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Uncompromising Rugged Cases and Bike Mount from LUNATIK for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.
Uncompromising Rugged Cases LUNATIK for the iPhone 4s/5.
Uncompromising Rugged Cases LUNATIK for the iPhone 4s/5.
4,597 backers pledged $680,568 to help bring this project to life.

Finally, something for TAKTIK iPhone 5 Backers

Big Thank You!

First, we want to thank all of you for your thoughts, comments and good vibes during this time. It's bittersweet to go back and read through the comments you posted on Update #16. Thank you for supporting us way beyond your pledges, and for your patience as we start to move forward without our amazing teammate Neill. 


We know many of you are anxiously awaiting an update on the development of Taktik 5!

We’ve been hard at work on Taktik 5 since the official IPhone 5 was released. In fact, our original image of the Taktik 5 posted weeks before the introduction of the new iPhone 5 was a pretty accurate sketch of what Taktik 5 will soon look like in production.

Under Construction

You will be happy to know that most of the design elements of TAKTIK 4/4S remain unchanged, yet there are a few key differences between the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 that change TAKTIK slightly. Further below are a summary of key changes to the iPhone 5 and how they will impact your TAKTIK 5.

Machined aluminum construction

Apple has once again raised the bar with craftsmanship and manufacturing innovations on the iPhone 5. A major change from the iPhone 4 is the machined aluminum housing construction, and when combined with many scaled internal components allowed Apple to reduce the phone depth to an amazingly thin 7.6 mm. This change will make TAKTIK 5 slightly thinner than TAKTIK 4.

Screen size and integrated touch technology

Apple has moved to a new integrated touch screen technology. This screen technology is embedded in the 4 inch Retina display which includes amazing pixel density and resolution of 1136 x 640. Even more impressive was that they reduced the overall thickness 30% less than their previous display. We had been unsure how the integrated touch technology would impact TAKTIK with Gorilla Glass. Rest easy, because when we received our iPhone 5’s we immediately began testing to understand if our extra layer of protection provided by Gorilla Glass will continue. The new screen technology had no impact on the Gorilla Glass and we will continue to offer a TAKTIK 5 with Gorilla glass as our highest level of protection.

Rear Camera

When compared to the previous 4S rear facing camera, the camera performance specifications are fairly similar. Apple has made one small change to the rear camera by adding a microphone between the Camera lens and the flash. This microphone will enable better sound quality when recording a video. This small change poses an incredible development challenge however; we think we have a solution that will work well. Our solution is to offer two levels of protection in the rear Camera area, one will leave the microphone open and the other will seal the microphone with a hydrophobic barrier for our best level of protection. 

Note: Kickstarter backers of Taktik 5 will be getting the highest level of protection we offer which includes the sealed rear camera microphone and Gorilla glass.

Headset jack, audio ports and a Lightning port
The iPhone 5 headset jack has been moved to the bottom of the phone which also is home to acoustic speakers, microphones and the new Lightning charging port. Needless to say, a lot is going on down there. The acoustics in the iPhone 5 are better and the new Lightning port is pretty slick. The challenge for TAKTIK 5 is the amount of technical and engineering obstacles at the bottom of the phone. With much less space, we need to manage sealing the headset jack, sealing the Lightning port and maintain acoustic performance.

We will be routing the audio differently on TAKTIK 5. The audio ports will now be located on the front bezel and will include the same hydrophobic barriers to protect against the elements. It’s a minor change from TAKTIK 4 but necessary to make room to seal around the headset jack. The headset jack closure will be slightly shorter and the new Lightning closure port will be smaller in width due to the reduced scale of the connector.


We are still aggressively aiming for 3 months+ from the Apple launch and will have more refined dates for you in the coming weeks as we finalize the production of this premium case.

TAKTIK 4/4s (or as we like to call it TT4) UPDATE

We had to push our Wave #2 ship date back a week. We should begin shipping your case mid-late next week.

Click for Hi-Res image

We are also currently diagnosing and trouble-shooting the proximity sensor issue backers have commented or emailed us. Our team is quickly becoming experts with Apple's devices and we hope to have a solution for everyone soon.

TT4 Bike Mount + Holster UPDATE

We've update our schedule. We know many of you with new TAKTIK's are anxious to get out there on the road with your case, and we are targeting to ship during the first two weeks of January 2013. 

