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Skydog is an easy-to-use mobile app + Wi-Fi router that provides unprecedented visibility and control of your home network.
1,058 backers pledged $121,812 to help bring this project to life.

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"Like a Winged Rescue Canine Descending from the Heavens..."

Posted by PowerCloud Systems (Creator)
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Dear Kickstarter Backers,

We just returned from a great week at CES, where the response to Skydog was tremendous.  USAToday, Yahoo!Tech, Popular Science, Larry Magid, TwitTv, and TechMamas covered Skydog and its innovative, yet intuitive, approach to home network management. One article we think you are likely to enjoy is a review just published on the new Yahoo! Tech web magazine. Here, Dan Tynan, a noted tech-writer, sings Skydog's praises in a witty piece that many parents will relate to.  The "winged rescue canine" story is definitely worth a read - and sharing with your friends.

In other news, Skydog continues to soar on Amazon, with a multitude of insightful and thoughtfully written customer reviews, and a nearly 5-Star user rating -- the highest of any router. Our Kickstarter backers wrote many of these reviews, and we are very grateful.

Thank you, as always, for your support, and for continuing to spread the word.

The Skydog Team

Range Extender Mode and More!

Posted by PowerCloud Systems (Creator)
Dear Kickstarter Backers,

Thank you for your continued support. In the past month and a half, Skydog has seen amazing growth as our platform is becoming more and more popular. 

We are happy to announce updates to the Cloud Service and firmware to bring a series of new and expansive features. This latest upgrade makes Skydog an even more powerful tool to connect all of your home devices and manage your family’s digital lifestyle. 

New features available in this release include: 

  • Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Range-Extender Mode. All Skydog Routers, after upgrading to firmware version 4.4, will support Range-extender Mode. You can chose to extend the Wi-Fi signal of either a single service zone or all zones. The current implementation of the Multi-zone configuration is in Beta release and provides lower performance compared to the Single-zone option. You can add multiple extenders to your network. Extenders require a wired (Ethernet) connection to the main Skydog Router. A wireless connection option is in the works and will automatically be available in the future. 
  • Improved Categorization of Web Browsing, History Logging. In addition to the Category of every entry in the Web Browsing History log, you can now view the Group and Topic information, providing a better understanding of what type of content each web site displays. This additional classification is now also available in Excel format via the "Export Data" feature. 
  • Improved Server Performance. Code optimizations in our cloud servers are delivering a blazingly faster and responsive control and visualization experience for your dashboard. 
  • Improved Desktop Navigation. The most common actions are now easier to get to and faster to use. 
  • Improved Mobile Experience. We are progressiviely optimizing the smartphones and tablets version of the Skydog Cloud Service and this release includes major changes in navigation and add numerous new fuctions. Please take a moment to access your Skydog account from your mobile phone and enjoy the improvements. 
  • Forum/Knowledge Base Unified Access for EU/APAC. We have added forum support and access to a new knowledge base for our customers in EU and APAC to provide access to the active Skydog community. No additional username or password is needed as this can be accessed from your cloud interface. 

As always, there are many more improvements in this new release. Please take a moment and try your new Skydog service and let us know what you think; with your help and feedback Skydog will continue making waves in the home networking revolution. 

Don’t forget to recommend Skydog to your friends or take advantage of the exclusively discounted price in the Skydog Store. Thank you for your support, keep spreading the word, and please keep the feedback coming!

Skydog Strong Out of the Gate

Posted by PowerCloud Systems (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter Backers,

Thank you for seeing the potential for Skydog early on! The three weeks since Skydog was commercially released have been exciting ones, and we want to share with you some of the highlights:

  • Skydog has received excellent press reviews. PC Magazine awarded Skydog an "Excellent" rating, and designated it an Editor's Choice. Editor, Samara Lynn, had some wonderful things to say:

    "Skydog offers the richest, most comprehensive cloud management over a home network that I've ever tested... Color me impressed by Skydog. This is the ultimate family-friendly router."
  • Family Circle's Christina Tynan-Wood is also a fan.

    "I know I can’t stop the signal (Internet). I wouldn’t want to. But I am glad to finally have a simple way to control it.
  • The San Francisco ABC affiliate ran a great segment on Skydog, featuring a very happy Skydog family.
  • ABI Research’s Michela Menting, a leading industry analyst, and expert on child online protection, wrote:

    "PowerCloud Systems is putting to market a comprehensive product . . . where the potential application has some very far-reaching possibilities."
  • Skydog is developing a strong presence on Amazon.  While rankings are inherently fluid, current Skydog highlights include:
       - 5-Star rating, with 25 wonderfully written and informative reviews (many
         from Kickstarter backers)
      - #2 User Rated Wireless Router out of 3,600 routers!

