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A tabletop-inspired roleplaying game you can play with your friends, at any pace, from any browser.
A tabletop-inspired online RPG that supports both real-time and time-shifted play.
A tabletop-inspired online RPG that supports both real-time and time-shifted play.
1,375 backers pledged $75,885 to help bring this project to life.

Conclave is now on Steam!


Remember Conclave, that tabletop-inspired browser RPG you backed a few years ago?  It's okay to say no -- the end of our campaign was a bit of a blur for us as well.

Since launching the game on the web, we've quietly worked to improve it and make it available to more players, and this past week we reached a major milestone.  A desktop version of Conclave is now available through Steam, and everyone that received the web version as a reward -- that's the Vanguard Tier and up -- is receiving a key that will grant a copy.

(If you're unfamiliar with Steam, it's a very popular -- and free -- digital distribution service for desktop games.)

To get your Steam key, just log in at and click "View rewards" in the upper right of the Account section; you'll see a code listed under "Steam key".  Then to activate the key and download the game, start the Steam client, click "Add a game" in the bottom left, and follow the instructions.  The current version is for Windows 7+, but we have a Mac version in the works.

We're hopeful that releasing Conclave on Steam will enable us to expand it in the future.  We'll keep you posted, and thanks again for backing us.

Nick & Derek of 10x10 Room

Vote for Conclave on Steam Greenlight! (And a note on unclaimed rewards.)

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Hi, all!

We've got a bit of news to share: we've submitted Conclave to Steam Greenlight!

If you're not familiar with Steam, it's a very popular service that allows gamers to discover, purchase, and digitally download games to their PCs. Steam Greenlight allows indie developers like us to submit games for consideration; if enough people vote for Conclave, Valve (the company behind Steam) will work with us to distribute it to Steam's sizable audience.

This means that if we're Greenlit, we'll be releasing a desktop client for Conclave. We have a working alpha, and it's pretty much identical to the browser version in gameplay and appearance. (It basically contains its own dedicated browser.) At the moment, we expect that anyone who buys the game through one version will be able to play it in the other, and players will be able to form parties across the platforms too.

Voting for us on Steam Greenlight will have another important benefit for all of you that currently play the game. As in our Kickstarter campaign, we're relying on player support to fund future development; the more players that find out about and purchase Conclave, the faster we can expand the game to include the new quests and other features we've got in our queue.

So if you're a Steam user -- or if you've been looking for an excuse to try it out -- we'd love it if you could vote for Conclave.

Finally, one unrelated note: a few of you haven't claimed your backer rewards yet, but they're still available.  Just send us a message through Kickstarter with the email or username you used for your Conclave account, and we'll do the rest.

Thanks, as always, for all your support over the past year and a half.  Hard to believe it's been that long!

Guilds, Gen Con, and what's next for Conclave


Good news: guilds are available in Conclave! If you backed at the Guildmaster level or higher, you can now create a guild by logging in and clicking on the Guild link at the top of each page. When you do, you'll be asked to name your guild and design an emblem for it using our handy-dandy emblem creation tool. Here are some examples of the designs you can create with it:

Once you've created a guild you can invite other players to join. Members can use its shared chat room, and their profiles will show its emblem and name.  In addition, you'll be able to easily select a fellow guild member when sending a party invitation.

Didn't back at the Guildmaster level, but want a guild? Don't worry: you can purchase the Guildmaster add-on from the Conclave Store.

Gen Con!

This past weekend we packed up our monitors and computers and headed to Indianapolis for Gen Con 2013, joining over 40,000 gamers for one of the largest RPG and board game conventions in the world. Housed in our cozy (and appropriate) 10'x10' booth, we spent four days on what could be regarded as our "coming out party": our first chance to show off the completed version of Conclave to a big audience.

Gen Con was a great experience, and we received a very nice response from attendees. Over and over, people left the booth saying some version of "this is exactly what I've been looking for," or came back the next day with friends in tow to show them this crazy game they'd found. We also had the chance for some great face-to-face conversations with veterans of the RPG industry. Lastly, we had the opportunity to meet a number of Kickstarter backers face-to-face at our booth. Thanks to everybody who stopped by; it's always a pleasure to meet the people who made the final development of Conclave possible.

What's next?

With the release of guilds, we've completed all of the work promised in our Kickstarter.  That's allowed us to spend more time introducing new players to the game through events like Gen Con, and we're exploring some relationships that could help us bring its tabletop-inspired gameplay to even more players.

