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Put on a lizard and go for an adventure! A new game for Nintendo Entertainment System, PC, and Mac.
Put on a lizard and go for an adventure! A new game for Nintendo Entertainment System, PC, and Mac.
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My lizard is the Lizard of Slow Progress

Posted by Brad Smith (Creator)

Hello! Progress has been steady on Lizard, though as usual it's been slower going than I had hoped. I wanted to have a beta ready in early May, but it will probably take until early June. I'm repeating myself, but: sorry it's taking so long.

A lot has changed, all the areas from the demo have been re-done, bigger and spacious. I showed an example of that in my last update. There's a lot more to explore, and the game feels much improved. Large parts of the world are now in a state that I would call finished, and it makes me happy to watch it slowly grow.

I'd like to show you how the Lizard room tool has changed to handle the increased scope:

As you can see, it now works with rooms that are twice as wide, but I've made a lot of adaptations as I needed them. There's a new coordinate system for organizing a map of the world, buttons to jump right in and test a room, flood fill, and a number of other little things to help me get this game done. In the top right corner there's a little checkbox marked "ship" that keeps track of finished rooms. I have a counter to tell me how many rooms are left, and that number gets smaller every day; it helps remind me that there will be an end to this!

For people that find Lizard a bit too difficult, I've implemented a slower-play easy mode, accessed by holding SELECT when you press START on the title screen. This slows the game by one third, giving you more time to react.

I've added little things to try to make some of the lizard abilities a little more useful. For example, changes to push blocks or ice blocks can now be permanent, letting you open new passages that you can come back and traverse with a different lizard. The Lizard of Knowledge can now use its power to see a few hints placed sparsely through the world, and also the panda might talk to it?

Bosses are the biggest task left after the construction of the world is finished, but there are a thousand little other things to do along the way too. Lots of work remains, but it's getting done! Thanks for your patience.

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    1. Sanguine Productions LLC on

      The development logs that you post here are fascinating. Thanks for sharing your process with us! Looking forward to the game's release, soon.