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Creating large-scale wall collages for a solo show in the space of my dreams.
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NYC & More

I didn't take many pictures with me while I was on the trip. It felt like I didn't really need to, that I'd remember what's important. But, I do regret not having more pics to show you guys!

My trip was awesome. The first two days were spent in New Haven, with a friend of mine who is getting his MFA at Yale. I'm interested in applying to the school, so it was great to be able to finally see it and get some perspective. It wasn't as intimidating as I imagined. Most of the people I met were friendly and a lot of the work I saw didn't feel like it came from some far off planet. So that was reassuring. At times it had an air of arrogance, but I feel like that's to be expected with most art schools :P

The rest of my trip was spent in NYC. I went to the reunion of a program I did in spring of 2009. I was excited to see fellow alumni of the program, as well as the faculty and director. My favorite part of the whole trip was spending time with my two best friends that I went to school with, my friend at Yale and my best girl friend who still lives in Florida. I also got to meet with a lot of other old friends from school. It made me miss the community I once had.

Overall though it allowed me to confirm that NYC isn't a city I want to live in anytime soon or maybe ever. Even though it had been a big question in my mind over the years. For the most part it just felt like too much. Too much money for too little time to work on art or enjoy yourself. In many ways it didn't seem worth the hype.

I think there are better options for artists today. It isn't necessary that we all go to the same schools and cram ourselves into the same inflated cities. I like the idea of becoming your own center and living a life that hasn't already been lived.


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