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TAKTIK: Premium Protection System for the iPhone's video poster

Uncompromising Rugged Cases and Bike Mount from LUNATIK for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 21, 2012.

Uncompromising Rugged Cases and Bike Mount from LUNATIK for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.

Gearing up for Pilot Production

Development Update

As we share this update several of us, from the LUNATIK Chicago team, are heading over to Asia to join our Asia based team and all of our production partners. We’ve had a constant team presence in Asia at both our manufacturing and component suppliers. We are now focused on finalizing everything for this stage’s production run. This is an exciting trip for the team as we are also meeting with suppliers on the Bike Mount - more about that in a minute.

We will be in pilot production on Sept 17th - 20th. Our goal with pilot production is to ensure that TAKTIK is produced to the specifications we’ve designed. In prior updates we’ve mentioned that there are 18 components that come together to build each TAKTIK case (that’s not including the packaging). This is really the first time we will see all 18 components come together at such a large scale. 

We will be inspecting the components and assembly processes to ensure it meets our quality standards. We will also be working with the factory team to ensure that assembly and the various fixtures used to assemble TAKTIK are working. Quality processes will be set up to ensure consistent production standards. If all goes well, we will move into full production! We’ll be sure to share an update and some photographs from this.

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Out of Box Experience

We would like you to preview the TAKTIK assembly process. When you receive your case you will find it fully assembled in the box, and you'll have the fun of opening it up to insert your iPhone and then reassemble to protect it. Here's what your assembly process will look like.

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Don’t worry, in the package you'll find a custom hex tool and a spare screw- just in case you lose one. If youshould lose more than one simply call us, we'll help you out. We are throwing in a LUNATIK screen cloth to each package; this way you'll never forget to clean your phone before you protect it under another layer of Gorilla Glass.

Bike Mount 

While in Asia we are also meeting with our suppliers for the Holster and Bike Mount. Here's our estimated schedule for the next major phases on Bike mount and Holster:

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Lastly, we are as excited as you to see what’s next from Apple. As you know they plan to announce the next iPhone this week, we will post an update a few days following the Apple announcement to share our response and plan for the development of the TAKTIK 5 case.

Scott + MINIMAL Team