Click for Hi-Res Image


Scott + MINIMAL Team


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    1. Missing avatar


      can you make the triangle lanyard hole on both side of the iphone 5 case ? I found the lanyard on the 4s case is a bit disturbing while holding on the left hand, if you make the triangle hole on both side then I can put the lanyard on what ever way I desire. thanks.

    2. Dave Trotman on

      Received my alloy case today (out of the blue) and what a pleasant surprise it was. Everybody in the office wanted to see what it was I had with their mixed feelings. It's like Marmite, you love it or you hate it.

      Fitment was straight forward and "the feel" will take a little getting used to as far as use, etc. However the protection it gives is far more important than having to adapt to the case.

      My one gripe is the way the dock port deforms when the case is on. I'll look into why it does this and see if I can find a work around. I know that some suggest popping in the bulging top part with a finger but that hasn't worked for me.

      Overall though I am impressed and it meets my expectations and/or exceeds them. Well done and when I get my 5 next year I'll be knocking on your door.

    3. Adrian Hillier on

      Hi Scott and team, re: the lanyard hole, that's great news, very reassuring that my phone will be secure in case the clumsy clot using it, (me), goes and drops it in compromising circumstances. Thank you very much. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to receiving my TAKTIC case.

    4. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Jason We're looking at solutions for the pin adapter on the next TAKTIK for the iPhone 5 and you're right, it is tricky--but thanks for the heads up!

    5. Jason Killgo on

      After recently receiving the adapter to allow the new iPhone 5 to charge/playmusic with the standard ipod cable/devices I have noticed something that might be a major issue for a lot of people. Most cases for the iphone5 don't allow space for the adapter plug to fit in the bottom of the phone due to the difference in size between the cable that came with the phone for charging and the adapter. This will cause a major problem for lots of us who have car stereos with ipod connecters since there is no way for me to change the cable in my car. Any thoughts on leaving enough space for the adapter to fit?

    6. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Arnold The silicone truss will form a seal around the camera, but the Gorilla Glass protects the iPhone screen on the front of the phone.
      @Adam The Mix n' Match pack was a special reward to our backers, but we're hoping to offer replacement pieces on our website in the future for purchase so TAKTIK owners can customize their own cases. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jayden griggs on

      I ended up selling my 4S onto my brother now the case that i was waiting for will now be going to him so now i am waiting for the iPhone 5 case that i signed up for when i did kick starter.
      so much waiting its killing me

    8. kieran raimey on

      Patiently waiting on the i5 case. Can't wait until it ships. Anyway, keep up the good work and updates. ROCK ON...

    9. Adam Valeriano on

      What are the chances of a Mix n Match pack for the iphone 5? What if we did the Future proof pack... could we pay a fee to upgrade to mix n match pack for the iphone 5?

    10. Arnold A Sitorus on

      The with the TAKTIK 5, iPhone 5's back camera will have a Gorilla Glass protection and the TAKTIK 4 won't have Gorilla Glass to protect iPhone 4/4S back camera?

    11. Jeremy de Ocampo on

      Shipping NEXT week? Of course.

    12. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @ONG YU ZHI send us an email at and we will see what we can do. - MINIMAL Team

    13. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Jeremy, @Richard, @Cary we will be shipping the Mix and Match and Alloy TAKTIKs at the beginning of next week. - MINIMAL Team

    14. Cary Silberman on

      In the Oct 15 update (#17) it was said that "We had to push our Wave #2 ship date back a week. We should begin shipping your case mid-late next week"... Starting to get to the end of "that" week. Any word? Every time an email comes in I'm wishing it's from kickstarter ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Baker on

      Any word on when the Shadow Ops aluminum cases will be shipping?

    16. ONG YU ZHI on

      Can I request to send my first iphone4/4s casing to a diff address and the i5 one to another address??

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Edwards on

      @Scott Are the Mix N Match packs shipping out this week??

    18. Buzztee on

      @Jeremy I´m with you. I really hope it´s going to be shipped soon but on the other hand I´m a little frightened that the alloy cases might have the proximitiy issue too. Finally getting the case and then seeing such an issue would drive me crazy. :-)

    19. Adam Valeriano on

      What are the chances of a Mix n Match pack for the iphone 5? What if we did the Future proof pack... could we pay a fee to upgrade to mix n match pack for the iphone 5?

