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Uncompromising Rugged Cases and Bike Mount from LUNATIK for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.
Uncompromising Rugged Cases LUNATIK for the iPhone 4s/5.
Uncompromising Rugged Cases LUNATIK for the iPhone 4s/5.
4,597 backers pledged $680,568 to help bring this project to life.

Protection you deserve

It's been two weeks since we finished up the campaign, and we can’t believe it went that fast. We spent every moment working hard. Ten of those days, a team member was in Asia locking down suppliers and logistics for the various components. 

We share these updates with a simple goal — to be transparent and expose you to the product development process of Taktik. Most of this process is never exposed to consumers in traditional product development. We love this! When we use Kickstarter to develop a product, the team at MINIMAL embraces this difference.

Front Bezel seal for non-Gorilla Glass Lens cases

Several weeks ago we made a decision to produce a dedicated front bezel with an integrated seal for the non-gorilla glass Taktik cases. The part will look the same and will have a quality seal integrated into the backside of the bezel.We will see first parts from the tool next week and will be testing the seal immediately. We know we will have to catch it up to the rest of the TAKTIK components. For most of the components, we have made up to five revisions to meet the quality levels we expect. The amount of revisions depends on the complexity of the part. In this case, integrating the seal into to the bezel makes a more complicated part for injection molding.We are currently working with our supplier to ensure we reduce revisions, save time in our schedule and then to understand the exact impact to delivery.

Acoustic port areas

We’ve described the challenge to balance acoustic performance with the right mixture of hydrophobic resistance and acoustic transparency to meet the MIL STD 810G. The good news we can report is we have identified the desired acoustic performance range for acoustic transparency and have placed the production order for the seals. We will confirm the performance against MIL STD 810G testing once the parts are able to be assembled into the phone and we will likely start testing for several days starting on Aug 8th. The acoustic ports still remain an area of concern for us, but our selection and material prioritizes higher acoustic transparency over a higher level of water resistance.

Aluminum Bezels

Last week we received first round of pre-production aluminum bezels and those parts are now undergoing antennae testing. We did have an issue with our identified supplier and we have gone back to our trusted supplier for our LUNATIK watch kits for these parts. The new supplier simply couldn’t meet our quality standards. When we assembled their pre-production parts they did not fit well with the other components. We don’t comprise on our quality and standards so we walked away from this supplier. We know the quality will be great with our LUNATIK watch supplier, but their tooling time is longer. We should have had them quote originally and lost valuable time. This is our fault. We are also looking for alternative options to get parts faster concurrently. The pre-production parts from this supplier are stunning.

Antennae Testing

The first round of antennae testing is in our hands, we are still waiting on testing for Round 2 -August 6th - so we are not able to release the final report. The testing is intense, extensive and costly (thousands per day). We are taking this these test very seriously. We’ll follow up in an update after receiving Round 2 results.

Bike mount and Belt clip

We have locked in on the final design of the bike mount and belt clip. We are quoting the design with vendors as well as finalizing our intellectual property on the holster, belt clip and mounting mechanism. Our legal counsel is working on the patent process so we are not able to show the details until the next update. This is a very crucial step and we couldn’t protect our designs without their counsel. We are preparing the visuals on the Bike mount  and Belt clip system for you, so expect to see the details once we clear the legal process. Stay tuned. We are estimating shipping this around the second week of October.

Color, Finish, and Materials

Every day we receive a new part in the mail. We are constantly working to tweak colors, textures and make slight adjustments to finalize and approve for production. We have excellent suppliers and partners in this process and are very happy with the results heading towards production.

Activity Overview

A graphic tool we are sharing with you is a TAKTIK 4/4S Timeline of Activity (no Bike Mount timeline yet and iPhone 5 is estimated). Internally, we use similar tools to keep the multiple streams of work organized and on track. It helps turn the invisible process of product development into something you can visualize, and will guide us together through these updates.  We left out the extreme fine grain to keep the graphic clear and focused. It represents our best estimates at this time in the project; it's a tool, not a guarantee. We all hope this is helpful to you.

Click here for a Hi-Res Image

As you can see from the above graphic the products will ship in two to three waves, simply due to different production and material lead times between the three Taktik Case Variations.

Wave One: Taktik Polymer with Gorilla Glass
Wave Two: Taktik Polymer without Gorilla Glass
Wave three: Taktik Aluminum

Future Proof and Mix ‘n Match orders that include the Aluminum bezels will ship out in Wave Three.

While we recognize this graphic does not provide exact shipping dates. We are not able to do so until we resolve development challenges outlined in this update. We promise to communicate more accurate shipping dates as soon as we can. Believe us, we want Taktik out there protecting your phone as badly as you do.

The Survey

The TAKTIK project survey was sent early this week. We’ve received all but +475 responses from you. Thanks to those of you who completed the survey. Please take the time to send us this required information in order to receive your reward. After completing the survey, if you still have any questions or issues with your pledge, please email us

Unitl next time,

Scott + MINIMAL Team


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    1. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @King Surveys for the iPhone 5 only level have yet to be serviced, if you are not a backer at this reward please email and she can assist you in getting a survey.

