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Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!
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Update #48 Fulfillment update and KS2 update / notification

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey Everybody,

   Well final fulfillment is still awaiting the delivery of the final pieces ( COnradt Warp, the Riders, and the Gynnade Krigare War Staff ) BUT we have shipped more than 300 packages thus far that were completable with what we have on hand now.

    There should be another batch of packages going out next week as I begin to receive the awaited items. Unfortunately this means that the packages won't arrive to all international destinations in time to beat the ending of the current Goblins kickstarter but we are doign all that we can to make this happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    I did want to alert everyone that I have added the dire wolves as a paid add-on to the Goblins campaign for those who were unable to get them in the first Kickstarter campaign. So if you wanted to snag a few ranks of the Dire Wolves head on over to the Goblins Kickstarter and add them to your pledge!

   Cheers Y'all!


Update # 47 Fulfillment update.....bad news again.....

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey Y'all,

   Guys I am really sorry to report that I will not be able to double ship as I had originally hoped. The postage costs have increased dramatically in the time between the end of the KS and the delivery of the product. Packages that would have cost $5.00 to ship a month or two ago now cost $8 - 10.00 and $10.00 packages are upwards of $13.00. I just simply don't have the money to ship all of these twice. I am very sorry for the wait but it appears it will be a little longer yet for some.

   I have shipped some 250 odd packages and will be shipping more today so please if you have received your packages share your experience / thoughts on the contents here. All feedback is welcome good or bad.

   Cheers Y'all,


Update # 46 Fullfillment update duex

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey guys, 

  OK good news and bad news...... bad news first. I misunderstood Ed on what I was to be approving. I only received Yrsa for approval. She looks PERFECT so she is approved and Brian has been properly chained to the casting machine and thoroughly flogged for good measure. This means that we are still waiting to approve Conradt Warp, the riders and horses. MORE bad news is that the horse molds had to remade anyways as the tails kept breaking off in demolding...... 

Now Good news!! We are shipping what we have on hand now and will complete shipping at our own expense when the rest of the stock is delivered. I want to be certain that you guys are happy with your RBG Kickstarter experience and you have all waited patiently for long enough. and MORE GOOD NEWS!! The Horse molds are being remade now and should be ready by the beginning of next week.

  So be looking for a package from RBG in your mailboxes over the nest 3 weeks!!

  Cheers Y'all and thanks for your patience with me thus far!

   Tre and Company.

p.s........ RBG Kickstarter # 2 Launches VERY soon!!

Update # 45 Fullfillment update and NEXT Red Box Games kickstarter campaign news

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey Everybody. I am really sorry for the long delay in my latest update and for the continued delay in fullfillment. I wanted to post a generla update lettign everyone knwo what teh exact current status is on the KS fulfillment.

I have in hand and approved castings of:




 Morgrimn Waiting and Warp






 Aenglish footmen


 Dire Wolves

 COnradt Waiting

 I now await the delivery of:




 Fenris ( needed an adjustment for the sake of efficient casting )

 Conradt Warp



 I must approve the castings of Yrsa and Conradt Warp and the horse. The production moulds are made and Ed is confident with them but I need to actually see the results of these production moulds before approving Ed and Brian to go ahead with casting 100's of copies.

  Every delay in the fulfillment thus far has been strictly for the sake of your final satisfaction. I did not want to settle for anything less than the most perfect model I could deliver so when we had castings with visible shrinkage I asked that those molds be remade. That took a while and then casting the 100's of required minis took even longer.

 The horses have been a real trick unto themselves. Neither Ed nor I have ever made horse models and this turned out to be a bit more difficult than either of us expected. I am especially particular about the Yrsa figure as it is by far the most complicated and delicate figure I have ever released and it is the replacement figure for the most popular figure I have ever produced. It MUST be perfect.

   In the end I was too optimistic in my expectations of delivery, AND I was remiss in never pushing the expected delivery date backward as the work load expected by that date grew exponentially. It is a mistake I will not repeat. I am ready and waiting for the delivery of these last items to begin shipping the rest of the KS rewards but until those figures are in hand and approved I can do little more than wait.

  I do expect to have the last of the expected casting within the next week or two. Ed has informed me that the test samples of Yrsa, COnradt, and Horse #1 were shipped to me on friday last which means I SHOULD receive them for approval tomorrow. At which time I will inspect the castings and call Ed with the yay or nay. Upon my approval Ed will finish the last three horse molds and Brian ( if he is back in from being Ill.... get well Brian! :D ) will begin casting the rest of the Yrsa, and Conradt Models. 

  There are still 100's of copies of each mini left to be cast BUT I will be taking shipments of these figures in batches as they are cast to allow to me to begin filling orders as quickly as possible.

   I have submitted for approval from Kickstarter the next Retool campaign page. which will include all of the rest of the Aenglish models and the goblins as well. IF these items all fund then I will move on to the Dvergr from there. If the campaign finished without funding the dvergr then that range will be a separate kickstarter for later this year after the 2nd kickstarter campaign is fulfilled.

  I had intended to have ALL commitments from this first campaign fulfilled before running a second campaign but the realities of development did not allow for this. The difference in this second campaign is that all planned models are already sculpted and mastered ( with the exception of the Goblin footmen ) so the actual production overhead is cut in half. Ed already has the masters and they are ready for the production of production molds. All that is needed is for me to be able to finance the slot in Ed's work schedule to have those molds made and have castings run.

  The expected delivery date for the second kickstarter products is set for August of 2013. This is the nearest  date that Ed and I both fell confident in to deliver all planned products, however I will be creating a module in my regular webstore in which you will be able to pay for " batch shipment " of any figures involved in this campaign. Figures will be produced in the order in which they are funded and will be available for shipment in specifically timed batches. When ever a batch is ready to ship I will post an update letting all of the backers know. At which point they will be able to " purchase " the shipping cost for that batch and have it shipped to them then rather than having to wait until the final pieces are produced and in hand.

   Again, My deepest apology for the delays thus far and my most sincere appreciation for your patience with me in this.



Update #44 fulfillment Update

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Just got another two big boxes full of stuff from Ed today! More Hordesmen, More Morgrimn ( both forms! ) More Svetlana's, pill base samples, and that last Varp. This means there are a good 200 more packages that will be shipping out over the week this week.

   Incidentally.... the pill bases look a bit big for the wolves so it may be best to pop them onto rounds after all. Sorry for the wait on these guys.