    20. Jeremy de Ocampo on

      Please let Wave 2 of Taktiks ship this week, the wait is still not bearable.

    21. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Josh and backers We are still troubleshooting. Waiting on prototype pieces that might fix the issue. It's tricky due to variables between iPhone models and proximity sensor functional quality. We don't want to update you with a half solution. - MINIMAL Team

    22. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Charlie & Sally Moravitz That's no good. Email us at and we will see what we can do. - MINIMAL Team

    23. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Adrian Hillier While it wasn't in the models pictured above, we will be incorporating the same functional hole for lanyards/security in the TAKTIK 5. - MINIMAL Team

    24. Adrian Hillier on

      Hi Scott and team, my condolences over the loss of Neill. A thought suddenly occurred to me about a small mod/addition to the case from a security point of view. I wondered if its possible to add a small hole in one bottom corner of the case, in order to pass a thin cord or monofilament line through, to attach to a lanyard or strap. I always carry a Jimi Wallet attached to an Animal lanyard which loops over my belt to keep it secure, but which also has a snap fastener to allow the wallet to be detached.
      Something similar for the phone case would be a big help in keeping a phone secure in certain circumstances, like on board a boat or on jetties, at the beach, fishing...
      I know the case is watertight, but it doesn't float! Having a means to attach the phone to a lanyard means you could keep the phone safe in a pocket even when swimming or diving, messing about on rocks around tidal pools, etc.
      I hope something like this can be implemented, I've already had my iP5 cartwheel down a road after I accidentally pulled it out of my pocket with the headphone lead! Fortunately I had a clear plastic basic case like a Belkin on, which saved it from severe damage, just a couple of tiny nicks. I was staying near the coast at the time, it could easily have gone off the edge of the cliff paths I was walking shortly after...
      Best Regards, Adrian

    25. Missing avatar

      Charlie, Sally, James & Wells Moravitz on

      @Scott. I sent an email recently about a gap in one of the corners in the case. Today I realized that the white polymer case cracked. Would it be possible to send it back and get a replacement? Thank you,

    26. Missing avatar

      Josh on


      I'm a large fan of my iPhone 4 case with one exception: when I am on a phone call my proximity screen doesn't recognize how close I am, and it leaves my screen on. Anyone else had this problem? More importantly, anyone have a fix?

    27. Miguel Ruiz on

      There is one detail that I don't really like about my 4S case. Once received and assembled I noticed that the edges of the screen are REALLY hard to reach because of the case's edges. It would be nice that you take this in consideration and if possible tweak in the iPhone 5 case. I know I might be asking for way too much. But it would be nice(r) that the surface is as plain and smooth. Actually logic to say that the whole idea of the iPhone 5 is a bigger screen that would be sad to say we are not taking advantage of.
      Also, I was a bit let down to see the final product, I dont really like the idea of sacrificing the size and taking with me all the time a almost-tablet-sized device. I leave that to the Samsung users who like to carry a huge device all the time. I will have to buy a bumper or classic case for the day to day and leave the taktik case just when I go hiking and maybe to the beach. I will have to think twice next time I back up a project. Also, everything seems to be taking ages to develop. How could I recommend your products if I am not satisfied at all???

      Sorry to be so honest, don't mean to be a troll or anything alike but I am not satisfied at all having backed up this project. Worst this is that I'll have to wait for the iPhone 5 case and the bike mount+holster...

    28. Tony Farson on

      I too am concerned that the investment I made in the Mix 'n Match Pack will be wasted. I was part of the LunaTik project and received my top-end reward very quickly so I expected the same with this project. I'm hoping they'll announce that we'll have the opportunity to swtich our 4/4s backer packs to 5 versions.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dante on

      While I don't want to sound insensitive, I would still like to know why the loss of a team member would affect the project at this point. It's my understanding that we were just down to production, and that a third party was responsible for that. I'm willing to wait for the case and hope to enjoy it for some time, but they didn't even actually say that is was because of Neil, they just said that there would be a week delay.

    30. Rob Actis on

      Hey James, You may want to take a moment and read Update #16, after reading that you may want to re think your comment.

