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Premium T-shirts handcrafted and tailored to your exact measures from long-staple organic cotton. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 12, 2014.

Premium T-shirts handcrafted and tailored to your exact measures from long-staple organic cotton.

About this project

  • tailor the T-shirt
  • put care and craftmanship into the T-shirt
  • focus on a T-shirt that fits well, is made from quality materials, and is 100% sustainable

Son of a Tailor is the first to make truly tailored T-shirts online.

We say no to industry sizing standards, in favor of old-fashioned tailoring. All our T-shirts are made one at a time.

We only sell our tailored T-shirts online, which means we can skip retail mark ups and provide our bespoke service at affordable prices.

Our Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship and quality is our core focus. We have carefully considered each step in the creation of a tailored T-shirt to make it as personal, high-quality and sustainable as possible.

When our tailors receive a new order they make a new patternhand-cut the fabric and sew the T-shirt to the individual preferences. The tailors then finish your T-shirt by embroidering your initials discretely at the bottom of the T-shirt. The tailored T-shirt is then carefully wrapped before being delivered to our customers.

With this process, we have minimal wastage – each T-shirt is made to measure, for individuals, not mass. There are no T-shirts left unwanted in a warehouse – they are all wanted and loved.

We believe this process makes a more sustainable, higher quality and better fitting T-shirts.


Our T-shirts are simplistic in their design with a passion for the small details:

Necklines are made as simplistic as possible. We use a single seam neckline for our New Shool T-shirts for a refined look (picture below) and a classic ribband neckline for our Old School T-shirts. 

Initials. On all T-shirts we can embroider your initial discretely at the bottom of the T-shirt

Sleeves are cuffed by a simple stitching. We like cuffs on a T-shirt. It is basically a more sophisticated way to finish a sleeve. By using cuffs the sleeve will also look more flattering on the overarm (New School only).

Pocket.The upper edge of the pocket is a clean cut fabric. This means it rolls slightly and gives the pocket a light and casual look. We believe a light look is important on the T-shirt as it otherwise would take too much attention. The reason for having a breast pocket is to highlight the upper torso and give the T-shirt masculinity – similarly to the breast pocket on a suit (New School only).

The bottom of the T-shirt has a slightly longer backside (1-2cm).  It gives the T-shirt a better drape on the back as well as the front. Furthermore, it covers your lower back when you cycle and do other activities. This design will only be visible to the educated eye. To everyone else it will noticeable hang much better.

All T-shirts will be available in O-neck and V-neck.




At Son of a Tailor we are constantly looking for the best fitting T-shirt. After the campaign we will reach out to all backers who have bought a T-shirt as a reward. As such we have a number of ways to take measurements – depending on each customer’s preference.

We capture measurements in 3 different ways:

1) Key body measurements – customers will need a partner or friend to assist and a tape measure. We will provide an easy instruction to take the measurements.

2) From an old T-shirt – Again, we will provide an easy instruction to take the measurements.

3) Weight, height, body shape – we are developing a new algorithm that provides the perfect fitting T-shirt without the need for tape measures. While still in beta, we’ve had 90% positive reviews of this technique

As well as the above, we are looking into the future and investing in mobile technology, which will enable customers to send in body scans for that perfect fit.

Stretch Goals

Sten Martin and Jess

Sten Martin Jonsson is the designer at Son of a tailor and one of only a few bespoke tailors left in Copenhagen. His talent and drive for tailoring is undisputed - at a young age he established his own bespoke tailoring shop - DesignCPH in a declining market. Soon after he also established the Design and Technical Tailoring Academy in Copenhagen. Today, his YouTube Channel on bespoke tailoring is one of the most followed in the world. With his +25 years of experience he knows everything there is to know about fitting and style, while he has seen fashion trends come and go. He is one of few male bespoke tailors who is also passionate about creating casual wear - and T-shirts.

Jess Fleischer is the founder initiator and CEO of SON OF A TAILOR. He first came up with the idea of the tailored T-shirt more than 10 years ago. He has studied T-shirts and tailoring relentlessly ever since. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has lived several years in Australia, Italy, the Middle East and Africa – places where T-shirts are not just another accessory. He is an entrepreneur with a specialty in online customer experience with a past at eBay and has consulted for big corporates. He has a passion for customer centricity and making things, which are exactly to customers’ needs. After meeting Sten Martin in October 2012, he finally decided to start Son of a Tailor and give all his dedication to tailored T-shirts.

Our Past Achievements and Future Goals

Son of a Tailor exists to bring Tailored T-shirts to the market. In April 2013, we silently launched a webpage offering our T-shirt tailoring service, telling the Son of a Tailor story to one single local blog. Since then additional local lifestyle journalists have noticed our concept, and tried on our tailored T-shirts, which has resulted in additional great reviews. As a result, our T-shirts have have been tested on around 200 apparel aficionados. They have been excited about fit, quality and concept. They have also rated us 9,2/10 on the independent review site

Up until now we have tried to keep Son of a Tailor a secret to the rest of the World. We haven’t had the money or the infrastructure to handle International volumes. After all, we handle each order individually, right down to the hangtag and customer initials on the T-shirt.

With Kickstarter, we want to make tailored T-shirts available to the world. With 10,000GBP (=17,000USD) we would be able to hire more tailors and pattern makers, buy equipment and fabrics, and make shipping agreements.

Our Timeline and Risks

Our timeline is quite simple

  • Once Kickstarter is a success we are basically ready to make the first orders as we have fabrics and tailors ready.
  • We have additional skilled tailors and pattern makers on standby and ready to hire. They have worked with us before on a part-time basis and are highly skilled in their field.
  • We have capped the number of backers/rewards we take in to ensure we keep a high quality level. E.g., we will not make more than 30 T-shirts per day (compare that to a mass production!)
  • As our setup is much dependent on manual labor, only few things can go wrong.
  • If something unfortunate should happen to one of our key people, it might delay us a little bit, in order to find a replacement. However, as we are well connected in this area of business, we believe, we can do this swiftly with little impact to production and service.

Risks and challenges

Commented in above under "Timeline and Risks"

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