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Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!
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Update #28 WIPS progress

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  hey Guys,

   Well much later than promised but here is what I have right now. I will be wrapping up the war staff tonight. I am not liking the skulls on these so I will be going back to resculpt those. I think I just tried to make too many of them at once and did not put enough effort into each individual.

   Svetlana WOUDL be finished right now had I not accidentally borken the armature wire for her head. The subsequent rain of curses did very little to make the situation better, but I figured out a fix for it. Then today just as I had the face perfected and was putting hte very last touch on the left cheek flange I twitched and pressed the edge fo my sculpting tool through the left cheek of the face RUINING her face. I tried to fix it but it looks liek hell. I am will be resculpting that as well. I will be happy when I get these done as I can then work on finishign Conradt in Warp and get to Morgrimn and the Dire Wolves.

   By the time this is all said and done I am not even going to want to LOOK at another skull for at least a year!


Cheers guys!!


Update # 27 Conradt, Blutulf, Guarthagust, and Ulbrecht WIPs

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey guys!

   Sorry this has taken so long. I have been hacking away at the survey info and all the other bits and bobs that go into running this campaign. I am getting closer to the finish now but MAN has it been a job! :D Not that I would not do it again mind!

    Anyway the best part about getting nearer the finish of the data entry is that I can FINALLY get back to SCULPTING!!! I should have these figures finished by tomorrow evening and hen it is on to Svetlana! After her, the CAVALRY!!!

   So without further hey-diddly-doo-there.


  Cheers guys!


Update # 26 Surveys......bugs and corrections

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

 hey guys,

Sorry for the confusion for those of you r who recieved the wrong link on the first attempt. Please let me know if there are any fruther problems! Also please let me know if there is any confusion on these as well. Also the bugged question #4 has been fixed as well.

You know I think I am seriously regretting bothering with a " survey" at all. It seems these things have only created confusion more than prevented it.

I have fixed the surveys but I am thinking that the most efficient thing to do from here is to just ask you flat out what you paid and what you want through the kickstarter system. I will have to process the surveys that have already gone out as they are being that I can only send out the Kickstarter survey once. What do you guys think? Well those of you whom have nto yet received theirs? As for eveyone else don't worry all of your responses are collected and in order. 



Update #25 1st " bug " found

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

OK Be sure to write your NAME and address in the address box of the Survey.

Update #24 Surveys sent for Tacka and Enda!

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Ok I have sent the survey notification and link to tall Tacka and Enda pledgers. The surveys encompass the reward and any extras you may have added or want to add. Each question on the survey requires an answer but there is a " none " row which you can click to by-pass that question if it does not apply to you. Please take your time and be sure that your survey is correct and that you clearly understand it. If there are any problems please let me know as soon as possible. Not meaning to make you guys the guinea pigs but I figured it would be easiest to fix your rewards individually if I had to than it would to do it for all of the higher more modular levels.

  cheers guys!