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Our greatest project ever! A concept album performed in two parts. Help us finish the project.
Our greatest project ever! A concept album performed in two parts. Help us finish the project.
59 backers pledged $2,541 to help bring this project to life.

We did it!

Posted by Royal Ruckus (Creator)
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Hey Guys,
So the cicadas are ruckusing it up right now in the northeast United States, and we are ruckusing it up in Texas and Florida right now!

Thank you all so much for your help in getting us to not only reach our first goal, but our second! We are in an excellent position to walk into the studio in a couple weeks fully paid up, and ready to roll...

And we pulled it off with 59 official backers! We actually had three additional people PayPal us, and a few people say they would support us within the next couple weeks. It's really exciting to us that friends, family, and old and new fans alike caught the vision and are helping us make this a reality.

Musically, we are just about ready to roll. We have the music for all songs, except for one, tracked and sequenced. We are just two weeks away from our first vocal session, and we couldn't be more excited. When we walk in the studio on August 7, everything but my and Mike's vocals will be fully recorded and ready. We have never been so prepared for a project as we are now.

Today, a guest chorus from our long-time friend and musical inspiration Pigeon John rolled in. It's so beautiful, and we can't wait for you to hear it. It is one of my (Jamey's) favorite songs on the album, and probably one of the most deeply personal songs I wrote for the album. I am honored to have John sing the chorus for this song.

A full list of guest spots is forthcoming. We've got some goodies on there. A lot of old friends, and some new ones, and a few surprises.

And did you know we are building an entire site for the album? The site,, is going to be a virtual tour through the album, a one stop shop for the whole project. It's still developing and growing, but should be finalized soon enough.

This Ruckus stuff has been about a lot of things, but it has always been, at the very least, about the love of the art and the love of people. I am filled with love for all of you helping us. Thank you for believing in us and helping us here in the final stages of the process. 


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