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Help Sonic Trace build a portable sound booth to record stories from Mexicans & Central Americans across Los Angeles.
119 backers pledged $7,580 to help bring this project to life.

Sonic Stretch Goals!

Hello future backers,

We are at about the halfway mark of this campaign, meaning, it's time to dream a little higher and set up some stretch goals!

$5,000 is cool but we need more love for our design construction team, who have been working 20 hours a day to finish the avant-garde communication behemoth. La Burbuja will be used to obtain cutting-edge personal immigrant stories at the source. More funding means more engaging content, more media attention given to those whose voices are not typically heard on the radio. Help La Burbuja be a model for future storytelling journalism.

Stretch Goal #1 - $8,000

Money to lug it around! La Burbuja will be stationed at 45 different locations within Southern California, we are going to need to rent a trailer each and every time. You will help us pay our Oaxacan neighbor for a pick-up truck to carry it, he is willing to offer to Sonic Trace for a small fee.   Our Volkswagen just wont cut it!

Stretch Goal #2 - $10,000

Cooler, padding and air conditioning money. We want to make our guest feel as comfortable as possible, as it is now, La Burbuja does not have any air conditioning, fancy-theater padding or funding for complimentary beverages for our guests. With a couple of extra bucks, give the gift of basic human amenities! 

Stretch Goal #3 - $15,000

La Burbuja arrives to Mexico City! Sonic Trace in Mexico, interviewing American expats and asking them the three Sonic Trace questions: Why do you go? Why do you stay? Why do you come back?