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Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!
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goblins trolls and wolves oh my!!

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

Hey Everybody!

   I have just released my newest work in the Red Box Games store. Currently on pre order status these new releases will begin shipping around the 22nd of March I have a new set of goblin warriors accompanied by a goblin thief a goblin hunter and two goblin shaman perfect for an intrepid adventure into the ruins of the Cold North. These Goblins are accompanied by two faithful Wolves.....err well....wolves who have not decided to eat them yet, and three Trolls. The figures are all single piece figures cast in high quality lead free white metal but the trolls each have universally interchangeable weapon types and one of the trolls has an optional shield included as well. I have also created a bundle deal that gets you all of the new releases for 20% off RRP but this bundle deal is strictly limited in quantity to 75 so once those are sold the bundle will no longer be available.  

Cheers yall!


Halfling Warband!! New releases from Red Box Games!!

Posted by tre manor (Creator)
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 Hey yall!

 I just wanted to pass along that I have just yesterday launched a pre order for my new Halfling Warband. This is a full set of halfling adventurers intended to be the perfect warband for Frost Grave OR for Rangers of Shadow Deep. There are;

 Bad Bruce Halfling fighter with Bill Hook

 Erwin the Brave Halfling fighter with sword and shield

 Bonnie Brightmorning Halfling hedge witch

 Faithful Fred Halfling Cleric / Porter

 Cliven the Courageous Halfling fighter with axe and shield

 Mighty Martha Halfling fighter with sword and shield

 Crafty Clyde Halfling Ranger / Scout / Fighter - Thief

 Drexel the Daring Halfling Thief

 Seamus the Stout Halfling Fighter with Spear

 and Wise Wilkins the Old Halfling Elder Wizard

 These are each sold individually for $6 or as a full set of 10 for $50. However the full set of 10 is strictly limited to 150 sets. Once those 150 sets are gone the deal will expire and not be made available again. They have already been selling well so if you want to get in on this deal you should do so now before they are all gone!

 These are currently with the moldmaker caster and production is underway so these will begin delivery by the 15th of December.

 Cheers yall!


Warbands of the Cold North! New Fantasy Viking Miniatures from Red Box Games!!

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

 Hello Again everyone!

Well today I have relaunched the Warbands of the Cold North campaign. Only now I am seeking funding for METAL production. As per the usual the production will be handled by Valiant here in the states. Most of the sculpting for the initial offering is already complete or 90% done so the production time on this should be relatively fast.

AND....... I can confirm that we are officially EU Friendly! I am working on a solution for our Australian backers!

On offer I have a full warband perfect for treasure hunting in the ruins of haunted frozen cities or for delving into dark and dangerous dungeons or for just good old Village sacking! Three of the figures intended to round out the warband are still WIP but I expect to be able to complete these over the next day or two.

Leading the warband of Hardened Northmen warriors is Ejryvindr the FarSeeing young by the standard of most wizards but old by the standards of most men. At his side shall be his very young and eager apprentice Svein. Charging headlong into battle ahead of the warriors is the great Swordsman hero Jorik of Hallingsgatan, strong and sure and armed with a two handed long sword. Following closely behind are the 5 Hirdmen of Hallingsgatan Each fitted for universally interchangeable heads and right hand weapon options. Supporting them all are the sure sighted Archer and fleet footed Thief, sure to sneak behind the enemy to ferret out murder nests or grab treasures and spirit them away before any are the wiser.

I do have further plans for other heroes including a berserker with two handed Axe, a shield maiden or two, a female ranger, a female wizard, an alternate male wizard, and possibly a set of semi modular lesser hirdmen fitted for universally interchangeable heads right hands and left hands as well! it all depends on how the funding goes!

The window of opportunity here is very short with only 9 days in the campaign. Hopefully that will be enough time to get the first set funded and possibly unlock a couple of stretch goals. As always I dearly appreciate your support and encouragement and hope that my work will spark your imagination and fascination!

Cheers everyone!


Update # 90 ......At long last....... LAST. PACKAGE. SHIPPED.

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

  Hey everyone,

   Finally. Finally, Finally. We have shipped the last package for the fulfillment of this kickstarter. 

   2 years too long. Too little too late for many. We stretched the patience of many or most of you far too far for far too long. Those of you whom we have lost in that time I am truly very sorry for the way that this campaign developed and I do truly wish there were some way we could make it up to you.  

 Those of you who have stuck in there with us through all of this I can never accurately express my gratitude to you. But I CAN assure you that NEVER, never, never again will your patience be stretched in such a way again. I spent 4 years building a reputation for swift and sure service and reliable communication, prompt delivery and assured high standards of quality, only for that reputation to be all but destroyed in the course of fulfilling this campaign. It is my mission in life to rebuild that reputation and to re-earn your trust and confidence.

  Without my lovely and very supportive Wife Kristy most of you would probably still be waiting for your packages even now. She stepped up and worked tirelessly to see to it that these packages were packed and labeled and shipped. When I was drowning in the stress and depression, when I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the task she stepped up and made the fulfillment happen. I am lucky to have her and I am thankful for her dedication and support.

  Thank you all for your support, and for your patience. Please let us know if there is anything we need to correct or if there is anything we can do to help with any issues there may yet still be.



Update #89 Shipping update and New Helsvakt Hordesmen Kickstarter launched!

Posted by tre manor (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

   I just wanted to let everyone know who is still waiting that your packages are going out either this week or very early next week. We are still awaiting delivery on bases to finish up packing the last few orders remaining.

   Also we have launched a new Kickstarter to fund the production of a new set of Helsvakt Hordesmen in metal. These are not as modular as the Troll Cast Hordesmen but they are fitted fro interchangeable heads weapon hands and shields. I know many of you guys are very frustrated with the delivery on this campaign and I truly do understand that. I am very sorry for the delays and disappointments and I wish like nothing else I could have made this experience better for everyone of you. It is my very sincere hope to have the opportunity to make this up to you all, and if given the chance I assure you that any future experience with RBG will be as positive as is possible to have.

   Thank you all again for your continued support.