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Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 15, 2012.

Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!

Update # 88 Extra Morgrimn waiting and warp and extra Conradt waiting


  Hey guys,

    I found a few extras of these in the bottom of the drawer they were in...not many of them but figured i would let you guys know in case anybody wants them. I have nto shipped any of the orders that came in yesterday so I can still add these to any of those packages. Just email me and let me know. Remember these may have casting issues or breakages or will be missing bits ( in Conradt's case specifically ). Bases are NOT included either.

   Morgrimn watiing................$5.00

   Morgrimn Warp...................$5.00

   Conradt waiting...................$5.00

  please also remember to add your address to the email. Thanks.


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    1. Creator Lutz Schneider on May 25, 2014

      Hmm, nice to know that you still got some spare parts... But I m STILL WAITING FOR MY STUFF. SO BEFORE SELLING STUFF YOU MIGHT FINALLY SEND ME MY PAID STUFF WHICH I PAID ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO !!! I m really pi.... off with you guys....