, both near and far. Moving forward, we ask that any comments or issues be directed to our customer service team via, in order to assure a timely response.

Have fun and ride dirty!


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It's ready!

Dear Backers,

Here's the post that you have been waiting for: The Holster and Bike Mount for your TakTik 4 is being assembled today and you should have it in yours hands within 2 weeks.

We've owed you an update for a while now. Since our last post we haven't stopped working to get the details dialed in and the product finalized. Our two main activities were around the new springs on the Holster and the new extension on the Bike Mount that we wrote about and pictured in the last post.

The springs were prototyped, tested, and then built in the US this time - an activity which took several weeks. They were beautifully made but we had a terrible problem getting them into China as they got held in customs for 2 weeks. This was an unexpected delay and we spent a considerable amount of time trying to get these out and into the hands of our partners in China. We say the word 'partners' with full commitment as we couldn't make any of this happen without their continued support for our projects. We have to say thanks to our China team for everything!

For the extension to the Bike Mount we prototyped the new design in plastic, and again, tested tested tested. We ultimately felt that the extension would be best in plastic and the end cap would be made from machined aluminum. Even at this late stage, we continue to obsess over the details and use premium well finished materials. This changed took several weeks and several thousand dollars – which is now complete.

Packaging was also designed and constructed over the past few weeks and assembled parts are going to get shipped to our Chicago studio and then on to you. Expect an email from confirming your shipping address by the end of this week.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Thank you for coming along on this ride with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you as you start to receive product and using it out in the real world. 


TAKTIK EXTREME 4 Bike Mount and Holster update

To our TAKTIK EXTREME 4 holster and bike mount backers – thanks for your patience. 

The delay you are experiencing right now is the ongoing challenge on the spring for the clip in the holster. We have gone through testing on more than 4 different spring variations and we are still not happy with results we are getting. As a holster the spring is acceptable, but after multiple test rides with the holster loaded in the bike mount we found the springs were yielding too much - the clip was opening - causing the holster, TAKTIK, and iPhone to fall out of the mount. We don’t need to tell you our phones were fine and protected in the rock solid case. 

In order to solve this problem we are working on two fronts.  First, our team is sourcing new springs from the US, with the plan to ship them over to our manufacturing partners for assembly once we prove out the new material and thickness. This is much more expensive than getting asian sourced parts, but we believe we will have greater control of the steel quality. We should note that our design is not a traditional coil spring that is purchased off the shelf for most holsters, but a customized tooled component suitable to be secured to a bike. We are waiting on new prototypes from our US partner to test out the spring- these should arrive next week. Lastly, we are making a modification to the bike mount itself to better contain the clip when riding. This additional security should ensure that when the holster is attached on the bike, the clip will stay locked in even if the spring yields. As you can see from the image below we've added a small extension that traps the back of the belt clip on the holster. With this change, you will need remove the holster by pushing down on this tab while lifting up on the holster. A much more secure two stage release process.  These improvements will take a couple of weeks to complete.  

We're letting you in on our challenges and we appreciate your continue supported.  As always, we will keep you posted, and if you have other questions or concerns about your current case – please drop us a line at and we will get you sorted. For those asking about a TAKTIK 5 holster, we also want to make this happen, but first we need to get our TAKTIK 4 supporters ready to ride.


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Bike Mount and Holster

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We've been busy the past couple of weeks getting TAKTIK Extreme cases out the door to our Future Proof Backers. By now, most of you should be getting familiar with your new cases, and are hopefully agree that always using protection is invaluable for your iPhone:)

For those who supported the bike mount and holster for TAKTIK 4, let's recap. We want to take you back to the end of November when our first engineering challenge of this project appeared. That’s when we found the design of the 360 degree holster rotation on the clip was degrading the plastic.

We spent the next few weeks testing different materials and dialing in tolerances before settling on a plastic composition in January and deciding to go for a full re-engineering of this interface. Below is a photo of the old and new designs.

The new concept is tooled up, and we have seen a few revisions to the parts before and after the Chinese New Year. The fit is more secure and the rotation is much smoother, once you try it, we hope you agree this change was worth the wait. We are making one final refinement this week to remove material from the 4 hooks you see in the photo. This should allow the holster and clip to snap together more easily during assembly. This is being completed this week and we will review new parts next week.  

The last challenge is around the spring for the holster clip. We have been testing these parts in studio and found that after only a few days of use the spring wasn’t keeping its shape. Can you imagine if you car door only worked 10 times before breaking? This is unacceptable. We are working with our suppliers to dial in the thickness and material on the spring to improve the cycle time.

We know you want to get TAKTIK on your belt and on your wheels as soon as possible, so thanks again for sticking with us through this ride. We hope to dial in these last two challenges by the end of next week and then follow that with your production order.


(First image) Latest design (Second image) Previous design

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