by Brad Smith

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    1. Matt Lohkamp on

      I think Demon Sword was my first experience with a all-directions-scrolling game - I remember being struck by how quick and open it felt, and realizing at some point that it was because I wasn't limited to only left-to-right OR up-and-down, like Metroid, but was allowed to move in all directions all the time.

    2. Maciej Korzeniowski

      These truly awesome updates make it worth waiting for the final product. Keep it up!

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      John Kestner on

      What Maciej said. I kinda don't want the game to ship if it means the end of updates! If I'm backing a Developer's History of the NES, that's worthy. This should be a series of articles on Ars Technica, Brad.

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      sebsebseb on

      Thank you again for your work !