      -MINIMAL Team

    2. Arnold A Sitorus on

      It is mentioned that the gorilla glass bezel will come in the first wave than the non-gorilla glass come in the second wave, this imply that they are of the different designs. So I want to make sure about this.
      Is the non gorilla glass bezel different and incompatible to bezel with gorilla glass?
      Is it possible to use the gorilla glass bezel without the gorilla glass and still maintain its level of protection as the non-gorilla glass bezel?
      I know this would ask to much but would it be better if the bezels are the same wether it comes with or without the gorilla glass? well, it may postpone the gorilla glass Taktik to the same schedule to non gorilla glass.

    3. King Dingus on

      Thank you guys for everything, I haven't received a survey from you guys. Thank you for your time.

    4. Jason Killgo on

      @ Scott Thanks for the update regarding the iphone 5. Keep up the hard work on the iphone 4(s) case and let us all know when you get in the iphone 5 for testing/design. till then... Cheers!

    5. Andrew King on

      Many Thanks Scott

    6. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Bryan @Andrew Sorry, someone should have messaged the iPhone 5 only backers and told you guys that we would be surveying you much later in the process after the iPhone 5 announcement and once the design is complete. Stay tuned.

    7. Bryan Quibodeaux on

      @Andrew I didn't receive a survey either that's why I want to know

    8. Andrew King on

      @Bryan I was a i Phone 5 backer and is that why no survey....

    9. Bryan Quibodeaux on

      I see the project survey was sent out. Did this include the iPhone 5 only backers?

    10. Missing avatar

      Karl on

      Hi guys,
      I appreciate the updates. I'm very excited about getting my protection soon. Just wanted to know what prioritizing acoustic transparency over water resistance means? My biggest concern is not having a water resistant case. Can you comment on the level of water resistance we should expect from the finished product?
      Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

    11. Scott Wilson + MINIMAL 4-time creator on

      @Bjarne van Kersschaver @Dante @Conor @STACT LLC @Backers We're stoked with all your positive responses from the latest update. Thanks for the encouragement and participation.
      Bare with us as we hustle along to finalize your cases and better estimate the date all this protection will ship to you. - MINIMAL Team

    12. David Tjorokoroajinomoto on

      one question is, will you guys able to ship on this month, after all these issues?

    13. Bjarne van Kersschaver on

      Love the updates you keep writing! Keep it up.

      I'm really interested in the Antennae Testing!

    14. Arnold A Sitorus on

      @Andrew King
      Make sure that you've fill ALL the survey questions. All blanks need to be filled. If you don't have the answer just fill in "NA". Hope this help.

    15. Jake Heller on

      i got the one with out gorilla glass and I'm confused on when it will be shipped out because it in not in any of the waves.

    16. Drew Patterson on

      Nicholas does make a decent point, however keep in mind from a business standpoint why go to a more expensive option when you have a cheaper option? The point of a business is revenue, and while you may make excellent quality products, someone else is always willing to do just as good work for much less the cost. Also it's not fair to say "cheap chinese manufacturers" there are just as many cheap manufacturers here as anywhere else. It seems you are able to afford the product though regardless as you said you pledged $250.00? Not sure what you mean by it being a matter of national security, I don't see how going to an outside country manufacturer is putting our country at a security risk. 95% of large scale corporations use outsourcing for products. Apple, Microsoft, SCEA, the list goes on.

    17. Andrew King on

      Hi, Scott and the team thanks for the update still not had survey your team say all I have to do is login and click on yellow banner...... Yes I have logged in and know yellow banner I have email kickstarter over three days ago telling kickstarter that they may have a problem. You say 475 have not completed the survey there's a lot of backers like myself who cannot fill one in please help. I have email your team and asked them when red touch pen is going to be delivered still waiting.

      Did like the the pictures on twitter would love one off your T shirts..... keep things to that brilliant high standard of yours hope to fill a survey in soon.

      Kind regards


    18. Missing avatar

      Bryan Bell on

      Nicholas is right!

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dante on

      I'd also like to say that I really enjoy these types of updates. There informative in what your doing and both why and how your doing.

    21. STACT LLC on

      Scott, and team,

      Kudos to you. Killer product, and stellar campaign, as always.

      As a first time kickstarter creator, you've been a source of inspiration.

      Can't wait to see what you guys have planned next!

      Jamie + the STACT team

    22. Ali Gutierrez on

      Iphone 5 will be out before taktik?.... maybe.

    23. Conor on

      We appeciate being in this loop because it has granted us the opportunity to watch this litterally from the ground up. This communication definitely fosters the openness you spoke of in the introduction. Thanks again!

    24. Missing avatar

      Dante on

      First comment yeah!

    25. Blake Puryear on

      I guess my biggest fear is that I won't get my TaktikAlum case until the iPhone 5 has already been released...hopefully it won't come to that!