      Trying to deal with the loss of a key individual of the company and especially the fact that he was well loved as a friend, must be terribly hard. Creating a new amazing product like this takes time. There was a very tragic accident, no shame on them, they have been doing the best they can.

      I can wait for my case.

    31. James on

      I hate to say this, as I'm a large supporter of this program and told my friends to get involved, but without sounding horrible I'm starting to wonder when if at all I'll get the aluminium 4 case at all. All this talk has now switched to the 5 and feeling like the 4 has taken backseat...

      I live in the UK and can honestly imagine I'm not going to get anything until next year. My contract for my iPhone 4 is up in March. I thought i'd have at least 6 months to enjoy my case before switching to the 5, but hey...

      Also haven't received nothing concerning mailing/postage...


    32. CanadiansAreNice on

      Looking at holes on front for sound to come out of. Might be nice if you port the holes in a horn shape to help amplify and project the sound . Using a grammaphone as a visual example but obviously on a much smaller scale. Iphone speakers are already quite quiet would suck to lose any volume.

    33. Missing avatar

      davimlee on

      Is there any way for the iphone 5 case to accomodate the lightening adapter for the old cables? I'm guess not in order to maintain the seal but figured I'd ask. I'm looking forward to the cases.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dante on

      @conor, I understand that they lost a team member and that it has had a profound affect on them. But while I feel for them I would still like to understand why this created a delay. They aren't producing the cases themselves, they have a companies producing and assembling the orders. It's been my understanding that they do design not the production. If I'm wrong about this then of course there would be a delay but if not then I wanted to know why loosing a team member would affect the production. It seems to me that the production should have continued as planned unless Neil was the head of the production facility (which I thought was independently contracted). Part of what this team has done a really good job at is telling the what how why where and when of the project.

    35. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @backers WAVE #2 includes Mix 'n Match cases. They will be the last pledges fulfilled due to the serialization and the multiple components. - MINIMAL Team

    36. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Michaelb Email us at and we can figure something out. Give us 48 hours to respond. If you want the non-gorilla glass bezel, it's not problem but it's currently under production. - MINIMAL Team

    37. Luke McCarthy on

      Thanks for the update! It's good to know where you stand in the process. I was particularly interested to know how the bottom of the phone would be handled, but it seems like you guys have some good ideas already.

      Also, I'm so sorry to hear about Neill. My condolences and prayers go out to your entire team, as well as his other friends and family.

    38. Missing avatar

      James Coffey on

      Looks good. Glad you are taking the time to get it right.

    39. Missing avatar

      Luis Espinoza on

      You guys are slow. You guys talk about good production and efficiently, but yet keep delaying everything. I just hope your quality makes up for all of these updates that don't due nothing for me but upset me. This is the last time I do anything like this.

    40. Sun K Kim on

      @CanadiansAreNice it seems that you did not align the rubber lining properly.

    41. Conor on

      @ Dante, please read update #16

    42. DirkZ on

      Carson Adams;
      +1, Exactly what I thought the big difference in weight should also make a difference in case size.

      I'm also interested in the Wifi reception. This because I heard some negative stories about this when using metal casings.

    43. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    44. Missing avatar

      Harrison on

      i really hope the mixmatch is included in this.

    45. Sun K Kim on

      fantastic! the audio guided to the front that i asked for on TakTik4 is being implemented to 5! even though it seems like it was done to prevent over crowding, i welcome the change with open arms!!! im holding off the purchase of the new iphone5 till this case is in my hands.

    46. CanadiansAreNice on

      Hey Guys,
      Ive been enjoying the iphone 4 case with no real problems. If I could improve two things it would be to find a way to keep rubber around power dock in place as it seems to keep shifting down and you kinda have to push it out of way to wedge power cord in. Also it would be nice if you made the headphone port circle as big as possible so slighly larger headphones dont have to get forced in so hard. Looking forward to the iphone 5 case, hopefully in gun metal aluminum look?

    47. Michaelb on

      Is it possible to order a front frame without the screen protector.

    48. Michaelb on

      How do you remove the clear screen. It's fine for protection but the plastic is to hard, when you try to type near the edges you have to mash the screen. I didn't order the screen protection but it came installed anyway.

    49. Conor on

      So does that put the mix and match out late next week?

    50. Missing avatar

      Dante on

      I would just like to know why the delay happened, tell me that an I will be appeased.