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Put on a lizard and go for an adventure! A new game for Nintendo Entertainment System, PC, and Mac.
Put on a lizard and go for an adventure! A new game for Nintendo Entertainment System, PC, and Mac.
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My lizard is the Lizard of Source

Posted by Brad Smith (Creator)

Way back during Lizard's Kickstarter campaign, I talked about how important open source software has been for me. Not just because it is (usually) free, but also because it allows me to alter and adapt these tools to my needs.

For a programmer, open source projects are also a great way to practice reading source code. They aren't tiny abstract teaching examples; they solve real problems, and are big and woolly and have a lot of messy compromises.

In that update I promised I would the source code to Lizard, and today I am finally doing this. I've wanted to be able to share this stuff for a very long time.

For all backers, there is a new ZIP file package available from You can use the download key you were given to retrieve it.

I'm also releasing a more limited free demo version of the source code, available from the same page alongside the free demo version of the game. I've placed it on GitHub as well, mostly for the convenience that provides, and it makes it easy to refer to as an example.

I am releasing this source code with the Creative Commons Attribution License, so that others can be free to reuse it, even in commercial works. Only the source code is licensed this way, however. All of the game content, levels, graphics, music etc. is excluded from that license.

So, if you're interested in seeing how Lizard was made, this is it. You can dive in and take a look from the inside out. I can't promise that it will be easy to understand, but I hope it will be useful, or at least interesting to some of you. A Windows build of the Lizard Tool is provided too, so even if you're not a programmer you can still poke around in the level editor and see how things were put together.

If you do happen to make something cool with it, please let me know


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      Matt Kuba on

      Super cool! Thanks for following through on this!