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Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!
759 backers pledged $80,676 to help bring this project to life.

Update # 88 Extra Morgrimn waiting and warp and extra Conradt waiting

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey guys,

    I found a few extras of these in the bottom of the drawer they were in...not many of them but figured i would let you guys know in case anybody wants them. I have nto shipped any of the orders that came in yesterday so I can still add these to any of those packages. Just email me and let me know. Remember these may have casting issues or breakages or will be missing bits ( in Conradt's case specifically ). Bases are NOT included either.

   Morgrimn watiing................$5.00

   Morgrimn Warp...................$5.00

   Conradt waiting...................$5.00

  please also remember to add your address to the email. Thanks.


Update # 87 ..........Extras for sale

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

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Update # 86 Eleven boxes to go and we are out of bases..........and extras counted and bagged

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

   At least this is a minor hiccup in the process. bases are on order and should be in very soon. I just wanted to let everybody know what the situation is. We also have counted and baged all of the extras which I will be offering for sale to you guys first and then to the general public if there are any left over. I doubt there will be as we have very few extras to begin with. A lot of the extras are going to be incomplete sets of the Gynnade Krigare ( bodies only and in some cases not all five body types ) and some miscasts in other cases. I know people wanted them so I figured it would be worth while to offer them. It will be cheap and won;t last long so I just wanted to give you guys teh heads up for when I do sell them off. 

  I will create a backers only update with the info on the extras in the next day ro two.

   Cheers Y'all and thanks for hangign in with me through all of this. I really cannot accurately express my gratitude for your continued patience and support.


Update #85 ...........twenty. five. boxes. left.

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  So close now I can smell it.

Update # 84 fulfillment news and and New Hordesmen kits

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey Everybody,

   I talked to Ed yesterday and he informed me that he is almost finished producing the last bit of stuff that we need to finish fulfillment. Hopefully this means that we shoudl be on to the last leg of fulfillment within the next 2 weeks.

   I understand that this has been a terrible experience for almost everyone involved and that it has stretched your patience to the fullest extent possible and beyond.  I am truly very sorry for this and I wish there was some way I could make this up to you all somehow but I am honestly just nto financially able at this point.

  I have had many people asking me if the HelsVakt KS items will ever be made available as a general release. Unfortunately they will not be. Even if Ed's schedule were such that he was able to get regular restocks filled in a short amount of time the molds themselves are all shot and need replacing. Ed's schedule being what it is it does not make sense to retool these molds for TrollCast and even retooling these molds for metal does not make sense due to the amount of stock that was rewarded in the KS. I just do not think that there is enough demand for the KS items to justify the expense and time of retooling those molds. So for this reason the KS figures will remain OOP.

  I will have a few extras of the Gynnade Krigare kits for sale through the web store very soon but there will not be many. I will post an update alerting you guys FIRST before anyone else gets the chance to get them when they are available for sale. But other than those the onyl other KS figure which will be available post KS fulfillment will be Red Olga.

  All that aside I DO very much want to bring the Helsvakt back to the RBG store and general availability. To that end I am now working on all new Hordesmen kits. However I have a dilemma as to which is the best way to bring them back and i would VERY much appreciate your help in resolving.

  As of now I have five torsos four heads, two shields, and four pairs of legs sculpted. The torsos each interchange with the legs and the heads ( will ) each interchange with the torsos. The hands will be fitted for universally interchangeable weapons ( plug into the tops of the hands ). The shields will also interchange with each torso as well.

  I also plan to finish three more torsos over the week this week. Four of the torsos are regular unarmoured footmen the other four are war staff ( one armoured captain, a semi armoured musician, an armoured standard bearer, and a semi armoured hero with battle axe ). Then there after I am planning a set of archers to go with these.

   The first dilemma is this;

    I can either produce these kits as fully modular ( 8 torsos, 8 heads, 8 weapons, 8 legs, 4 shields. ) which yields 16,384 possible variations with these kits- and this is not counting future expansions of armoured and semi armoured hordesmen. Assembly will NOT be difficult. I am goign to make these with a peg and socket joining system so that the will dry fit together for easier assembly and stronger finished figures.

   OR I can produce several semi modular figures using these components. This way there might be 16 to 32  body variations ( using each torso with each set of legs  ) with more possible variation with head, weapon, and left hand option swaps.

  The second Dilemma is material;

   Plastic....... for these it would probably have to be a restic mix similar to Sedition Wars, or Dead Zone, or Myth. This means MUCH higher production costs and a much longer production time. It also means a lower price point per model and cheaper shipping. 

   Metal........ Easiest and most reliable. This will mean that what you see is what you get. No surprises. This will also mean a MUCH faster production time. It also means a slightly higher price point per model and a higher shipping weight. 

   Resin........Best final results. Much higher price point per model, longer production time, cheaper shipping.

   The Third Dilemma is risk.

   To be blunt this is really risky for me. You guys are the most likely people to want these items but you also already have hordesmen and may or may not want more of the same type of figure. I cannot afford to pay for the production out of pocket so I will have to kickstart this project. I know that will frustrate many of you and I perfectly understand why, but it is the only way that this can happen. I am putting in the time to sculpt these before launch and if I am able I will also put in whatever money I can manage to getting them mastered for production. But if the funding does not succeed that is where this story will end. 

   I will not be asking for any more than I absolutely MUST have to make this happen. I am not looking to break the bank or your wallet. I want to be as conscientious about this as I possibly can be. I need to know that you guys are behind on this but more importantly i need you guys to know that I would not be doing this at all if it were not for your original support for the Helsvakt and for the continued demand for more and new HelsVakt items. I really want to get this army back into production and regular availability.

  I know that this Kickstarter has hurt I feel it everyday, btu I desperately want to try to do something to make this up and move forward so again I am asking for your support but first I want your opinions for ill or good.

  Is this a good idea? Do you want this? Do you trust me enough to deliver it? How do you want this product made?

  Sincerely yours,


  pics of the current WIPs

HelsVakt Hordesmen 2014 WIPs
HelsVakt Hordesmen 2014 WIPs

  it is important to note that these parts probably will not interchange with the KS Troll Cast hordesmen parts.