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Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!
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Update #63 News From Ed at Trollsforge

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey Y'all,

   Ed posted this over int he comments section but I figured it would be a good idea to post this as an update so that everyone can see the update.

   " For those interested I'm trying to switch gears a bit and get Conrads cast for Tre. This should help get a few more orders out from what I understand. The hordsmen have a pile built up as well but I need to count them all and also cast more sheilds for the armored soldiers. Then I'll jump to zombies and Anglish. Those 2 should be faster and I had to let one guy go but hired a replacement. I believe the new guy will work out well but training can be slow. I'm also going to try and find one more caster to speed this up if possible instead of me doing all the casting.

   Ed "

   Again we thank you for your patience with us on this project and we are working as quickly as we can to get all of this taken care of.



Update # 62 Split shipping and Metal possibilities

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  hey Everybody,

   I just received three BIG boxes of stuff from Ed. As far as I knwo this is just the remainder needed of the gynnade krigare. We are still awaiting full stock on several other items btu I DO have enough stock of everything to ship a volume of orders. So Shipping will resume again on Monday.

    Now as to my idea about split shipping. We have whittled the number of orders down to a manageable size now and that MIGHT allow us to begin split shipping everything that we DO have whilst we wait on the rest of the items to show. This hinges though on your agreeing to pay the shipping cost on the second package as I can only afford to ship these once. If you woudl like to take this opportunity then please head your post to this update YES. IF if you do NOT want to take this opportunity then just head your post to this message as NO.

    I have no way of really knowing how long the wait will be for the rest of the items or how much the second package shipping rate will be but I expect the wait to fairly short and the postage reasonably inexpensive. When the second package is ready then I will update again and notify everyone waiting that teh second shipment is ready. At that point you will eb able to pay the shipping through my web store. This is the best go between I can devise rightnwo btu I am always open to suggestions.

   Also Ed thinks that some of the molds may be castable in metal. This is touchy as I know some people REALLY want Trollcast and some people do not mind metal. IF this works then it will drastically speed up the delivery date. It also increases the postage cost sas the weight dramatically increases. This si somethign that is still VERY much an idea, NOT a reality.

   Anyway, please just let me know, and again tahnk you so much for your patience with us all on this.



update # 61 Update from Ed at Trollsforge

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  From Ed at Trollsforge,

Sorry we are moving at a slower clip everyone I am doing most the casting for Tre at the moment and we are also doing a closer inspection prior to shipping. I'm done with the armored soldiers bodies and are casting shields. We are counting these items and will have them out soon. Then moving on to the next item.

Our largest problem was that we tried to send Tre parts of the kickstarter in waves so that he could ship some orders however in doing so it caused us a lot of confusion as to where we were with the numbers sent after miss casts were removed etc. and to avoid this issue I'm sending Tre entire numbers of figures and not jumping around.

We also just moved the shop last week which cased a few days of delays but now we have room again for casting and also storing product. I'm working fast as possible for Tre to get this filled and he has not forgotten about you OR this kickstarter. I wake every day thinking of what I need to finish it and I'm sure Tre does as well. 

That said we are moving a bit slower just to try and avoid more problems in the end rather than rushing out a bunch of miss cast product to be culled. Thank you for the continued patience and I will be sending out some product for him this week.



  I just wanted to be sure that you guys were up to date on everything as it stands right now.

  I understand also that I may have caused offense with my previous update mentioning the new RBG KS campaign. I did so at the behest of several backers who had no way of knowing otherwise. It was certainly not my intention to belittle your patience or your frustration. I assure you that my first focus everyday is in fulfilling my obligation to you. Unfortunately right now that is out of my hands. I cannot deliver product to you until it is delivered to me. And as much as I would have rather waited to have completely fulfilled on this kickstarter before launching a new kickstarter the reality of business is just that I could not. I can no longer afford to sit idle. I cannot use any more of the previous kickstarter money to live on because I have to save it to deliver product to you. The direct sales through my store are simply not sufficient to maintain stock levels and support my family. So I have to either move my business forward or close it up and do something else. It really is down to that at this point.

  I do humbly and sincerely apologize for the delays and any mistakes I have made that have contributed to those delays but there really is nothing more I can do. When the product arrives I will deliver. I always do. This kickstarter will be delivered upon and the current kickstarter will succeed and deliver promptly as well. Have no doubt of either.

  As always I thank you for your patience and your continued confidence and forebearance.



Update # 60 Still waiting

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hello Everyone,

   I apologize for the delay again but I am still awaiting delivery from TF on the items needed to resume shipment. They have been trying to get moved in to their new facilities and it appears that they have completed the move so hopefully now things can get back on track.

  For those of you who do not yet know I have launched a second kickstarter ( well third actually ) focusing on developing the goblin, Dvergr and Orc ranges of the RBG fantasy  line. I want you understand that this IN NO WAY takes priority over settling the outstanding obligation to you the backers of the HelsVakt KS. I do truly appreciate your patience with me thus far and I assure you that we will resume shipping out orders as fast as we receive the product needed to do so.

   Thanks everyone!


p.s. in case you missed it;

Update #59.......Still Waiting

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

Hello All,

  Again I have to report that fulfillment is at a stand still. I am still waiting for the items needed to resume shipping orders. I have ordered the Gynnade Krigare weapons in metal from Valiant and the shipment is en route to me right now and expected to be delivered on Monday. At that point we will be able to resume shipping again. ED and crew are working on casting the rest of the parts needed to completely fulfill all outstanding KS orders but it will take time. Fortunately Ed has informed me that he has completed the casting for ALL of the Gynnade Krigare. So we at least have that obstacle down. The other items as I understand are somewhat easier to cast so hopefully the rest of what is needed will be along soon.

 In terms of the work still needing to be completed for fulfillment that means we are still awaiting.............

   Aenglish footmen 230 bodies ( each ) 375 sprues of heads, 375 sprues of weapons, 375 sprues of shields.

   Robert                    230

   Whistelock             175

   Yrsa                       275

    Keeper                   30

    fenris                     280

    Morgrimn waiting     90

    Conradt waiting       200

    conradt warp           325

    Guarthagust            145

    Ulbrecht                  55

    Varp A                    185

    Varp C                    150

    Varp D                     20

    Undead                   625 total sets though the individual numbers vary from part to part

    Hordesmen              450 legs ( each ) 450 torsos ( each ) 435 head sprues, 1200 weapon sprues.

     This will still be a long time coming. I wish like hell that I could get this resolved faster but I can only ship what I have in hand. We are packing and shipping as we are able. Orders are handled on the basis of what we have available so it may seem a bit hap-hazard as to who gets their orders and who does not but it does simply come down to what we have at the time.

    I understand that many of you are very disappointed in me for the way that this Kickstarter has been handled. I can only say that I am truly very sorry and that should you see fit to back any of my future projects, I assure you that you won't be let down a second time.

    I will be launching a second ( well third actually ) Kickstarter in the next couple of weeks to fund the development of totally new product in metal with the help of three different well established metal production partners. Thsi new effort will hopefully see through the production of new Dwarves ( Dvergr ) the Goblin Footmen and Wolf Riders, Modular Orcs, Modular Elf footmen ( Aelfar ) and New Njorn ( Norse Humans ). It is my hope that through this next effort I can make some way to mending my reputation and salvaging my business. No effort will be spared to make that happen.