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Heads up, hands free and fully immersed. Solos is the first and only Augmented Reality Bike Glasses developed with USA Cycling!
Heads up, hands free and fully immersed. Solos is the first and only Augmented Reality Bike Glasses developed with USA Cycling!
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Certifications and Delivery Update

Posted by Solos (Creator)
Dear Backers,  

We truly appreciate your support and patience, and sincerely apologize for the radio silence in the last several weeks. Since our last update, the team has been entirely focused on addressing and completing all regulatory compliance and certifications requirements in order to continue with production and be cleared to ship Solos. This process took a lot longer than we anticipated due to the set of additional testing required to ensure our smart glasses met safety and electronic emissions’ regulations for USA and selected international markets. Unfortunately, this longer process strongly impacted our project and initial delivery milestones. We worked intensely to minimize a lot of these risks up-front, but as with any innovation in new product categories, we encountered some unknowns that added delays to our original schedule.

Great News – We are thrilled to communicate that we have completed, passed and filed with the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) as well as with Industry Canada. Solos smart glasses have now met all of FCC’s and IC’s emissions and documentation requirements. With FCC and IC filings now in place, we have re-started Solos’ production and plan to commence the shipping to our backers in the next couple of weeks. We want to make sure we get them in your hands for the start of cycling season.

We understand and share the sentiments on this longer than anticipated process and our lack of communication throughout it. Please be reassured that we are committed to delivering Solos and to working together with you to improve and serve you better.

Some of our backers have asked us to share a bit more about what major obstacles there were during the regulatory compliance phase. One of these obstacles was the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing required by the FCC. Their reason for requiring this additional testing was that Solos’ system uses multiple radio transmission formats that can simultaneously support ANT+ /BT-BLE protocols and can be used in iOS and Android mobile phone platforms, communicating sensor data, audio and head-up display information with the smart glasses. This unique architecture technology required a new set of checks, documentation and reviews for final approval—none of which we or our certification agency had anticipated.

Made for iPhone [MFi] Certification -- In parallel to the regulatory compliance processes, Solos successfully went through the very elaborate MFi Certification. This process was quite involved, taking nearly six months to complete. It encompassed a review of all aspects of the product, from the actual hardware and packaging to the mobile application. We are very proud to be officially authorized by Apple as an MFI certified product.


 Mobile App now available – In conjunction with the the transition from engineering to full production of the smart glasses, the team finalized and deployed our companion mobile for Android and iOS. You can now download our Solos cycling app, create your account and start setting up your profile. This will be a great way to start getting familiar with our mobile interface.

Shipping and Contact information -- Most of our backers have completed their BackerKit survey with their contact information. However, if you have recently changed address or would like to update your shipping info, please check and update the survey this week, as we’ll be locking down the database in preparation for shipments.

Let us reassure you of our commitment to making and delivering Solos and redoubling our efforts to serve you better. We sincerely appreciate your support, and we count on your feedback throughout this journey to help us improve. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any comment or suggestion.


Solos Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan Lee on

      I've also received the "confirm you address" email from Backerkit, but have not received my Solos yet....this has me starting to become worried.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Hargrove on

      Are there actual shipments underway? The last update was six weeks ago and while I did get a 'confirm your address' email from Backerkit, I've seen no other activity. Has anybody received their Solos? Do they work?

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Confirmed the search "kopin solos" works in Aus whereas just "solos" doesn't find it. "Solos" does work in US store.
      On shipping - any info - are you shipping them all at once or, shipping as you build them, shipping to internationals last (I hope not!). Any schedule/info appreciated!

    4. Solos Creator on

      Thanks Rodrigo. Here is the link just in case…

    5. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Stanger on

      Apple store....Search the app using "kopin Solos" words and should work!!!

    6. L. Rodney Ford on

      Thanks for the update - much appreciated!

    7. Solos Creator on

      @Steve. Thanks for confirming you were able to download the app in Canada. We confirm the Nexus phone is compatible with our app. Let us know if you have any additional comments or suggestions. Don't hesitate to contact us at

    8. Missing avatar

      Steve Jang on

      Update: I was able to install the app via the link provided by Marko. My phone is now compatible today when it wasn't yesterday. I still find it peculiar that the search for "Solos" in the Play Store still does not show this app

    9. Missing avatar

      Steve Jang on

      Thanks for the link Marko, but, it seems that it's not working just yet. It says that my Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 is not compatible?. Also when you type "Solos" in the search bar, no results are shown. Strange. I'll wait a couple of more days and try again.

    10. Solos Creator on

      @Marko thanks for sharing the link with the other backers. @Steve, we submitted the app for international release including Canada. It should become available in a matter of few days if not earlier. Thank you!

    11. Missing avatar

      hrncirj on

      What is the name of the app as shown in Google Playstore? I don't find it under "Solos" and I am in Houston.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Jang on

      Great to hear, but the app is not on Google Playstore here in Canada yet.

    13. Solos Creator on

      @Nick - We have released our app internationally and we'll confirm it is released in Australia.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Great news.

      Can you please submit the app to the Australian App Store - we do not have it yet, can you confirm?

    15. Missing avatar

      Gary Grim on

      Uh, hate to tell you this, but in NorCal, the 2017 race season has been rocking and rolling for better than 2 months, and we're pedestrian by comparison to the Euro's. Let me see, planned ship date "soon," and "oh by the way, we'd be thrilled to start mining your personal data and habits, if you'd just download our app first." C'mon, show your backers a little more love than this. We've put up with a lot of silence, which this update basically implies was laziness on your part. Gotta say, not giving me warm fuzzies on what's gonna arrive on my doorstep this summer.