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Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!
759 backers pledged $80,676 to help bring this project to life.

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Update #6 Next 5 Stretch goals published!!

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey Hey Hey! 

   ok after much preparation and numbers crunching I have got the next 5 stretch goals figured out and published on the main page. More pictures will be posted as the stretch goals get nearer. Also I am working on more pledge levels and reward options. I want to be sure that i do not improperly word these AGAIN so this may take a little more time to finish that did the Stretch goals. Also I should have some WIP shots of the Ulbrecht the Soulless figure very soon Hopefully by tomorrow evening. I hope you guys will like the new stretch goals and I look forward to your opinions! So go have a look and tell me what you think! 




Posted by tre manor (Creator)

   Ok guys, I am wondering if I have made a serious error in the stretch goals thus far.

   I am going to be absolutely straight with everyone despite my fear it may create a back lash....... ....

   The momentum was OUT STANDING on the original goal and that was far more than I had hoped, but the last 2 stretch goals do not seem to be helping the project at all. I know that there are people who contributed only to get these stretch goal models and that there are also a lot of contributions that are made just to get beyond this stretch goal to the next. My fear is that these latest stretch goals are only going to be a drag over all and that also my disorganization is a stone around the neck of the project as well. 

   If we make it past this $15000 mark and on to the next goal but DO NOT make to that next stretch goal as a result of the past two, where does that leave us? I see the momentum stalling fatally, and it calls me to question my choices thus far.

   I have a LOT of stuff that I could use for this project and I want to please as many people as possible but I feel like I may not be making the right choices to see this project through to it's full potential. We have raised a lot of money to help make this happen and I cannot express how deeply grateful I am for all the contributions made but if I am making the wrong choices on models I feel like I should ask you directly what it is you want from this project.

    I want to fund rules, marketing, tooling, stock levels, packaging fit for distribution all of it but I need to better understand YOUR desires from this kickstarter. What do YOU most want to see come of it?

   Are the Aenglish footmen and characters right for this project or should I refocus on the Helsvakt only for now and hold the other factions for another project or later in this project? OR should I start introducing stretch goal retooling from one of the other factions or all of them?

   Right now I have the following;

Helsvakt; ( evil barbarians )

................... Varp KRigare ( these would the same Varp Krigare that are now on the web site)

.................. Modular Hordesmen ( modular figures not yet available anywhere, 5 figures fitted for universally interchangeable legs, torsos, weapons, shields and heads).

................... Yrsa

................. Fenris 


Aenglish ( medieval British / Europeans )

................. Footmen

...................19 characters


..................9 undead

.................the keeper ( make necromancer )

..................Lady Nyvenne ( female necromancer )

.................Infernal horror ( Cthulhian monstrocity greater and lesser )

..................Wraith Knights ( 6 ghostly knights fitted for interchangebale weapons )

.................Nether BEast ( hell dog )


...............12 berserkers ( fitted for interchangeable weapons )

...............6 spearmen

...............3 arhcers

...............16 footmen ( not yet molded but ready for production )


................ 23 characters fit for unit making 

..................a unit of 3 footmen fitted for universally interchangeable heads and weapons


................11 characters


................. 26 characters

Half Orcs

......................6 characters


....................5 characters

     There really is no limit to the potential here but I need to make the right decisions to make it happen and I am asking you guys straight out what it is you want me to do. As far as I am informed there are no figrues in my line that cannot be retooled in this material so the potential IS massive. In a way I feel like I am sitting in a rocket car with the engine humming and the signal for take off is stuck on yellow because I cannot make up my mind what to do next. I have made a lot of mistakes thus far and I have learned a lot from them but I feel the greatest mistake may be not truly understanding what people want from this.

    As always thank you all for supporting me thus far and for contributing to the success of this kickstarter project. it has been far more successful than I had originally hoped so let's see what can really come of it in the time left.



Update #5 More House Keeping

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey everybody! Again I want to thank everyone for their continued support of the RBG kickstarter campaign.

  Also I have made new pledges that more accurately reflect the rewards as they stand right now. The problem is that until all of backers switch their rewards over to the new pledges I cannot get rid of the old pledge rewards. So if it is not too much trouble if I could get everyone to switch their rewards over to the newly written pledge rewards I can wipe out those old confusing pledges and have a much cleaner more accurate page. Everyone is free of course to keep their rewards the same ( and even switching to the new pledges won't change the actual rewards you can choose ) this would just clear up a little of the mess on the pledge page.

   Cheers everyone!


Update #4 clarifications and corrections

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey Everyone,

 Sorry for any confusion this may have caused but I apparently neglected to add part of the discription of the " Andra " option. With this option you may chose to take either any 2 funded ranks and any 2 funded heroes as your reward OR you may choose any 8 funded heroes.

