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"GORK!" is a poignant, warts-and-all portrait of a family in Iowa raising a flamboyant boy with developmental disabilities (autism, ADHD, retardation)
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Devon Terrill

45 backers pledged $10,335 to help bring this project to life.

Adam's birthday message to his fans (he's turning 29 on July 14th)

Hello to all of the supporters of GORK!, we wanted to first say THANK YOU for the overwhelming response we received in the first two weeks of our fundraising efforts on Kickstarter. It was so exciting to see people interested in this little film and to get the ball rolling towards our goal. Also, thanks to those of you who have posted this project on Facebook and other social networking sites or who have forwarded it to friends and colleagues --all of this is very helpful and we're definitely gonna need support from everywhere to make this happen. Keep it up!

I wanted to send a personal message from ADAM to all of his fans. It's his birthday on Wednesday July 14th and he's turning 29! His curly red hair has been receding for years, but we're hoping he keeps some of it during his last year in his 20's. Luckily, his old age hasn't slowed down his flagtwirling skills one bit. I just spoke with him today to let him know how the fundraising is going and to see if he had any kind of message to his fans, and here was his response, quoted exactly in his words:

"Ok, well, first I want to thank all of my fans. Unfortunately it's supposed to rain or storm in the Charles City area on my birthday, and I'm definitely bummed about that, but if anybody would please donate as much as they can to the documentary, it will definitely cheer me up. The reason is because, in my opinion, the film is good and the star (me) is excellent, and now I need to go eat lunch, which is a cheeseburger, green bean casserole and orange slices. So thanks again. I'll be in touch."

Spoken like the one-and-only GORK. Happy birthday little brother!

Thank you SO much again. We are crossing our fingers that the word will continue to spread!

Have a great week!