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Put on a lizard and go for an adventure! A new game for Nintendo Entertainment System, PC, and Mac.
Put on a lizard and go for an adventure! A new game for Nintendo Entertainment System, PC, and Mac.
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My lizard is the Lizard of Box

Posted by Brad Smith (Creator)

Hello, lizard riders! The details of the game box and other print materials are nearly finalized, and will be ready to go to the printers very soon. I thought I'd post a picture to give you an idea how the limited edition white Lizard cartridge is going to look.

The game itself is coming along, but more slowly than I had originally planned for. The increase in ROM size with its related engine overhaul, and the extra level content demands have increased my development time a bit more than I expected they would. My current goal is to have the feature complete game ready for beta testing by backers at the end of March.

Beta testing should last a couple of weeks into April. I try very hard to write bug-free code, but all software has bugs, of course. Before I commit this ROM to the cartridges, I want to see it put through its paces. For backers waiting for their physical rewards, we should begin shipping in late April, and the digital download will be available immediately when ready.

I'd like to be able to post new screenshots of the game, or something else to show you the progress I have made, but the current game build is a jumble of test rooms interspersed with the demo content, and they don't look interesting. Every game project I've been on has had stretches like this where the game is really not in shape for public viewing. It's a necessary part of the process; it had to be disassembled so I could get at all the little parts that need cleaning and maintenance. This period of downtime unfortunately had an extra pause in the middle, while I switched my focus to the printed materials so that they will be ready in time to ship, but I will get the game back into presentable shape soon to show you what's coming! I promise!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Zack on

      That box rendering looks great!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Kaminski on

      Hello, First off I love the artwork. have you considered not adopting the "Blackbox styling"? This only represented a small portion of nes games and those were all made by the big N. I think a full size rendition of your artwork for label and cover would look great. Also utilizing the stone "lizard" all around would help enhance this look. Again, just suggestions! Keep up the great work!