 Also you may add any funded hero to any pledge by increasing that pledge amount by $8.00.

 Lastly I made an error in the discription of the " Fjarde " level. At this level you get your choice of any 6 funded ranks and any 7 ( not 8 )  funded heroes. 



Update # 3 Stretch Goal #2 succeeded New Stretch goal posted

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey Guys,

  Well apparently the second stretch goal was not such a hot ticket. Rather than let it be a stone to drag down the rest of the project I am calling it successful at $10,000 so I can get started sculpting the figures and get the project moved on to the next stretch goal.

  What the success of the first stretch goal means is that now the options of Enda allow the pledge of $8 to reward any one successfully funded character including any one of the 3 Gynnade Krigare War Staff.

  At the Framst ( $25.00 )  level you get Belegast the Bloodthirsty or Blutulf the Brutal or Ulbrecht the Soulless or or Merciless Guarthagust and 1 rank of Gynnade Krigare. OR any 1 successfully funded hero and 1 rank of any successfully funded footmen. Or any combination of 4 successfully funded Character / Hero figures( Each newly funded hero and unit becomes a reward option for this contributory level. )

  At the Andra Level you get Belegast the Bloodthirsty and/ or Blutulf the Brutal, and/ or Ulbrecht the Soulless, and/ or Merciless Guarthagust and 2 ranks of the Gynnade Krigare footmen. OR any combination of two successfully funded heroes and 2 ranks of any successfully funded footmen ( Each newly funded hero and unit becomes a reward option for this contributory level )

  At the Tredje level ( $60 ) you get Framfor Allt Gynnade Krigare ( war staff, Blutulf, Guarthagust, and Ulbrecht ) and 3 ranks of Gynnade Krigare footmen. OR any combination of any 3 successfully funded heroes and 3 ranks of any combination of any successfully funded footmen.( Each newly funded hero and unit becomes a reward option for this contributory level.)

   At the Fjarde level ( $110 ) you get Belegast the Bloodthirsty and Framfor Allt Gynnade Krigare ( war staff Blutulf, Guarthagust, and Ulbrecht ) x 2 and 6 Unit Kits. OR any combination of any 8 successfully funded heroes and 6 ranks of any combination of any successfully funded footmen. ( Each newly funded hero and unit becomes a reward option for this contributory level.)

   I am working on a few new contributory levels and hope to have some confirmation on them tomorrow. Please bear with me as I am still learning this process and doing my best to keep up with the pace.

-Stretch Goal #2- $15,000   

Aenglish Watchmen, Captian and Sergeant. 

In the treacherous shadows of the darkest alleys of ShieldsPort there is one name that carries as much weight as all the gold in the coffers of the Dandy Prince. A name that bears a malice and foreboding all it's own.... the name of Whistelock. Watch Captain or Brigand Lord as the whim strikes him, Whistelock treads without fear down any alley or into any den of thieves and cutthroats. Nay, even the Nobles fear his ire. Never once has he failed in any venture to claim a prize upon which his eyes have set. Be it bounty or booty the matter is but a whim of his own decision. At his heels tread his watchmen. Mad dogs and Aenglishmen so they are known or are undecided, the men of Whistelock's Watch are the most formidable and ferocious fighters Old Red Whiskers can muster. Beware the whistle for the law is his and his alone.


  Whistelock's Watchmen. These lightly armoured well armed men at arms are a great set of early level Fighters, or Keep garrisson or Fighter Hirelings, or Road Brigands. Included in the base rank pack are 4 bodies fitted for universally interchangeable heads, right hands and sheilds, a sprue of four head options, a sprue of four right hands with weapons, and a sprue of four shields.


Whistelock himself! Tough, experienced and fitted for dangerous adventure Whistelock or "Old Red Whiskers " as he might be called makes the perfect higher level fighter character, or Keep Guard Captain, or perhaps low level Paladin character.

Once the heir to the holdings of a Hillander Noble family Robert fell from favour at the red point of a sword. Having slain a rival in a duel Robert lives an exile in the service of Whistelock, busting up Alley Gangs and delving into the ancient secrets tunneled deep beneath the sprawl of ShieldsPort. Robert is a particular favourite of my own and fans a like. Fitted for war or adventure Robert makes a great Fighter, or Brigand, or Mercenary.

once funded these items will be eligible as options for any of the listed pledge levels.

   I hope that you guys will find something here to like. It seemed that there were a lot of people asking for something other than the Helsvakt so i hope this will do the trick! I had intended to bring other lines into the retool but not quite so soon. I guess it does not do any harm as long as it does not drag down the entire process. Anyway as always thank you very very much for the continued support!