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A sequel to the 2009 Microsoft Imagine Cup award winning multi-player game, Defile of Eden for Linux, BSD, Windows and more...

A sequel to the 2009 Microsoft Imagine Cup award winning multi-player game, Defile of Eden for Linux, BSD, Windows and more...

A sequel to the 2009 Microsoft Imagine Cup award winning multi-player game, Defile of Eden for Linux, BSD, Windows and more... Read More
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Team Fortress meets colouring crayons.

Inspired by the theoretical offspring between Tank Jr and a ten year olds colouring book, Defile of Eden 2 is a game of fast paced 2D action where teams protect their bases whilst devising offenses to their opponents defences. A light hearted and humorous team death-match game, requiring skill and team play to achieve certain game objectives, within a hand drawn world.

An evolution of the original winning game for the 2009 Microsoft Imagine Cup held in Cairo, Egypt where our goal was to make environmental awareness fun.

"Sanguine Labs, our Games Development team haled from Bournemouth University and beat off stiff competition" - Ed Dunhill, Microsoft

"[awarded in] world’s biggest student technology competition" - Rob Crossley, Develop

"outstanding achievement" - Bournemouth University Press

"recognised on an international scale!" - Dr Gatzidis, Bournemouth University


Two teams with conflicting goals, to protect or destroy the environment.

Defenders are tasked with the conservation of the natural environment such as defending a protected tree from being under attack by defilers.
They are also tasked with throwing a spanner in the works of the defilers plans by sabotaging their polluting machinery.

Defilers are only interested in one thing, destruction of all natural life to ensure nothing interferes with their operations, such as ensuring the productivity of their oil pump.


A large selection of environments with the ability to add many more.
Current environments include a desert island, oil rig, forest and city.
These environments, like everything else in the game are hand drawn providing a unique look.


A player, upon joining the game selects a class relative to their choice of team and uses their specific skills to assist their team achieve their objectives.
The game involves a top down perspective of an environment allowing the players freedom to move around creating strategies on attacking the enemy or defending against attacks.
If the player dies they have a short waiting period prior to rejoining the action, players can collect pickups such as health, armor and ammo to give them a better chance of survival.
Objectives can also be replenished using a specific class per team to allow more strategic gameplay.


Players can choose from three classes on each team including...


  • Hippy - Faster than the rest, the hippy can attack foes with his trusty stick and can slow opposing members down by throwing flowers.
  • Farmer - Can fork the enemy and deal ranged damage using his homemade manure gun.
  • Forester - Can axe the enemy but more importantly can heal the team objective using his trusty water cannon and power-shower his foes.


  • Tramp - Can bottle pesky defenders and throw Molotov cocktails.
  • Nuclear Scientist - Can hit people with a plutonium rod, his nuclear projectiles also leave a radioactive trail.
  • Oil Baron - Can hurt people with loose change but can also fix their team objective, although the spray is short it leaves sticky slicks.

Cross Platform

We want this game to be played by as many people as possible and for as long as possibe. To ensure the longevity of this game we have decided that the implementation will use open technologies (C++, OpenGL, OpenAL, libPng, libOgg, libVorbis) which we can maintain ourselves for as long as required and facilitate smooth migration to other technologies as needed in the years to come. After lessons learnt from the original version of Defile of Eden (using C#/XNA), we have decided that true cross platform software is the only viable option for everyone in the long term. Most importantly however, is that YOU will ultimately get a better quality product!

An extra side effect of this is that we can easily offer binaries for almost any platform imaginable with very little extra effort. So upon release, we will be distributing versions for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, Android and iOS. Upon request we may also be able to port the game to your required UNIX-like platform within a short timeframe.

In support of our favourite operating system, we will also be providing FreeBSD binaries for no charge on our website upon release.

Risks and challenges

As with any multi-player game, the infrastructure will require considerable effort. Not only do we need to host servers so that players can find each other (rather than manually typing addresses) but we also need to use (and pay for) services such as Apple's game-center when porting the game to closed platforms. Not to mention we need to buy a Mac to even start work on the iPhone port!

We also require renting out servers for offsite backups.

We currently have no facilities to produce our own music or sound effects. For this reason we will need to research further into this area and more than likely invest.

The artwork needs a large share of the focus and although the goal is for it to look less than polished, it still is predicted to take a lot of hours to draw the maps.

As mentioned previously, hardware will be a large factor in our costing, especially since we will want to test the server code with a large number of clients.

We require (and plan to release) tools so that new maps and animations can be added to the game as user-driven content. This will require quite a bit of polish and testing for it to become anything more than internal tools.

For our users, we wanted to create software that is guaranteed to be able to work for years to come. For this reason we couldn't simply use game making kits like Unity 3D or XNA because these will be deprecated in time. We have also chosen to use C and C++ because they are only languages that seem to be guaranteed to work on every platform that we might end up supporting. These decisions have meant more work but we feel additional effort has and will continue to be worth it!

... oh, and we need to buy lots and lots of colouring pencils ;)

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