We are very optimistic about Skydog's future, and remain extremely grateful for the support of our early backers. You all have been fantastic. Please continue to spread the word!

The Skydog Team

Skydog Unleashed!

Posted by PowerCloud Systems (Creator)

Thank you, Backers!  We’re excited to let you know that Skydog is now commercial released and available for sale through our new Skydog™ website and on Amazon.

Skydog availability coincides with our the new software release, which brings with it a whole host of new features:

  • Web Browsing History logging. You can now track on a per-user basis what sites are visited. Results are displayed in a searchable and categorized log storing data for up to 7 days. Domains can be added to the Watch List or the whitelist/blacklist directory with one click. Tracking is elective and can be turned on or off at any time
  • Improved Internet content filtering engine (parental control). You can now filter access across over 140 categories simply organized in topics and groups for easier customization and simpler use. We now have added two pre-configured policies (now a total of five) to offer more ready-to-use options.
  • Reorganized navigation with user directory. A new, simpler interface now offers a centralized place for all your Internet access configurations and preferences, plus a user directory is always available at the click of a button for a more streamlined, user-centric navigation.
  • Completely redesigned mobile experience. Log into the Skydog Cloud Service with your smartphone or small tablet and you will enjoy a new user interface optimized for mobile use. The current release includes a subset of our planned features. Stay tuned and you will see new capabilities added on regular basis during the next few weeks. All new features will be available to you with no need for further upgrades.
  • Speed Test history. We have improved the accuracy of the Internet speed test and have added the capability to graphically track the last 10 measurements. You can now also schedule a speed test to run independently.
  • New user wizard. It is now easier to create a new user and set its permissions, policies and access to resources thanks to a new wizard that helps covering all the key steps to take full advantage of the power of Skydog.
  • Advanced wireless configurations.  For performance improvement in challenging wireless conditions, we have added the capability to configure the level of backward compatibility to Wi-Fi standards (a/b/g/n), the Minimum Basic Rate setting (MBR) and the Beacons Interval. For advanced users this represents an opportunity to optimize their wireless connection speed and range.
  • Blacklist/whitelist device access control (ACL). You can now set each Service Zone to accept connections only from predetermined devices (whitelisting) or deny connectivity to a set list of devices (blacklisting) by MAC address.

ZDnet published the first review of the new release and loved it. "The best home networking solution for parental control of technology is also the best home W-Fi router, period. Skydog does well what other Wi-Fi routers usually do poorly."

As a Kickstarter backer, your support has been instrumental in bringing Skydog to market. We are grateful for your feedback and gratified to hear your stories about how Skydog has transformed how your family uses the Internet. As much as we like praise, we greatly appreciate your honest feedback about how we could make Skydog even better. It was your suggestions that helped define our newest product features.

The road to market has been challenging, but incredibly rewarding. The feedback we are getting from you, from new customers and the media is reinforcing our belief that we are onto something very big. Please continue to spread the word about Skydog, a connected family's best friend.

Thank you very much!
The Skydog Team

Here Comes Your Skydog!

Posted by PowerCloud Systems (Creator)

We’re thrilled to let you know that Skydog units for Kickstarter backers are shipping tomorrow. There is a lot of excitement here at PowerCloud as we’ve packed up your routers and completed the new software.

We want to thank the early birds for their feedback and suggestions – they’ve helped us improve the product. Now we’re eager for our entire Kickstarter backer community to use our latest and greatest software and help us make Skydog even better.

Our new software release makes Skydog the industry’s most powerful home networking solution, delivering the visibility and control you need to manage your family’s connected digital lifestyle. We’re particularly excited about the advancements our engineers have made on parental features with a simple, flexible and powerful approach to setting individual user policies.

While Skydog is easy to set-up and manage, we’ve received requests to learn insider tips and tricks. So we’re planning to schedule online sessions for folks that want the Skydog power user’s guide to managing your connected digital life. In the next few weeks, you’ll receive a personalized invitation for classes taught by our Chief Technical Officer.

PowerCloud is ramping up production and gearing up for a public release, but we still have a few Skydog routers from the current production batch that are available. Backer friends and family can place orders at while supplies last.

Thank you again for your backing, patience and enthusiasm for Skydog. We’re excited to ship Skydog to you and look forward to your continued support as we enable the future of home networking!

The Skydog Team