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“Imagination Situation” is a webseries for families that encourages imaginative playtime during those stressful everyday situations

“Imagination Situation” is a webseries for families that encourages imaginative playtime during those stressful everyday situations Read More
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About this project

You’ve seen it before. A frustrated parent trying to get through a grocery store with two kids who want nothing more than to pull everything off the shelf. 

Crying. Screaming. Name calling. And that’s just what the parent is doing. 

It’s not fun for anyone. 

We think there’s a solution. 

“Imagination Situation” is a show that parents and kids can watch together. It encourages playtime during those awkward and stressful moments that happen everyday. Each episode features the adventures of a parent and their child, but as you'll see in our episode, our kids are a bit big for their ages.

Here's our first episode "Intrigue - Aisle Nine": 

Parents want to get things done. Kids want to play. Finding a way to do BOTH is the quickest way to make an uncomfortable situation go smoother. The idea for “Imagination Situation” was born out of a father’s desire to be more playful with his kids. 

The goal of our show is to give parents ideas on how to initiate and incorporate imaginative role playing and playtime into mundane activities that will engage their kids. A shopping trip becomes a high-seas adventure. The doctor’s office waiting room becomes a trip to the zoo. Everyone has fun, and everything gets done. 


Most parenting blogs and websites focus on discipline, behavioral problems and activity ideas. But, parenting isn’t much fun when all you’re doing is barking orders. Playing pretend with your kids can create a stronger bond and, hopefully, a less stressful time out. As parents, we seem to forget how to imagine and be playful. “Imagination Situation" can help “adults” think like kids again. We all played pretend. It’s time we remember how to do it. 

These short segments are perfect for the short-attention span viewing that’s become the norm on the internet. And these days, everyone is online. Parents are watching videos on YouTube, Funny or Die and Hulu. Kids have shows that feature their favorite characters. We think there’s room online for something that kids and parents can watch together. “Imagination Situation” is short, clever, and features something for everyone.  


We’ve already produced a teaser and two episodes. We’re here to raise money to shoot six more episodes. There are so many situations that parents face, that we feel Imagination Situation could run a long time. For now, we’re focused on bringing you eight entertaining episodes. 

It will take the hard work of talented actors and crew members, along with essential equipment and other necessities to get these episodes produced. Here’s a breakdown of how your contributions will bring Imagination Situation to life: 

Equipment - 

Since we'll have multiple days of shooting this requires rentals of camera, audio and lighting equipment, green screen, batteries, memory cards, bulbs and such. 

Cast & Crew - 

Everyone works hard on this show, and they’ll be paid for their help. We also feed them with delicious on-set snacks and lunch. 

Props and Costumes - 

Everyone loves dress up. We’d like to rent some costumes along with buying or creating some great props. 

Illustrations and Photos-

Colorful backgrounds will liven up the “Imagination” segment of the show. 

Music Licensing - 

Brian Satterwhite is our awesome composer. 

Web Site - 

We’d like to have a web designer do their magic on our web page, and add in community features, so parents can share their experiences on our blog. We’d also invest in the web site hosting and domain name fees. 

Marketing - 

Entry fees for screenings/competitions to give the show more exposure. 

Perks -  

Your contributions will cover the production and shipping of those great perks over on the right. 

Note that Kickstarter Takes 5% off the money raised and Amazon takes an extra 3-5% for distribution fees. We’ve rolled these fees into our final funding number. 


We’re a group of creative people who like doing things we believe in. A few of us are parents. All of us were kids at one point. Most of us have grown up. Meet us here


If you’re a parent that wants to laugh and learn, then please consider making a donation. Let other parents know about our show and this funding drive by visiting and finding us on Twitter, Facebook , YouTube and Vimeo . 


It's our sincere hope that Imagination Situation encourages adults and kids to be more imaginative everyday. We're going to showcase how easy it is to imagine and play pretend during our Kickstarter funding drive. 

'21 Days Of Imagination' will feature 21 short videos that provide examples of playful, imaginative activities that adults and kids can do. Posted every day during our 21 day campaign at and on the 'Updates' page here on Kickstarter, these short videos will provide playful tips, and keep viewers informed about our funding campaign's progress. 

But '21 Days Of Imagination' isn't just what WE think imagination is. We want our fans and viewers to share in the fun! Fans are invited to send in their suggestions about playful imagination, and we'll respond to them with a video reply! Fans can leave their suggestions on Imagination Situation's Facebook page, or on our Twitter feed with the hashtag #21DaysOfImagination . You'll want to tune in every day to see if the video hosts respond to YOU! 

 '21 Days Of Imagination' will capture the spirit and playfulness that will be found in every episode of Imagination Situation. You'll want to share these videos with every parent you know.

Check out all the '21 Days Of Imagination' videos in the 'Updates' tab


Absolutely. This funding will let us get six more episodes produced. If we raise  enough to produce more episodes, we'll do it. If there's not enough to produce extra episodes, we'll use it for promotion or cast and crew payments. 


If we’re not fully funded, it doesn’t mean “Imagination Situation” goes away. We’ll do our best to get this show out there, because we know there’s a frazzled mom and dad that needs to know they’re not alone. Kickstarter is "all or nothing", so if we don't get funded, then you don't pay. Simple as that. 

Even if you can’t contribute financially, let that parent in your life know about our show. We know there's an audience for our show. They just need to find us. The internet is loud, so it's going to take work to get the word out. Every mention helps. 

On behalf of everyone involved in bringing our little show to life, thanks for watching. Imagination Situation: Parental Involvement Encouraged. 


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    “Choose Your Own Situation”

    The laundromat. The waiting room. The movie theater. Parents, give us a stressful situation you find yourself in, and we’ll “Imagine” an episode based around it. You’ll get a personalized video from the set as we bring your situation to the screen. When the episode airs, you’ll get a special listing in the credits as “Situation Imagined By”. You’ll also get the cards, behind the scenes access, personal video and ringtone.

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    Please know that we reserve the right to decline sponsorships for ethical reasons. Our show will be viewed by children, and we’re sensitive to what they would be exposed to. If you’re seriously considering this pledge (and thank you if you are), please contact before pledging so we can discuss this sponsorship opportunity.

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