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Music for Star Pulsar and upcoming Projects

Posted by Creative Games (Creator)

Hi All

Just to keep you updated been a while since i have done an update.
we are creating 2 games here one which is an online MMO type of game that will be hopefully all being well will Beta launch Monday/Tuesday

We are also just finishing the final touches of Star Pulsar Offline and Beta Test will be hopefully be 2 weeks passing that we will be sending rewards out by latest end of September.

Below are some music i would like to share with you guys from music composer Fabian Fabro from the USA

Again I would like to thank you for your support and this has spurred me on to create another game called The World of Evo

This game as you will all agree look so much better than any of my other games, I noticed that in order to stand out we needed to improve graphics game play, story line and overall look and feel and i hope we have done just that please see below images of the game and also game play and let me know what you think.

 I have been working hard to make Star Pulsar a success and hopefully I will have done that, and as regards to Evo we are hoping to create a campaign for this game, as you can see the game is looking better than anything we have ever done and we are moving in the right direction. The World of Evo will be on PC with stretch goals for Android, IOS, Xbox 360, PS3 and WII. Evo will be similar to Pokemon in the sense that you can catch Evo creatures that you have just fought. There will also be a card games, possible fishing game too and will be over 30 hours of game play. I have worked hard to bring a team of experienced artists and composers for this project. we have a team all over the world working on this project, we have a team of 4 in Indonesia and music composers in America as well as testing team development team in the UK it is a challenge at times because of the time zones but we are really dedicated to make this game a great success.

Many thanks for your help and support , without your support I would not of got to where we are today. Your support has pushed me to do great things and I really thank you guys.

Please join our Facebook page and keep up to date on latest updates on both projects

Hope you all have a nice Bank holiday weekend

Dev Team


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    1. michael gamoras on

      OH its another project is star pulsar going to beta? im doing Great. Bethesda is having me check on their games and trying to understand why ESO online was not very successfull. So i was doing some bug checks and trying out Oblivion and Morrowind for them. The project in October will be very exciting to develop again. Gaming in Linux is getting attention now. So looks like a great 3 months ahead of us.

    2. Creative Games Creator on…

      This is only a rough copy of the game and is not complete there will be 2 games offline version and online version. i will post online version towards end of the week as we are having technical problems with the server. for those who have backed this project will get beta access of "World of Evo"

    3. Creative Games Creator on

      Hi Michael the graphics above are from an upcoming game called "The World of Evo" which i am also working on we have around 7 people working on this game from many different country's and we have worked hard to improve graphics from the standard tile set I'm glad you like it man! :D how is your project doing?

    4. michael gamoras on

      is that the same one? wow very enhanced. Congrats!