At the same time, we're thinking ahead to the next phase of Conclave development. This means beginning to plot out what would be in an expansion, as well as taking a long look at features that we couldn't include in our initial release. For example, the question we heard the most often from Gen Con attendees was, "Will you have tools to let us create our own adventures?" From mobile apps to PvP, exploratory adventures to new character archetypes, we have a lot of major features to consider. If you have not yet shared your thoughts on what we should include in Conclave's next phase, now is the time! Head over to our Feedback site and make your voice heard.

Nick and Derek

Spreading the word about Conclave

With the launch of Legacy of the Dweller, we've seen more Conclave players than ever coming to play the game each day. Since the launch, Conclave has gotten blogged and posted about in many places, but the most important mention we've received was a piece in PC Gamer, which single-handedly doubled visits to the game!

But big gaming sites aren't the only way people learn about Conclave, or even the most important. What we consistently see is something you probably already know: there's nothing more valuable than "word-of-mouth," one friend sharing Conclave with another. Whether it's a post on a forum, mention on your Facebook or Twitter, or just walking right up to a gamer friend and sharing the game, Conclave thrives on being talked about.

Here are five simple ways you can help spread the word.

  • Post about Conclave in other sites' forums. Any forum where games get talked about is a natural place to mention Conclave.
  • Post in your blog or social media. A Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ post is a fast, easy way to get the word out.
  • Rate or review Conclave in places like the Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Marketplace, and our YouTube Channel.
  • Create a Let's Play video. LP videos have become one of the best ways for people to learn about a new game.
  • Contribute to the Conclave Wiki, then point other people to it.  Or create your own Conclave resource!  (Learn more about the Wiki below.)

Want to know more about any of these ideas? Looking for graphics, videos, icons, and logos to use in your posts? You can find more details in this forums post.

Consider picking out one thing you could do today to share Conclave. Thanks!


One great example of players getting involved is the new Conclave Wiki.

A group of players took it upon themselves to construct their own wiki about Conclave, cataloging every bit of information they've gleaned about the game. It includes information on archetypes, races, skills, traits, abilities, quests, equipment, foes, distinctions, conditions, and more!

Please note that there are lots of spoilers on the wiki, so use it at your own discretion. If you like it and want to get involved, check out the Conclave Wiki thread in the forums and chat with the people who are working on it.

We hope you are enjoying playing Conclave now that it's been released. Thanks to each and every one of you for your support!

- Nick and Derek

Conclave’s full campaign, “Legacy of the Dweller”, is ready!

Less than an hour ago, we launched “Legacy of the Dweller”, the first Conclave campaign. This is the capstone of the work you funded back in September, and we are tremendously excited to make all of Conclave’s content available to you at last.  Pictured below are just some of the 25 quests now ready for you to play:

Here are the most important additions to the game, available to everybody who pledged at the Vanguard level or higher (or purchased the campaign after the fact):

  • 15 new quests, bringing the total to 25
  • The ability to reach level 10, along with a whole new set of abilities previously inaccessible
  • New treasures to find
  • New distinctions to earn, unlocking additional story options and Vault items
  • The climax to the story begun in the free quests

The quests launched today are in an “early release” state. This means you may encounter bugs, typos, and opportunities for better balance. If you do, please let us know in the Issues forum or on our Feedback site. Thanks!

Also, as with our last quest release, a few old quests have been updated to new versions by this release. Only three quests were affected this time:

  • Chrysalite (now “Murmurs in the Deep”)
  • Dead Sail
  • Shades of Grey (now “The Color of Truth”)

If you’ve beaten one of these quests before, you will still have credit for beating the new version - but you may wish to replay it anyway as each of these quests has seen major changes, and may offer new treasures or distinctions.

What happens next

First, we do any necessary cleanup work. No release is without its issues, and we want to get those dealt with both quickly and exhaustively.

Once that’s done, we’ll be focused on two main things. The first is spreading the word about Conclave. You’ll get an update in the coming days with more details on what we are doing there, and how you can help us. Second, we’ll be implementing guilds, the last remaining feature promised in the Kickstarter.

After that, well, let’s just say we have a whole lot more we’d like to do to expand and refine Conclave! The release of the campaign is a crucial milestone for Conclave, and one we intend to celebrate - but then we’ll be right back at work doing ever more with the game.

Thank you

We can’t thank you enough for the support all of our backers have given us, from your financial contributions to all the feedback and ideas you’ve provided, the critical thoughts and the kind words of praise. We know also that delivering you the full Conclave campaign has taken longer than we said it would, despite our best attempts to be both conservative in our scheduling and rapid in our development. So thank you as well for your patience, and we hope you enjoy the results of the time we’ve taken with the game.

- Nick and Derek